High Energy

Just the quotes: Bill Self, Quin Snyder, and the players talk about the emotion of today's game.

Bill Self

"I would probably prefer to play at a time when it gives you the most emotional advantage. I would imagine that the closing down of the building would be a big advantage -- at least in their eyes. Hopefully that will play into something that will be too emotional."

"I am a big believer that you have to take the energy of the visiting crowd and it should motivate you even more. Granted, the games are games of spurts and certainly home crowds have a lot to do with those spurts. We have to be able to neutralize the crowd at some point and use their energy as something to motivate us -- people do it all the time. I know that will definitely be a high energy type of situation on Sunday."

Quin Snyder

"There are so many different ways that you can build this game whether it is senior day, the importance of the game, the tournament implications, or the closing of the Hearnes Center. All of those things although they are noteworthy and special, our primary focus as players and staff has to be on actually playing the game. I think that is very important to us. The best thing that we can do is get a win."

"You have to make sure that their focus is on the right things and it's very easy to wander off. We'll have them prepared to play on Sunday."

Josh Kroenke

"The emotions are going to get the best of me on Sunday. It's going to be an emotional game for us four seniors and the Mizzou family as a whole. This being the last game at the Hearnes Center we have to focus on the task at hand and that's beating Kansas."

Rickey Paulding

"I think it's definitely fitting, especially for the fans and being the last game in the Hearnes against Kansas on senior night. For us, our main focus is just about the game. All the other stuff is nice, but the most important thing is just to get a win."

Travon Bryant

"I've thought about it. It's going to be emotional night, but we've got bigger things at stake than that. We're trying to get an NCAA bid, and we know this game means a lot for that. Also, we can finish forth in the Big 12 so that's our only focus right now to just go out there and focus on that."

"You really can't draw it any better, that's the perfect scenario. It kind of shows our character a little bit, when we go out there and play. We can't put a lot of emphasis on the last game at the Hearnes or Coach Snyder's 100th win; we've just got to go out there and play."

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