eBoss Chat Recap

Phoggies got a chance to chat with recruiting analyst Eric Bossi on Tuesday evening. Hairston, Galindo, Douglas-Roberts, Boateng and more were hot topics. Now is your chance to eavesdrop...

Recruiting Chat with Eric Bossi - April 13, 2004

ericbossi:: fire away folks

FearRaef:: when can we expect some visits to be booked

enfuego:: Micah Downs what's the scoop on a verbal?

ericbossi:: On visits, I'd imagine that they will start getting booked after the Kingwood Classic in Houston, which runs April 23-25

FearRaef:: nice

ericbossi:: The staff is really in eval mode right now and don't want to just bring kids in for the purpose of bringing them in

FearRaef:: thanks

muffnudge:: EBoss...what impact does the Ariza announcement have on Malik...if any?

JoelCox:: Downs should get an offer in the near future

ericbossi:: There are so many kids out there who are really packed tight that you have to be selective. It is like that all over the country though. You'll notice the spring visits seem way down this year from last.

SweetDaddyJ:: who has the edge in taking over as assistant coach?

ericbossi:: I don't think Ariza impacts Malik at all.

muffnudge:: agreed

ericbossi:: A little early to know on coaches,  honestly I haven't even heard any names yet.

JoelCox:: SDJ... The list will be short and loaded

JoelCox:: they have begun putting it together

ericbossi:: As for Downs, I could say that if he really wanted to commit today, the staff would probably take his commitment.

muffnudge:: I would imagine guys with East Coast and Illinois connections

ericbossi:: Also, expect that the addition will more than likely be an african-american.

TomLight:: Eric, what do you see as Downs' weakness(es)?

enfuego:: Is JWright still a priority to the staff?

ericbossi:: Downs primary weakness is his strength, or relative lack thereof.

SweetDaddyJ:: would the staff take both Downs and one of Wright, Smith, or Huertas?

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ericbossi:: Not sure on Wright, he is certainly up there, but he might still have a little work to do in the classroom. He isn't close to deciding just yet.

muffnudge:: What are you hearing about Douglas-Roberts and his interest in KU?

WsoxShuf:: Why is the staff not recruiting top players for next year

FearRaef:: so thats noaccomplishment

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ericbossi:: I wouldn't be surprised to see the staff take two wings.

kirbonzi:: Boateng gonna visit in the near future possibly?????

WsoxShuf:: just 30-50 range

FearRaef:: we're all over top 10 guys, shuf

JoelCox:: Shuf....Boateng, Smith

WsoxShuf:: which ones

ericbossi:: Roberts is very high on Kansas and he is an absolute priority recruit for them. He knows it too.

muffnudge:: I would like Huertas, Downs, and CDR

WsoxShuf:: i though boaten is unc

enfuego:: Roberts?


WsoxShuf:: cdr is not even ranked yet is he

enfuego:: muff why do you want huertas?  I thought bossi hated his game.

FearRaef:: cdr is probably one of the top 5 guards in the entire class

WsoxShuf:: allright ill shut up

WsoxShuf:: now

SweetDaddyJ:: Can CDR really handle the point at the high major level?

enfuego:: Oh, D-R

TomLight:: Wow,  Eric

FearRaef:: damn

FearRaef:: awesome

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FearRaef:: go get boateng, billy

enfuego:: Why would Boateng take a visit out west to UCLA and not stop by on the way back East?

JoelCox:: welcome Charles

muffnudge:: I like what I read about him..plus Lute is recruiting him

ericbossi:: I think that CDR is a point, and he can certainly combo it up. The kid is nails and just kind of glides around the floor seemingly always in the right place at the right time.

JoelCox:: The staff is high on CDR and he is a priority recruit

Kearney:: Howdy Joel, I was in the other chat by mistake

bridgehawk:: He knows we're interested, but is he interested? CDR that is

JoelCox:: Yeah he is

muffnudge:: Fuegs...give EB the rest of the summer...I bet he changes his mind

FearRaef:: eboss:  what's your opinion of jon brockman?  the more i read about him, the more i want him.  he's a sonofabitch in the paint.

enfuego:: NC State guy said Brockman was 6'6".  Any truth to that?

ericbossi:: I'm not much of a Huertas fan, but I'm also not shortsighted enough to let a couple of poorer than I expected performances cloud my judgment. I'll see him again with realistic expectations. The hype around him was a little crazy.

