Lamar Falley still hearing from Kansas

Within fan circles Lamar Falley has not gotten a ton of run as a possible replacement for Aaron Miles as KU's point guard in 2005. However, the KU coaching staff is reportedly pursuing the Vegas junior guard.

"Always Kansas, Kansas has been up there for a while," said Falley when asked which colleges are recruiting him hard.

Other schools equally interested in the well balanced guard's skills are Texas, UCLA, Florida, and Tennessee to name a few. Connecticut has shown some recent love as well.

"I've received some letters from them lately. That makes me want to play harder because that's a big school."

Lamar Falley elaborated on KU.

"I have recently talked with Coach Dooley. They (Kansas) are probably a school I will take a visit to soon."

When asked to define "soon" Falley's response was, "Probably next fall because this summer will be really busy."

Things are already getting busy. Assistant coaches from Texas and Florida watched Falley this week hoop it up with his local team "Mad Moves" in a Nike Tournament in Las Vegas. This weekend, Falley is in Houston playing in an AAU tournament with The New Orleans Jazz.

Falley also spoke more about Dooley.

"He's a great coach. We talked a lot more about my family and academics instead of basketball which impressed me. Some coaches call and just talk to me about ball. Coach Dooley was much more interested in other stuff which made me comfortable."

Falley is still looking around and sees positives in several schools. What interests Falley about Texas?

"They're a great team. I like their coach (Rick Barnes) he's pretty guard oriented. I would be thrown in the fire if I went there, and I think I could go there and play a lot of minutes."

It's obvious that Falley has Division I skills as a shooting guard. The real question is if he can be an impact guy at the point early on in his career at the next level?

"I definitely see myself playing the one in college, that's my position," said Falley.

But Falley realizes he has areas to improve on to be a college point guard.

"I always work on strength. I'm lifting real hard right now. The tempo of the game is also important, it gets a whole lot faster at the college level. Another thing is court smarts, I have to manage the floor and have good leadership."

It appears the Vegas guard is in no hurry to commit to a school.

"I'm going to take this summer to weigh my options. Many more doors are opening right now with coaches coming out to see me play." Top Stories