Checking in with Chris Dub

It's time to check in again with Kansas recruit Chris Douglas-Roberts.  The Detroit product is a serious prospect for Bill Self and the Kansas staff along with a number of other schools.  Here's a conversation conducted with Douglas-Roberts on a number of on and off the court issues.

Interview with Chris Douglas-Roberts  Well Chris, it's been about a month since we've caught up with you.  How did the season conclude?

CDR:  "In the state playoffs we played and lost in the first round.  They threw a box and one at me, and every time I touched the ball it was a double and triple team.  I only ended up with 18 points and 11 rebounds.  But overall, it was alright.  I would have liked to have seen us gone farther."  Only 18 points and 11 rebounds?  Those are solid numbers when you're being double and triple teamed.

CDR:  "They we're pretty good.  I just wish I could have done better so we could have won.  I finished the season averaging 27 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists."  (Douglas-Roberts also posted 5 triple doubles)  How's recruiting treating you?

CDR: "In a couple weeks I plan on narrowing my list down to a reasonable number.  Schools can call now, and they've been calling a lot."  Whose been calling you the most Chris?

CDR:  "North Carolina State, of course Michigan and Michigan State, Kansas, Florida, Notre Dame, Illinois, and Oregon."  "Define a reasonable number to you in terms of colleges on a list."

CDR:  "Right now, at least to 10 total schools.  Of course, this summer there could be some more getting involved that I might like."  Do you have any favorites right now Chris?

CDR:  "I don't really have any favorites because I really don't know too much about them.  But, I will because I plan on looking into some schools now that my season is over."  Do you plan on taking all five of your official visits?

CDR:  "My coach and I have talked about that.  We're going to see where I should take my officials after I begin to really begin learning about these schools.  I'm taking all of my official visits."  Kansas will lose their point guard Aaron Miles at the end of next season to graduation.  What do you think of the opportunities at KU with Miles departure, and what do you know about Coach Self?

CDR:  "I like Bill Self and the program at Kansas.  They run up and down which is the game I like to play.  They're losing their point guard Aaron Miles, and Coach Roberts mentioned that to me.  I could go there and step right in which would be a good look for me.  I think Bill Self is a great coach, he's a players coach who let's his guards really do what they want.  Also, I was surprised with how far Kansas went in the tournament."  Miles will have started for four years at point guard for KU after next season . Do you see yourself being a guy who could start at the point for all four years in college?

CDR:  "I'm working out everyday.  Coaches are telling me I need to be much stronger at the next level.  I work on all phases of my game, but that's the one thing I really need to work on.  I feel that if I get stronger and keep on working hard, then I could start for four years."  North Carolina State appears to be in the picture.  What do you like about the Wolfpack?

CDR:  "Coach Harris (Asst. Coach Larry Harris) mentioned to me that he likes big guards like Julius Hodge.  I have watched NC State play and their style is similar to that of Kansas.  I like them too, and they're in the ACC."  Are you receiving any pressure from friends or family to stay in-state and play for one of the Michigan schools?

CDR:  "Not at all.  There hasn't been any pressure from anybody to stay in-state.  They all say it's all up to me."  Alright Chris, it's time for some fun questions.  Do you have a nickname?

CDR:  "Yeah, it's Chris Dub."  What's your favorite thing to do other than play basketball?

CDR:  "I like to chill.  I like to laugh and hang with my friends and talk.  Everyone says I'm funny."  On the subject of comedy, who’s your favorite comedian?

CDR:  "Dave Chapel is the funniest person in the world to me."  How about a favorite food?

CDR:  "It's Italian.  I love spaghetti and lasagna."  Other than the Dave Chapel show, what do you watch on the tube?

CDR:  "I try to keep it on ESPN or NBA TV."  Thanks for taking time Chris.  We look forward to keeping in touch in the future.

CDR:  "Thanks." Top Stories