SweetDaddyJ:: I think we really need a finesse big man, or a skill big man....we already have Kaun and Jackson in the fold and they seem more like bangers to me

enfuego:: Article is linked at the front of phog.net

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ericbossi:: Jon Brockman reminds me of a white Charles Barkley. He looks like he wants to kick your ass between the lines and then go out and kill a 12 pack with you.

FearRaef:: oh man

ericbossi:: I'd give Brockman 6-7.

FearRaef:: daddy like

muffnudge:: He looks like a guard

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muffnudge:: football guard

TomLight:: DGoods, welcome


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muffnudge:: pimp

FearRaef:: pimp

JoelCox:: yep

TomLight:: Driver08, welcome

kirbonzi:: Tyler Smith, anything new????

ericbossi:: Don't be surprised if the staff makes some contact with Anthony Bynum, a 6-11 kid out of New Jersey.

muffnudge:: It's not who you know...it's who in bl**

FearRaef:: eboss:  where are we on zeller's list of 5?  towards the top?  or towards the bottom?

SweetDaddyJ:: bossi, do you know anything about Laurynas Mikalaus?  Is he a top 100 player?

ericbossi:: I don't think Tyler Smith is as much of a priority right now, there really aren’t many true priority kids. KU has legit interest, but you have to wonder when the kid keeps saying he and his dad are going to try and visit Kansas and it never happens.

kirbonzi:: aight

Kearney:: So does losing Roberts to Saint John's change our status with any of the kids we are recruiting?

FearRaef:: here we go

QueenSnyder:: bossi, anything on Leo Criswell?  Are we still pursuing him... I had the pleasure of watching him play a couple times since he's local.

cafranci:: not me, enfuego

ericbossi:: Mikaluas looked like a mid major to me.

enfuego:: sorry

JoelCox:: I've been told that we will not miss a beat with Roberts leaving. He’s a great guy. I’m sure the staff was prepared for this and recruited accordingly

cafranci:: no problem

ericbossi:: Yes, the staff is still in touch with Leo. They will likely watch him this weekend. Florida, UConn, Texas, OU, Marquette, Oklahoma State and others are planning to watch him in Vegas this weekend.

muffnudge:: What can you tell us about Anthony Bynam? That name is new to me. Thanks

Kearney:: Thanks.

enfuego:: So, if you had to put your bags on the line...is Downs a Jayhawk?

FearRaef:: eboss: zeller?  where are we with him?

QueenSnyder:: And Marquette has offered Leo?

SweetDaddyJ:: but Criswell is not a Self player is that right?

ericbossi:: Bynum, he is 6-11 and probably 260. Runs the court fairly well and is a huge presence in the post.

ericbossi:: A Jersey kid.

enfuego:: (If no one else has noticed, I love 6'6+ kids who can slash and nail the long ball.)  Ever since Pierce, I've been dying for KU to land one.

muffnudge:: Do you think Self and Roberts will compete for recruits unlike Roy and his assistants?

enfuego:: I missed why it got deleted.

ericbossi:: Yes, Marquette offered Leo. So have TCU, Arizona State, Oklahoma State and others. Leo is OSU’s #1 priority right now. I don't think Self has had a fair chance to evaluate him in a setting where he is playing to his strengths. Whether it is right or not, some kids are completely different in an AAU setting

FearRaef:: EBOSS: ZELLER?  help me out, hoss

JoelCox:: Muff...I can tell you this. Self and Roberts are close. I would doubt they go head to head too much

muffnudge:: That doesn't surprise me

ericbossi:: Zeller, likes KU and is visiting Illinois this weekend. Notre Dame is the prohibitive favorite right now.

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bridgehawk:: do we think Self has a replacement in mind?

JoelCox:: there is a short list coming together

ericbossi:: Sure Self has a replacement in mind, but I haven’t heard names yet.

QueenSnyder:: Will Self have a problem battling eddie for a kid?

