Big D Diary

Excruciatingly detailed and off topic updates from the Big D. Hey, we warned you. ***updated at 4:30 pm***

Thursday, Dick's Last Resort

6:00 pm

Jake Sullivan just walked past, after a sound thrashing of K-State, and he had a huge grin on his face. We are actually sharing Dick's with some Wildcat fans (wait – that doesn't sound right.) Despite the humiliating spanking the team received from Iowa State, there were purple-clad fans here for a pep rally. Most have run off now to the K-state women's game.

Our event was scheduled to begin at 6:30, but Jayhawk fans have been wandering around in here for the since 4:30. So far, the crowd looks good. People are eating, drinking, and having a good time.

Thursday, Dick's Last Resort
8:30 pm

People started to trickle into Dick's Last Resort prior to the 6:30 pm start time. Two hours and a lot of drinks later, we had talked with people from the Williams Fund, the athletic department, KLWN, and lots and lots of KU fans. Joel Cox was pimpin', prizes were being passed out, and the Alumni Association was properly enthusiastic.

The 61 Sports van was parked out front, and the Missouri pep band stopped by to play it's fight song just outside the door. Jayhawk fans promptly booed them out of the area, reclaiming it in the name of the Crimson and Blue.

Friday, Kansas Pavillion
11:30 am

We know it has been said. We hate to repeat it. But we have to admit it is true. Why would anyone want to move the tournament back to Kansas City? It just can't compete with the facilities and atmosphere here.

The / Jayhawk Illustrated crew has a great location, just outside TGI Fridays. There was a rush early in the morning that slowed at lunchtime. We've got free copies of the magazine, we've got Koozies, we've got lots of crap you don't really need. Next to us 61 Sports is broadcasting and offering a shoot-for-shirt. Make a basket and you win a stylin' T crammed full of logos, including ours. just yonder. They have more shirts and mini basketballs and mardi gras beads and all kinds of promotional things. The Women of KU calendars are conspicuously absent.

But the best promo item goes to the KU Alumni Association, hands down. It is a wheaties box complete with a Jayhawk on the front and infor about Kansas traditions and other propaganda printed on the box. Inside is a blinkie light and T-shirt with "Have you had your wheaties today?" across the back. For just $20 this breakfast-of-champions novelty item can be yours. We hear the unfortunate souls not partying it up in the Big D can still purchase this at the Alumni Association office.

It is drizzling slightly, but that is not enough to dampen spirits in Dallas.

Friday, Pre-PreGame-Rally
4:20 pm

The action is hot and heavy at the tent, with lots of KU fans coming through. As for a ticket update, tickets for tonight are selling like hot cakes. In fact, they are getting a bit hard to come by. Seats on the lower level are about $150 each with nosebleeds around $75. There is some negotiating going on from there. It looks like there will be a good crowd at the game though.

The pre-game pep rally is coming up next! Top Stories