Telep's Take: Chat transcript

Former KU target CJ Giles signed his LOI with Miami in November. Recently, Giles and his family decided to seek a release from that LOI based on coaching changes. Let the speculation begin.

mascott:: Any word on where Giles will end up?

Dave Telep:: Giles will look at Washington, KU, Arizona and others should he be granted his release.

mascott:: I assume that if he chose KU he would be paying for school for his first year. Right?

Dave Telep:: Never assume. You know the saying. And no, he wouldn't be paying.

mascott:: How would KU get him on scholly? And what if they get Malik?

Dave Telep:: If they got Malik, then there wouldn't be any room for Giles. I can see one spot opening but two would be unlikely.

stillslimshady:: Can't take him and Malik b/c of the 5/8

muffnudge:: Dave...what have you heard if anything about the 5/8 rule being done with?

Dave Telep:: The 5/8 rule still exists? No, just kidding. To me it's on its way out

muffnudge:: Dave...if Malik chooses another school and KU loses a player via you see KU signing someone from the JUCO ranks?

Dave Telep:: I don't know about Juco. Maybe but not unless they felt great about someone.

mascott:: Any chance Giles is waiting to see what Malik does just in case he gets released?

Dave Telep:: Giles can't do anything until released. Period.

SweetDaddyJ:: what kind of athlete is Giles?

Dave Telep:: Giles is 6-10, blocks shots and is strong. He's an above average ath but not a skywalker.

muffnudge:: Can Giles go to JUCO if he doesn't want to play for Miami?

Dave Telep:: Yes, he could. Unlikely though b/c they are contesting it.

Brock:: If Giles shows up in Lawrence he would be sitting a lot on the pine.

DGoods:: I wouldn't think we would take Giles unless he were willing to redshirt.

Dave Telep:: Giles isn't going anywhere to redshirt. Top Stories