Kearney:: Did Self pre-interview at the Coaches lobby in San Antonio....

ericbossi:: Kansas will watch Chalmers in Vegas this weekend. Matter of fact, I will too

muffnudge:: I hope Roberts kicks ass...but selfishly I hope he's another Robinson

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enfuego:: I I can't imagine that Roberts wouldn't send some kids not wanting to go to St. Johns out our way for a look.

muffnudge:: agreed

FearRaef:: agreed, fuegs

ericbossi:: I doubt Self would have trouble battling Eddie, but the question is how good a fit Leo is. Personally, I think he is too talented a kid in the backyard to not make sure you take a long and hard look at.

SweetDaddyJ:: can Russell Robinson run the point in 2006 if we strike out on all of the top PG prospects?

FearRaef:: we will not strike out on pg's

ericbossi:: I suppose he could run the point, but it could potentially be ugly if he is the only point.

QueenSnyder:: why would we want sloppy seconds from st john's?

FearRaef:: you stop that right now

muffnudge:: Any word on Russell Robinson and his reaction to Roberts leaving?

frankj:: Joel, lavendar suits you

JoelCox:: damn straight...so to speak

FearRaef:: chicks dig the lavendar

enfuego:: who sticks out to you as KU's priority targets at each spot?

FearRaef:: eboss, who are some dark horses in this class that could come on strong this summer?

frankj:: So, will Eboss go out on a limb in the chat room?

kirbonzi:: How seriously is the staff looking at Lamar Falley????

enfuego:: not yet.

ericbossi:: None, Robinson is coming to play for Self, not Roberts. I think KU fans are going WAY overboard worrying about Roberts leaving.

enfuego:: there is hope.

JoelCox:: Bonzi, not seriously ....yet

QueenSnyder::  no one else will ask the question so I will.  what's your take on Malik...

ericbossi:: Falley is out there, but he isn't a priority. I'm sure they'll watch him in Vegas this weekend.

Kearney:: Malik who?

QueenSnyder:: haha

muffnudge:: Malik Sabonis

QueenSnyder:: Malik Rose

Kearney:: He play for SA, yeah

SweetDaddyJ:: If Hansbrough visits does that still mean we have no shot?  or do we have a sliver of hope if he can get here?

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ericbossi:: My take on Malik, honestly? I just wish he could make a decision for the sake of his own sanity. he is getting pulled all over the place and after being around him, it is very obvious that it is really wearing on him

QueenSnyder:: osu still a player?

ericbossi:: I'll be surprised if Hansbrough ever visits Kansas.

frankj:: MU people claim that Hansbrough crossed us off so he could visit Connecticut

cafranci:: kelvin sampson has been trashed quite a bit on the boards lately for trashing other programs during recruiting. any insight into whether it's fair criticism?


ericbossi:: Who knows, UConn is as aggressive as they get when it comes to recruiting.

DGoods:: MU people claim a lot of things

muffnudge:: pimp II

FearRaef:: the pimp reincarnated

JoelCox:: If i had an airplane,  i'd fly it through here

QueenSnyder:: ask Kirk to tell you some stories about Kelvin.

TomLight:: Frank...we'll be running something tonight that will dispute that claim

muffnudge:: Ben Gordon is having a news conference

ericbossi:: Not going to get into coaches methods or criticisms, not something I want to do. I've dealt with Kelvin a few times, and he has always been a nice guy.

SweetDaddyJ:: i know that the class of 05 is down, but where would hansbrough rank if he were a senior this year? just to guage his impact level

QueenSnyder:: there's busch league that's not cheating.  But it's still busch league.

FearRaef:: when you say '05 is down, do you mean it's down in terms of nba players?  if you ask me, that's a good thing.

SweetDaddyJ:: Can Terrance Williams play PG for a big time school?  Or is he more of a combo?

Kearney:: Did I miss the info in Micah Downs... or is it still to come? 

QueenSnyder:: Will Micah commit once offered?  We've all seen his list.

ericbossi:: Terrence Williams is not a point guard in my opinion.

enfuego:: yeah

ericbossi:: He is a 2/3 if I have ever seen one and a very wild child.  Extremely  talented, but kind of  a loose cannon type right now.

JoelCox:: like enfuego w/o talent

FearRaef:: eboss, what up with jamont  gordon?

