Self: A ton to play for

Just the quotes - Coach Bill Self talks about the upcoming Big 12 Tournament.

In the Big 12 Tournament -- is your goal to make sure you are at your best on Sunday? Is it to make sure you play Saturday and roll the dice on Sunday? I think it varies. I think you have to play more guys if your goal is to win three games. I think your preparation time in practice should be cut way down.

We will do very little this week -- we will practice, but we will do very little to try and save the guys legs as much as possible because we are limited in our depth situation.

That is one thing I don't like about the conference tournament. I think they should all end on Saturday. I don't think it is fair to the teams that end on Sunday to have to turn around and play on Thursday. I do think Friday and Saturday will have more impact on the seeding than Sunday will.

I don't know where we are as a seed but I know our RPI is pretty good. I think this tournament could mean as much as two seeds to us. I would think there are a couple other teams that feel pretty strongly about that too.

I think there is a ton to play for. Last year we had two one seeds and a two seed. Going into the tournament (those teams) felt they were going to be close to that.

Oklahoma State is fighting for a one seed. Texas could be a two or three seed. Who knows where we are. We are outside of them and trying to play our way into it. I think there is more to play for in this tournament than there was last year.

- Bill Self, Big 12 Teleconference
March 8th, 2004 Top Stories