Josh Thornton: Life is Good

Life is good right now for Josh Thornton.  While a third round exit in the Delaware state tournament wasn't what he wanted, things are looking up for the Camden-Wyoming, DE, point guard.

With every day that passes, Josh Thornton’s right knee is getting stronger.  The 6-1 PG had to deal with the nagging knee injury throughout his junior campaign, but was able to finish the year strong with 29 points in his final game despite the occasional pain that still lingered.

“I was feeling good out there after giving my knee some time to rest.  We didn’t win it all, but we ended the season looking forward to next season.   Now I’m working on getting my knee back to 100 percent.”

Thornton is currently going through weekly physical therapy sessions that involve the following:

“We do some light lifting on my knees, some stretching, some time on the bicycle and stair-master as well.  It’s nothing too stressful.  I’m just slowly working my way back one day at a time until I’m completely healthy.”

The physical therapy has produced steady improvement in recent weeks and now that his high school season is complete, Thornton has time for something else that makes him smile: Deciding where to play college ball.

Thornton’s phone has been ringing off the hook lately, and the junior standout says his decision making process is coming along just fine.

“It’s coming along well.  I’ve been getting a lot of calls.  Coach (Skip) Prosser called me from Wake Forest.  Coach (Norm) Roberts from Kansas called as well. Coach (Ronny) Thompson from Arkansas called and Coach (Chuck) Benson from  Tennessee called me today.”

Thornton has also been recently contacted by Michigan, Miami and NC State.   While all the attention has been nice, Thornton still says he’s up for grabs.

“I’m still wide open.  I still have visits to take and plenty of things to consider.”

The race for Thornton’s services is far from over, but one early visit to  Tennessee might just have the Volunteers slightly in front of the rest of the pack.

“If any college is at all in the lead I guess I’d say it’s Tennessee because I took an official visit there.  I got to meet the coaches and players, and based on that I’d say if any one has a slight lead it’s  Tennessee right now.”

The Jayhawks are also among Thornton’s favorites.

“Kansas is up there.   I’m still very interested in Kansas.  I’m waiting to see when they’re ready to offer.”

An offer to play in Lawrence would mean a lot to Thornton, but even with his high opinion of KU, an offer wouldn’t clinch his decision just yet.

“I would want to still compare everything, but an offer would be taken highly into consideration. I’ll say this:  I like Kansas a whole lot and I can’t say that about a whole lot of schools.”

As good as Thornton is, the reverse is also true:  A whole lot of schools would love for  Thornton to like them a whole lot.

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