Telep's Take: Chat with Dave Telep, Part 1

Dave Telep answers questions on Chris Douglas- Roberts, Luke Zeller, an array of potential Kansas targets, and the NBA.


FearRaef:: Dave, CDR (Chris Douglas-Roberts) started out in high school playing the point, but has since moved over to the two. Undoubtedly whichever school he goes to, he will get PT at both spots, but in your opinion, which spot do you see him doing the best at and why?

Dave Telep:: Fear: I think down the road CDR is a point guard. I like him at that spot, he wants to play that position and I think he is equipped to do it. This scoring outburst from him during the season only makes me like him even more.

Dave Telep:: Just as a follow: CDR is a versatile guard. He's a charismatic young man with a body style like Shaun Livingston. No, he's not Livingston. He's only 6-5 but lean and cut from that mold body wise.

FearRaef:: #2: Dave, what is Tyler H's interest level in KU? I hear his interest in KU has risen somewhat.

Dave Telep:: I think Tyler remains a long shot at best for KU. Now, they continue to recruit him but at some point he's got to come out and say that they are a MAJOR player in his deal or it simply might not be worth their time to jet set around the country in July chasing what could be a ghost. Time will tell.

stillslimshady:: DT, it looks like the staff would like at least one big, one wing, and a pg type in this class. Who would you say are the #1 targets at each spot for the staff and who is KU in good shape with?

frankj:: Ok, who are not long shots for KU?

diehardjayhawk:: Dave, what are KU's chances with Luke Zeller?

Dave Telep:: I think Luke Zeller is emerging as a priority target. I know that they'll need to corral a guy who can shoot it (Huertas) and Chalmers is likely the top PG target; CDR is recruited as a "guard" for now. Eric Boateng is another guy they are going to spend a boatload of time with in the spring as they will with Tyler Smith and CJ Miles.

Dave Telep:: I think the bulk of Zeller's recruitment begins in April when the coaches can come hang out and watch him in some gyms. he's not going to play much AAU ball so that'll be tough. It appears as though he's sending signs that he wants them to be a player in his deal.

diehardjayhawk:: Dave, is Notre Dame leading for Zeller?

Dave Telep:: Zeller told me that he doesn't have a leader. Now, one day before he cut his list to five he also told me he was still considering 14 schools so I need to follow up.

stormchaserhawk:: Dave, can you give us a sense of how far down the class the "weakness" of the 05 class starts to kick in? We've heard lots about this class being "relatively weak."

Dave Telep:: I think the 2005 class is weak. Check back in four weeks and I'll have a better gauge. It remains to be seen just how many guys pop onto the radar out of nowhere. For instance, there is a pair of guard named Delk out of Tennessee that HM schools are just starting to learn about.

FearRaef:: Dave, can you parallel Boateng's game with a current college player? Is he a Luol Deng type?

Dave Telep:: Boateng and Luol Deng couldn't be more different. One is a 3 man and the other a center.

FearRaef:: at 227, thats a thin center

Dave Telep:: Aside from the English connection, that's about it as far as playing style.

SweetDaddyJ:: How good is Harvey Hale and the guy from Washington....Downs

Dave Telep:: I have a tape of Downs in my office and am trying to find a minute to watch it (just got a new puppy ... yikes!). I think they are legitimately evaluating him right now.

stillslimshady:: It seems like the staff was all over Julian Wright early, and that they have cooled on him a bit, am I off base?

Onslaught:: Dave, will they also spend a lot of time with Julian Wright or is Tyler Smith a bigger target now?

Dave Telep:: Onslaught: I think they continue to spend time with Wright and Smith. I'll be anxious to see who separates himself in the coming weeks

SweetDaddyJ:: is Eric Price still a top notch PG?

Dave Telep:: Sweet: Eric Price is not in the first tier of PGs.

mascott:: Am i too late?

Dave Telep:: Mascott: You are too late. We just passed out season tickets to KU to everyone in the room who was here. Get here earlier next time.

mascott:: That doesn't matter Dave. I don't have enough money to keep the same seats every year. I would be in the nose bleeds by 06.

Dave Telep:: Nosebleeds in that building are not bad.

FearRaef:: Dave, which players in the 'O5 class are likely to jump to the NBA? Which ones are likely "one and dunners"?

Dave Telep:: NBA in 2005? Risky business. Likely guesses early are guys like Keith Brumbaugh and Brandon Rush.

JulieJamison:: You mentioned Brandon Rush earlier. Is he good enough for the NBA?

Dave Telep:: Do I think Rush is good enough for the NBA? Right now. No. Could he be what they are looking for next year? Could be. Let's not "rush" it.

Brock:: Dave -- KU is desperately in need of one true point guard from the Class of '05. Are there many good candidates - a volume of good candidates? Other than Chalmers and Douglas-Roberts?

Dave Telep:: A few excellent candidates like CDR and Chalmers. After that exists a pool of guys who have yet to separate themselves. Top Stories