Jon Brockman: No Hurry

Power forward Jon Brockman is looking for the right school, and is doing his homework. With his size and ability, he can afford to take his time.

Jon Brockman is a standout power forward from the 2005 class whose going to be player at a major Division I school.  The 6'8" 245 pounder has plenty of time to pick which college he wants to attend, and Brockman is fully aware of that.  "I'm not really sure what I want to do," said Brockman.

Well, there are a number of schools who are sure they want Brockman.  On the West Coast, Washington, UCLA, Stanford, Gonzaga, and Arizona are all interested.  Kansas is representing the Big 12, and Purdue has the Big 10 Conference covered.

Brockman is currently setting up an official visit to UCLA.  It appears the power forward will take a trip to Los Angeles sometime in May.

"I like Coach Howland and the coaching staff.  UCLA has been a big time basketball school."

Don't read too much into the Bruins landing the first visit with Brockman.  "They're the only school that has contacted me about a visit.  I wouldn't say I like them much more than any other schools right now."

After UCLA, the Snohomish (30 miles south of Seattle) product does not have any concrete plans.  "I'm not really sure where I'm going to take my officials."

When asked about Kansas Brockman said the following.  "I haven't done too much research on any schools, but I like watching their big men."

It doesn't appear that location of a school will play a major factor with the power forward, so what is important to Brockman?  "I don't want to go somewhere and sit on the bench for 4 years, but I don't need playing time right away.  I'm fine with working myself into the rotation."

Other than potential playing time, his philosophy for selecting a school is simple.  "I just want to find a place that’s right for me." 

Unless something drastic changes his mind in the near future, don't expect Brockman to give a verbal to a school anytime soon. Top Stories