Tidbits from Coach Self

As we all know, KU fans have experienced another tulmultuous April. A month rife with change consisting of coaching changes, player transfers, and a recruit who's only committment so far has been to due diligence.  With so many questions, it's important that KU fans know that Coach Self has the program moving full speed ahead.

I had a chance to spend some time with Coach Self today, and during the course of the visit, I figured I ought to take the opportunity to ask a few questions about the program and it's direction on behalf of the Phog.net faithful.

JC: Coach, what effect will losing David Padgett have on the program and how you choose to recruit in the coming months?

BS: Well, obviously it's disappointing to lose a talented kid like David Padgett. We didn't necessarily agree with his decision, but if a player feels that a change is needed, it's important that he finds a place where he's comfortable. It forces us to re-examine our needs as well for next year.

JC: With the possibility of the 5/8 rule being overturned, is it possible that KU might get a couple of players for 2004.

BS: It's possible. There's a few kids out there we have been evaluating and to get any combination of two would only strengthen what is already one of the best recruiting classes in the country.

JC: What should fans expect out of the Jayhawks next year in terms of style of play based on the players you know are going to be here next year?

BS: I'd expect a little faster pace. We'll definitely be faster. It really depends on what we get done in the Spring with recruiting. Depending on our situation with big men, it's possible we'll play four-out, one-in. Defensively, we'll put more pressure on teams which means more players with less minutes.

JC: Coach, St. John's sure got a good one in Coach Roberts, but now you need to hire a new assistant. What will you be looking for in a new hire?

BS: First and foremost, someone who won't compromise the integrity of the program. That's the single most important thing. Secondly, we need to hire someone who fits into the team well and brings different skills than what we already possess. Third, and I think this is important, we want to bring in someone who is going to be a head coach himself someday. This is an important hire.

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