FearRaef:: are we on him at all

ericbossi:: I doubt KU will be recruiting Gordon much longer, if they have even been recruiting him at all recently.

FearRaef:: thatnks

QueenSnyder:: Will Brandon Rush be staying on the east coast?

SweetDaddyJ:: any prospects out there KU is looking at hard that we haven't heard about yet?

ericbossi:: No telling when Micah would commit. However as it stands, when KU decides they really want him, they are the clear favorites.

frankj:: Eboss, do you have any ideas on KU's new assistant to replace Roberts

ericbossi:: When for Brandon? He’ll stay at Zion next year if that is what you are asking.

QueenSnyder:: no for college

muffnudge:: B. Rush is going to have another year of prep school?

enfuego:: Is there any way we can ban rokhok? 

DGoods:: How big a priority is Downs' teammate, Jon Brockman?

ericbossi:: College isn' t the first plan for Rush right now. He's thinking NBA . If he plays to his capabilities this summer, he can make it happen

QueenSnyder:: you'd think he'd have learned from his bro

ericbossi:: I think Brockman will become more desirable the more people see him

DGoods:: Package deal?

FearRaef:: where is the jayhawk inv.?

SweetDaddyJ:: will KU only take 1 big in the 2005 class?

muffnudge:: Allen

FearRaef:: thankyou, muff

muffnudge:: Horjsirtfski

FearRaef:: at least someone notices me'

FearRaef:: sigh...

enfuego:: E: compare brockman to another college player out there now.

ROKHOK:: lol

QueenSnyder:: Bossi's watching the wedding tape and chatting.

ericbossi:: Jayhawk Invite is at Allen Field House and all over Lawrence, may 7-9. As soon as things are finalized, I'll let you guys know. It is either going to have a pretty damn good field, or be disappointing like last year.........no in between. I'd rather not jinx it.

muffnudge:: Simien?

ericbossi:: Brockman, Greg Bruner at Iowa but better.

muffnudge:: Any word on who Norm may hire for his staff?

enfuego:: Galindo?

QueenSnyder:: Sean Harrington

FearRaef:: he said we'll probably go after a black coach

ericbossi:: And finishing on Rush. This prep school year would actually be his first prep school year. So he is just a fifth year kid, not a 6th year kid like some think He'll likely be at the jayhawk as well and has committed to play with KC Pump and Run that weekend.

SweetDaddyJ:: If Self hired the AAU coach for the Illinois Warriors (which has been rumored), would KU be in the lead for Julian Wright

cafranci:: Any early info. on Durrell "Slim Shady" Arthur? klm was talking about him a bit on the hoops board.

JoelCox:: We don't need to hire an AAU coach to be in well with Julian

ericbossi:: Self is not hiring Larry Butler. That was a stupid rumor, to me at least.

ericbossi:: Arthur is a heavy Arizona lean. He is soft as they come right now and could stand to toughen up, excellent talent though.

enfuego:: What is with Julian continuing to keep his game off of the box scores?

WsoxShuf:: Illinois should take Wayne Mcclain

WsoxShuf:: I men kansas

ericbossi:: He's up and down, but likes to get teammates involved. Julian can score 25 points by only scoring eight the way he impacts the game in so many ways.

cafranci:: what makes you think he'd come, shuf?

ericbossi:: Why take Wayne McClain?

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WsoxShuf:: I dont think he would come

QueenSnyder:: ARe there anymore Sergio's?

frankj:: McClain was pretty down on Self leaving Illinois, as I recall

WsoxShuf:: but you were talking about getting Wright

WsoxShuf:: that would help

FearRaef:: is jwright our priority wf, eboss?

ericbossi:: Wayne Mcclain doesn't help with Julian Wright.

frankj:: I'm not that worried, Self is the key recruiter

enfuego:: frankj, I don't understand why people don't understand that.

muffnudge:: who would help for Richard Hendrix?

ericbossi:: The only guys I would classify as "priority" right now are CDR, Chalmers and probably Boateng.

