Roll Call: Julian Wright

It's time for a little roll call for the Julian Wright Sweepstakes.  Please respond when spoken to, and if your school's name is not on the following list of nine schools, then you need not apply for his services.

Kansas?                   "Here."

Duke?                      "We're here."

Arizona?                  "Present."

Indiana?                   "Here."

DePaul?                   "Still Interested."

Illinois?                    "Yep."

North Carolina?        "I'm stayin'."

Michigan State?        "Here."

Texas?                      "Giddy' up, Let's go"

Okay, now that you're all present, accounted for and still interested, here's the latest on your favorite 6-9 junior forward from Flossmoor, IL.

Julian Wright has compiled a list of his final nine schools, and over the next few months he'll start to eliminate them one by one.  He is confident that no one else will have a shot at landing him – so in other words, no tardy coaches allowed.  If your school wasn't listed above, you might as well look elsewhere.

I know some of you are wondering, "Where do we stand?" or "Are we the leader?"

Julian's answer is simply, "Right now its wide open.  I have no leader."

Fear not, Chosen Nine, for you will find out very soon which direction this game will go.

"In mid-April or early May, that's when I'll be looking into it even more.   After the season is over, I'll be able to come home at four o'clock and have all kinds of time to just look at schools."

His high school playoffs and ACTs must come first though.

"I've got to take care of my grades, then take care of the ACT on April 3rd and then with that out of the way, I'll really start to look hard at it."

After about a month of weighing his options, Wright expects the elimination round to begin.

"I think by June, I'll start eliminating schools from my list of nine, one by one – maybe one per month.  I should have a top five list put together by August or early September.  That's when it'll really get interesting.  Right now I'm just trying to win a championship though."

Yes, these are hectic times for young Julian.  Winning the state title in Illinois is quite a process and right now his Homewood-Flossmoor team is in the heart of it.  After posting a 24-2 regular season record, Wright's team has already added two more wins in the postseason.

"You've got to win eight in a row to win it all.  So far, we've one twice.  We beat Bloom Township on Friday 65-55.  I had 13 points and 9 rebounds, but got into some foul trouble early.  After that I just had to find my rhythm in the second half.

"Next up is Joliet Township on Tuesday.  We're in the round of 64 right now.  If we make it to the sweet sixteen we get to play at the United Center."

A trip to Chicago's NBA arena would be a dream come true for Wright.

"I wish the state playoffs and finals were at the United Center, but if we make it that far, I'll happily settle for playing there for one game." 

So, where will Wright's college games be played?  That answer may not come until next fall, but for the Chosen Nine, things will heat up very soon.  Stay tuned for more on this five star talent from Flossmoor, IL. Top Stories