Class of 2004

Bill Self and Dave Telep comment on future players Russell Robinson, Sasha Kaun, and Darnell Jackson.

Press conference quotes from coach Bill Self

On the new recruits:

I think all three of them will have a chance to play right away. There is no guarantee that will happen. It depends on how quickly they pick stuff up, mature and adjust to being in college.

Sasha Kaun is a big body. He has to improve in some areas. He has big hands and can come in and be an impact guy.

Darnell Jackson has got a great body. He has to learn to play a little bit. I love his potential. He has only been playing ball since he was a ninth-grader. It takes time to figure everything out. He has some things you can't teach. He has a body, he can run and jump. He looks like a 21-year-old right now as far as physically. He has to develop some skill level. I think he has a chance to be a really good player.

Russell Robinson is a winner. We could use another perimeter ball-handler and shooter. He is kind of a combo-guard. He can become a back-up point guard also. Hopefully we will get to the point where our positions on the perimeter are totally interchangeable. Then we won't care who brings it up and who is on the wing. That will be a goal of ours. That will add to the versatility of the backcourt.

I think all three of them have a chance to have impacts.

Chat transcript with recruiting analyst Dave Telep:

kirbonzi:: Do you see any of Kansas' incoming recruits coming in and having a real big impact right away next year?

Dave Telep:: Big impact? Not sure. Playing time right away? Absolutely. Robinson will be in the rotation. I think Kaun gets minutes too. Jackson will play but could also redshirt. You just never know.

mascott:: Does redshirting open up a scholly for that year?

Dave Telep:: No it does not

mascott:: Does Russell have perimeter quickness to keep guys like Jack out of the lane all day long?

Dave Telep:: Russell Robinson is an NYC defender. He played baseline to baseline defense for one of the best high school programs in America (Kenny Satterfield, Andre Barrett, etc)

FearRaef:: how's Kaun's health?

Dave Telep:: Last I heard Kaun was fine. Top Stories