Jackson, Kaun, Robinson...and Galindo??

Alex Galindo is high on Kansas. Will he be the final piece to the 2004 recruiting class? Brian Hanni interviews Galindo's high school coach. Get inside!

Dan Hurley is the head coach at St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, NJ.  One of his star players is 6-7 SF Alex Galindo, and Hurley thinks Galindo is high on Kansas.  Earlier today Phog.net had a chance to chat with Coach Hurley and here are the highlights of our converstation:

On all the interest Alex has received already this month:

"He's got some great choices.  We probably had forty to fifty different schools call us the first day and leave messages regarding Alex.  He needs to get that number down to a lot smaller number, but he's obviously got some great choices.

The schools that I think he's been intrigued by right now are probably Kansas, Pittsburgh and Rutgers is a local school relative of where he's gone to high school.  He's still really just digesting a lot information.  He's had Duke and Georgia Tech, and a couple of schools like UCONN that are just getting done with their seasons touch base with him, but I know he feels really good about those three that I mentioned."

On Alex's strong attributes and areas that could use some improvement:

"He's a 6-7 small forward that could play some four for you because he's a tough kid.  He's got to hit the weights a little bit more to be as effective a rebounder as he was in high school (if he's going to) play at the Big 12 level or one of those conferences.

He's a real versatile kid, an above average athlete.  He's just athletic enough to get the defensive rebound or to come and get the big weak-side block or the dunk in transition.  He's just athletic enough to do a lot of things.

He's got to get physically stronger and work on his all around game some more, but he'll be a four year guy.  He's one of those new age type of college guys that some of these guys are now looking for: Someone who is not necessarily ready to go to the NBA right out of his first or second year in college, but I think he projects to be a pro player if he works at it and makes the right choice."

On where Alex ranks nationally in Coach Hurley's mind:

"The ABCD camp does not really showcase a kid that really knows how to play and doesn't show his real skill.  Camps don't necessarily show the kids value and worth.  I think he looks better in a scenario where it's organized ball.  I think you see his true value in an organized setting where there's an offensive and defensive philosophy and structure.  The guy projects to be in my mind one of the better wing players in the country." 

On the current game plan of narrowing down his list:

"We speak every other day (while he's vacationing back home in Puerto Rico) and he's been told to not come back with a list of 15 or 20 schools.  If he's going to do that he might as well not get on the plane.  We need to get this, not closed, but down to a manageable number of schools that he's interested in meeting with.

He's in the process of setting up a visit to Kansas, Pittsburgh and then I'm pretty sure with Rutgers as well, which would leave him with one visit to play with.  That is, I think, what his thought process is right now and I can't see that changing from those three schools."

On what is important to Alex in finding the right fit:

"He's not impressed by the size or the scope of the program but by the people he'll be laying for and with and the people he'll be going to classes with as a student athlete.  He'll make the decision on the school based on the people not the place."

On if Kansas coming in late matters to Alex:

I don't think so.  I think he's aware of the circumstances that go on in recruiting that may have affected him being recruited early by Kansas.  I think he understands that and I think he also really understands that this time he really needs to make the right choice. Whether it's a school that just began recruiting him two weeks ago or has been recruiting him for two years, he's hell-bent on just going to the best place that will develop him.

On if there is a current leader or if there's any separation amongst his top three:

"I know he was excited about Kansas and the opportunity to be (a part of) a perennial top 15, top 10 program and the name recognition there, as well as what Bill Self has been able to do with perimeter guys as far as their improvement and the tradition there.

I think at this point Kansas has impressed him.  Rutgers recruited him aggressively early but just wasn't able to get it done. Pittsburgh, I think Alex likes because of his familiarity of the Big East being a kid in the Newark, New Jersey area. I know he wants to visit those three schools and anyone else coming into the process right now would be coming in behind."

On any timetable for making a decision:

"I don't think anything will happen incredibly quickly.  I'm just in the process of setting up visits right now with the different schools to figure out a time where he can really get a feel for the place. I've had those conversations already with a couple of schools we mentioned.  But there's no rush for him to squeeze this in quickly. It's something he's got to take his time with, go see a couple of places and then make a good choice."

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