Tournament Challenge

It's that time again...time to see how smart (or lucky) some of you really are. Enter the / Jayhawk Illustrated / ESPN Tournament Challenge.

Once again this year we're setting up an NCAA Tournament group on ESPN's website. To sign up, go to the ESPN Tournament Challenge front page and sign in. If you haven't already registered for a free ESPN account, you can do so here.

Once you've signed up and created an entry, you'll need to join our group. Here's the information:

Group Name: 2 Group Password: thephog

(Yes Virginia, there is a 1. It is full up though, so you jayhawk-come-latelies will have to sign up here. If needed, we will set up a 3 and 4 as well.)

While ESPN allows up to 5 entries per person, they only allow 100 entries per group. Please only submit one bracket entry into any group. That way we can get as many people into one group as possible.

One faithful poster will post a composite leaderboard after each day of the Tournament here on the Hoops Board.

The group is locked. This means that once the Tournament starts, you cannot add or delete a bracket from the group. This will keep people from replacing poorly performing brackets with better ones. Not that anyone would try such a dastardly deed.

As if the glory and ESPN incentives were not enough, we also are offering local PRIZES. Top finishers will receive untold riches - like a one year subscription to Jayhawk Illusrated, premium access, and some leftover Big 12 T-shirts. We may even have some koozies to toss in for boobie prizes.

But hurry! Noon on Thursday is your last chance to get in on the action. Top Stories