JoelCox:: I'd guess the staff is really playing wait and see with Julian right now

FearRaef:: thanks

FearRaef:: thank you again

SweetDaddyJ:: do we really have a realistic shot at Boateng?

enfuego:: Julian = 3 Downs = 3

enfuego:: mutually exclusive recruits?

ericbossi:: Who would help for Hendrix? Somebody who could airlift the campus to Alabama and make it University of Kansas at Alabama

QueenSnyder:: if the staff could get one '05 kid (realistically) who would it be... not just bossi I wanted to guage everyone's thought on this.

enfuego:: lol

muffnudge:: lol

ericbossi:: Yes, KU has a very realistic shot at Boateng.

FearRaef:: so, when can we expect a visit?

frankj:: Now there's some good news

enfuego:: D-R

FearRaef:: from hendrix

FearRaef:: nevermind

QueenSnyder:: D-R over Chalmers?

enfuego:: yep

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QueenSnyder:: makes sense

frankj:: enfuego knows of what he speaks, though that may surprise many

SweetDaddyJ:: Are Michigan and MSU hot on CDR?

ericbossi:: I can't stress enough how unique a class the 2005 one is in terms of how staffs across the country are approaching it. There just aren't that many can't miss kids and the staffs are treating it appropriately.

cafranci:: lol

ericbossi:: Sure they are. Everybody is.

muffnudge:: I'm surprised Mizzou isn't after CDR...they recruit Detroit well

cafranci:: Mizzou will be, as soon as Tony Harvey pays his painter

QueenSnyder:: yeah what  great Detroit senior leadership

SweetDaddyJ:: If Malik ended up here by chance, would that hurt or help with CDR?

JoelCox:: good question

QueenSnyder:: great Q

ericbossi:: I don’t think it would make much of a difference, but it wouldn't hurt.

ericbossi:: Malik and Chris, to my knowledge at least, aren't overly close.

muffnudge:: What do you think of Galindo's game?

SweetDaddyJ:: cause i read something about a year ago about how he wanted to go to a diff school that malik

FearRaef:: his name is cdr

TomLight:: Eric, can you compare/contrast a bit of CDR/Aaron Miles' games?

muffnudge:: I'd rather have CDR than Malik

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ericbossi:: I like Galindo. He's versatile, plays tough and doesn't hurt you. He'd play 10-12 minutes a game, as a freshman.

FearRaef:: perfect

FearRaef:: that's perfect

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TomLight:: Yes, that would be fine...thx

ericbossi:: Hard to compare and contrast CDR and Miles , completely different players.

FearRaef:: and he wouldn't bitch about it either

enfuego:: I'd take Galindo, if I knew we were 100% going to get CD-R

QueenSnyder:: Galindo or Micah Downs?

ericbossi:: Roberts is more of a slithery type who kind of glides around the court and works the baseline very well.

SweetDaddyJ:: are there any players out there in the class of 05 that are comparible to Miles?

cafranci:: I thought Galindo was very high on NC St.?

FearRaef:: from bhanni's interview, i think we're in good shape with galindo

ROKHOK:: Would you rather have CDR or listen to CCR?

ericbossi:: Good question, let me think about that for a second

enfuego:: Does landing a Galindo or Malik hurt us with getting Downs?

muffnudge:: Queen...I'd take a Mike Dunleavey, Jr. type player any day

jwurth:: What if the CCR was burned on a CD-R?

FearRaef:: good one

ROKHOK:: that's the ticket

FearRaef:: ok, gun to the head time, eboss...who's our '05 class

FearRaef:: and no bitchin out

ericbossi:: I dont think so.

kirbonzi:: The 2005 class is down, how is the 2006 class shaping up????

ericbossi:: Sorry, you might as well shoot me. I don’t do class projections.  Evaluations are my thing.

FearRaef:: you and telep

FearRaef:: why i oughta...

RawkChawk:: What was the premium info on Downs?

FearRaef:: his name is micah

SweetDaddyJ:: The class of 05 is down but we better hit a home run in this class or we'll be looking at a very interesting 06 season

ericbossi:: Class of 2006 is looking very good, the big men are crazy good..............................crazy good.

FearRaef:: thats all you need to know

ericbossi:: Point guards look good to.

JoelCox:: it was a eboss' eval on him from yesterday

enfuego:: Gerald Green (?) Texas

RawkChawk:: eric, How about Curits Kelly at Rice HS.  Does Norm have a chance at landing him?

