Thornton Wants to Visit

Norm Roberts' coaching days at Kansas may be done, but that doesn't mean Josh Thornton's interest in the Jayhawks is out the door as well.

The 6-1 PG from Camden-Wyoming, DE has enjoyed getting to know Roberts during his recruitment this past year, but says there are plenty of other things KU has to offer that have caught his eye.

“I really liked Coach Roberts, but Coach Roberts wasn’t the reason I liked Kansas.  I’m still very interested in Kansas even though he’s moved on.  (My interest) won’t change a bit.”

So, will there be a visit to Lawrence in the near future?

“I definitely still want to.  It’s just a matter of finding the best time for me and for them.  We’ve got to pick the best time for us both.”

Thornton hopes to decide on which schools to visit and start booking dates over the next two months.  So far, he’s received offers from Tennessee and Arkansas.

Other schools in the mix include Kansas, Georgia Tech, Florida, Wake Forest Michigan, NC State, St. Joseph’s and perhaps, North Carolina.

“I like North Carolina a whole lot, but I don’t’ know if they’re as interested in me as much as I am in them.”

In addition to narrowing his list and booking college visits, the next few months are filled with AAU action on his “Delaware Sharpshooters” team that Thornton feels is loaded with talent.

“We’re looking real good.  We’re really talented with a lot of depth one through twelve.  We’ve got twelve guys who can come in and play at any time and contribute to the team.”

One of those twelve players is Middletown, DE standout, Eric Boateng, who is a five-star prospect at the center position.

Thornton is looking forward to teaming up with Boateng in the AAU season and to getting completely back into shape.  A right knee injury nagged him throughout his junior year at Caesar Rodney High School, but with consistent rehab the knee continues to improve.

“It’s doing good. I’ve started lifting and getting the strength back into it.  I’m going to the weight room and doing squats and running stairs so I can get back into shape.  It’ll be great once I’m completely back in shape, because I’ve had to just rely on my talent recently because I haven’t been as much in shape as I’d like.”

Josh Thornton and his family plan to visit doctors at Temple in the near future to get a final diagnosis on his knee.  Stay tuned for more on this 2005 PG prospect. Top Stories