Fan Voices: Practice Report

One fan shares his view of today's practice in St. Louis. STANDARD DISCLAIMER: This is the opinion and commentary of one fan, not a journalist or an analyst. Don't get too worked up.

There were a couple of hundred folks in the stands, mostly Jayhawk fans. A few Nevada folks were sitting near-by and milling about - my guess is they practiced the hour before KU. I got to sit at half court, about 20 rows up . . . nice seats.

The team took the court a few minutes late to decent applause. I had two Illini fans sitting to my left who half yelled "traitor" as Bill Self came out.

The team started out with ball handling drills, dribbling the ball the length of the court four or five times with the coaches/managers randomly applying token pressure to various players. I hope we don't have to rely on Padgett or Graves to bring the ball up court too often on Friday, they each had their share of balls bounce off toes.

They moved on to a passing/tip drill under the west basket. They did this for about three minutes non-stop. The players weaved in and out of the key passing one ball amongst each other. I got dizzy watching this so I had to look away.

The first team then took the ball under the west basket and ran the offense as though they just rebounded a miss. There was an outlet pass from Wayne to Miles down to the east basket where they ran a set play. They did this three times followed by the second team doing the same.

The team then split off into "bigs" and "smalls" and spent most of the remainder of practice shooting at each basket. Smalls were mainly working on outside and three point shooting while bigs were working on footwork, sealing off and mid range jumpers. Aaron was hitting most everything he shot, as was J.R.

Practice wrapped up with a dunk contest with Moody, Nash, Wilkes and Miles. B-Nasty would have won with an impressive slam off of a pass to himself, except Miles closed it out with a throw down over JR who was playing soft D.

I'm looking forward to seeing the real deal tomorrow night.

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