FearRaef:: and cj henry

ericbossi:: Super talent, KU not very interested. Green that is.

FearRaef:: whats his deal

JoelCox:: Interview coming up with CJ Henry

JoelCox:: stay tuned

FearRaef:: hmm

FearRaef:: i'm impressed, joel

muffnudge:: I'm ticklish

JoelCox:: Fear..i'm waiting to see if your 8 dollar check clears this month

ericbossi:: Sure Roberts will have a chance at Kelly, but I can bet you he is already thinking NBA.

FearRaef:: umm

FearRaef:: yeah

FearRaef:: about that...

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FearRaef:: here's the deal...

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ericbossi:: I’m still trying to find out whether  Henry will actually be in Vegas this weekend or not. Baseball is still the favorite with him. Hard to speculate though because I've never spoken to the kid and everybody I talk to says he'll never touch a college basketball court.

JoelCox:: You've missed a bunch but you can read the transcript over

SweetDaddyJ:: Is Josh Thornton a guy that could handle the point, or is he strictly a catch and shoot guy?

ericbossi:: Catch and shoot, imho.

muffnudge:: What are your impressions of Chad Millard?

FearRaef:: eboss:  amir johnson

frankj:: How does Byron Eaton project in college?

FearRaef:: just to touch all bases

FearRaef:: and that lefty

FearRaef:: whats his name

FearRaef:: big guy

RawkChawk:: FearRaef, chill out

enfuego:: I thought DarinB said Eaton would be wise to stick to football?

ericbossi:: Byron Eaton projects as a defensive back

frankj:: He's a little thick for that

RawkChawk:: I thought he was going to be a middle linebacker or strong safety

ericbossi:: Amir Johnson, there is a million dollar question. Even Cali people who he has played for aren't sure what is up with him. He's a huge question mark, Lots of talent, but is his head there? He probably won't make it off the left coast.

frankj:: He's not really a hot football prospect, but some Texans rave about Eaton on hardwood.

FearRaef:: thanks

JoelCox:: Eboss....is there a chance Roy comes into Lawrence and offers Criswell?

WsoxShuf:: Where did Bautista end up

JoelCox:: in exile

WsoxShuf:: where

muffnudge:: Eric...do you think the Staff has A, B, C...recruits or do you think they will accept whoever accepts first? They are on so many guys I can't keep up

ericbossi:: Yeah there is a chance Roy offers Criswell. According to Leo, UNC would like him to take an official visit. They'll be watching him this weekend.

SweetDaddyJ:: how much has CJ Giles improved since last year?  Also, will he be a huge defensive presence in college like some think? ie maybe 3 blocks a game

RawkChawk:: But would Roy come to the Jayhawk Invitational to watch Leo?

FearRaef:: my last one...where are we with brandon costner (he's the big lefty i was talkin about)?

enfuego:: Joel, please do not tell the popcorn man that info. 

JoelCox:: okay

WsoxShuf:: Is jayhawk invite this weekend

kirbonzi:: Not a KU recruit but, I know you have kept track of Dupree Fletcher anything new on him, I read he's viviting UW-Milwaukee?????

cafranci:: may 7-9, shuf

WsoxShuf:: oh good

FearRaef:: you hookin me up with free chappelle tix, shuf?

ericbossi:: batista hasn't committed anywhere

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ericbossi:: I've been trying to get in touch with Dupree. My guess is he ends up at a prep school, unless his grades have really come around

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SweetDaddyJ:: do you think the staff would take Julian Wright over a Tyler Smith if both wanted to commit?

JoelCox:: 10 more minutes folks

FearRaef:: and brandon costner, eboss, what's his deal?

