Heroes Among Us

During this important time, one poster has stepped up and fought through the excruciating pain, bringing inspiration and hope to many.

"Flow" suffered injured ribs several weeks ago, as he dove for his mouse in order to answer a particularly stupid post on Phog.net. Since that time, his effectiveness has been questions. But those closest to Flow know raging, insanely intense pain will not keep him on the bench. Not when Phog.net needs him.

"I think once I stopped thinking about the injury, I was able just to go out and relax and post. I'm just trying to help my team in as many ways as I can," stated Flow, barely grimacing as he couragously clicked his mouse.

"He is a true warrior, a dipsy doo dunkarooer. His leadership on this board is second to non," said one teammate.

"When people talk about Flow, they need to recognize all of the intangibles that he brings to Phog.net. One can't simply look at Flow's stats and properly appreciate his skills. He may only have 486 posts, but what about the other aspects of his game?" pointed out one moderator. "And his ribs are really, really sore. Seriously."

In a time when America is searching for heroes, Flow is a warrior for the ages.

"There are times when I'm scared to penetrate because I don't want to get the contact," Flow said with a slight quiver of his lip. "We'll see how it feels. That's something I have to get over."

Flow's girlfriend echoed this sentiment.

"He really does need to get over it," she acknowledged. "The contact is sort of an important thing."

"I always try to go out and give 100 percent," Flow said weakly.

And 100 percent is all anyone can ask for.

"Sometimes...when I think of Flow," said one fan, "I am hopeful for America."

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