Robinson Update

Spotlight on incoming recruit Russell Robinson.


"Coach (Bill) Self had told me it was a possibility," Robinson said of KU losing Roberts. "I got back and found out about it. Coach Roberts did the best thing for his family. He deserves it. I'm happy for him."

He's not jealous of Roberts, however. "That program is nowhere where it's supposed to be right now," Robinson said. "I'm going to Kansas looking to try and win a national title."

New York recruit firmly committed (KUSports)


In the program, they billed Russell Robinson as one of top three point shooters in the country He passed up a few 3s, but in a game where guys were chucking up 3pt fadeaways that either went in or fell painfully short, Robinson was unselfishly giving it up to his teammates.

There certainly is a "all-star game" mentality that these kids bring. Only a few were playing their game as if they were truly playing a competitive game. Russell Robinson was one of them. Al Jefferson was another. Most of the others were looking to make the spectacular play rather than the easy play. Robinson just isn't of that ilk.

- Joel Cox, Publisher, on the Jordan Capital Classic Top Stories