DGoods:: jucojunction is reporting that Batista has decided

muffnudge:: What is KU's interest in Mitchell Johnson?

ericbossi:: Yes. Julian Wright over Tyler Smith is a no brainer. In my book at least.

ericbossi:: KU interest in Johnson, fading. He isn't ready to play at KU based on what I have seen.

muffnudge:: thanks

FearRaef:: thanks

ericbossi:: Don't know on Costner Raef. I've only seen a little of him, and certainly not enough to think he is a top 20 guy. I know my best friend in the business, Rob Harrington, isn’t so high on him after watching him a few times.

ericbossi:: if he decided, he is probably going to Illinois State (Batista that is)

frankj:: you've heard that phrase, haven't you Joel

JoelCox:: yes, i'm quite familiar with it

ericbossi:: Speaking of Illinois State, I feel for them. Their best recruit, PG Justin Dentmon is going to burn them and go to prep school. He'll have a chance to be top 50 in class of 2005, he is a Miles type

ericbossi:: jayhawk invit isn't until mother's day weekend

enfuego:: There was a poster on Illiniboard who says he has spoken with Zeller and the likelihood of Zeller going anywhere other than ND.

FearRaef:: is what?

SweetDaddyJ:: is nil

enfuego:: nil

FearRaef:: thanks

ericbossi:: Players I should see this weekend include Andre Mcgee, Criswell, All the Texas guys Miles, Rogers, etc. Falley, and a few more like Terrence Williams.

JoelCox:: excellent

SweetDaddyJ:: forget zeller, he looks too much like the kid from malcolm in the middle

JoelCox:: and we'll have eboss evals, new and notes up each day

ericbossi:: That isn't a very well kept secret about Zeller, he is pretty much a lock to go to Notre Dame. At this point at least

muffnudge:: I wish Andre plays well and KU gets back in with him

FearRaef:: don't forget to hit the crazy horse II

enfuego:: Eboss, did you see the Illiniboard up in arms about an eval you apparently did on their post recruit?

FearRaef:: tell them i sent you

FearRaef:: * wink *

ericbossi:: Whether he plays well or not, he'll be plenty of fun to watch

SweetDaddyJ:: So is David Palmer a bust?

enfuego:: exactly palmer.

ericbossi:: Well, that eval on David Palmer was on the money. They rushed that kid back from his foot injury and he is out of shape and he didn’t play well last weekend.

SweetDaddyJ:: fuegs, what was the title of that palmer post

QueenSnyder:: Bossi, you seem down on Huertas.

enfuego:: Don't remember.  It's like 5 or 6 pages long now, I think.

topsyturvy6234:: Sorry if this has already been asked, but what is the latest with Criswell?  I know I heard he had been at a lot of KU games this year, how would you rate him and his chances at becoming a jayhawk?

ericbossi:: yep, I am down on Huertas. Part of it was completely unfair hyping of him and he didn’t live up to it.

TomLight:: Topsy, if eric doesn't want to repeat, we'll have a transcript for you

QueenSnyder:: streaky - Huertas?

kirbonzi:: Where is Darger going to end up??????

SweetDaddyJ:: would bringing in Galindo help with Huertas?

ericbossi:: Also, seeing kids getting listed at 6-6 who might be as tall as me (I'm 6-3) bugs me.

SweetDaddyJ:: 2 puetro ricans

enfuego:: careful, I'm puerto rican. 

QueenSnyder:: its not a baseball team.  j/k

QueenSnyder:: sorry fuegs

ericbossi:: Utah probably for Darger. I'll see him this weekend too, don't know that KU is involved anymore.

FearRaef:: 6-2 and wears a size 17?  he must look like he wears clown shoes

enfuego:: who havesumhope?

ericbossi:: KU still in it with Leo, Topsy. This weekend will have a lot to do with whether they turn up the heat or continue just kind of being there

ericbossi:: His feet didn't look like 17's

FearRaef:: that's his bio

ericbossi:: I'd guess 14's maybe.

FearRaef:: i remember because jmom was excited about it

frankj:: Now this is quality chat

ericbossi:: I suppose he *could* be 6-4 , but if he is taller than me it isn't by much.

ericbossi:: Alright folks, I’ve got to run. The wedding video and my beautiful wife are calling.

muffnudge:: Eric...FYI...the Bellagio has been without power since Sunday. You aren't staying there are you?

ericbossi:: Have a good evening.

bhamhawker joined

FearRaef:: thanks eboss

TomLight:: Thanks, eric

FearRaef:: good stuff as always

RawkChawk left

muffnudge:: Thanks, EB

cafranci:: thanks a lot, eboss. good stuff.

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