Smith Plans to Visit Kansas

Kansas basketball fans that follow recruiting have learned a lesson in patience this year.  KU's ongoing pursuit of 6-6 Detroit swingman Malik Hairston has lasted through the fall, winter and now into the spring.  It appears another top player on the Jayhawks' radar could take them on a similar journey in 2005.

Tyler Smith is a five-star talent out of Pulaski, TN.  This 6-6 SF is about to decide on which five schools he’ll visit officially.  On Tuesday night he indicated that while the decision on which schools to visit is coming soon, the actual visits themselves may not occur until later this fall.

“We’ll pick out the five schools that I’ll visit this weekend while I’m in Houston.  Then I’ll probably do them during the school year, maybe in October or November.”

Smith indicated that he likely wouldn’t be making a decision in the fall.

“I want to get my senior season out of the way before I finally decide.  I’ll probably pick in the spring.”

So, while this weekend could produce a few small developments, the recruitment of Smith might take a little longer than most.  Smith and his father intend to decide on which schools to visit while Smith visits Houston with his “Southeast Elite” AAU team for the Houston Kingwood Classic.

If he and his father do, indeed, make a list of schools to visit, Kansas appears to be a lock.

“Kansas is definitely going to be one of them.  I like their style of play.  They can get up and down the court when they’ve got a chance.  They also slow it down to a half court style too.”

Smith is also impressed by the Kansas coaching staff.

“I like Coach (Bill) Self.  He’s a nice guy and I like his coaching style too.  Coach (Joe) Dooley is nice too. I relate to him well.”

So, who else has caught his eye?

North Carolina.  I liked them when I was pretty much a little kid. It’s a good atmosphere up there.  (Roy Williams) is a good coach.”

Smith is also looking hard at Tennessee, Alabama, Louisville and UCLA.  He is no longer considering Vanderbilt.

“Vanderbilt is out.  I just don’t see myself playing up there.”

Right now the only place Smith can clearly see himself playing is in Houston this weekend.  Beyond that, he says it’s still wide open.

“I don’t have any top leaders yet.”

Buckle your seatbelts Jayhawk fans, you could be in for a long ride. Top Stories