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Eric Bossi sent back five feature articles from the recent Kingwood Classic. But we still have questions! Tell us, tell us, tell us.

I read your review of the Kingswood Classic and saw the Texas names - Calvin Miles and Gerald Green - in your recap. These two sound like great prospects at the wing position and I was wondering if Self and Co. have been in touch (or watching, whichever complies with NCAA) with these two kids. I know we are looking at the likes of Tyler Smith and Julian Wright, so I wondered if Self is looking at those Texas wings as well. Are they on the same level as Wright and Smith? Did you see either of them this weekend?

- Bhamhawker

Kansas has been all over C.J. Miles for some time now and from what I can gather they are probably in his top three along with Texas and Oklahoma.

Green thinks that he has an offer from Kansas and I know there is some interest from them, but I can't confirm an offer exists. I don't know for sure (if he will have trouble qualifying.)

There is no question that I would personally take Green or Miles over Tyler Smith, but Wright is another question. Miles and Green are pure wings whereas Wright isn't and probably won't ever be a pure wing. He's still got a lot of BF in his game and is at his best using his quickness and athleticism around the basket. He has the ability to take defenders off the bounce and pass or score.

None of the reports I've read have mentioned Self. They've listed about every other big-name coach... Self was there, no?

- Duraflame

Self is still recovering from surgery. Believe me, it is absolutely killing him that he can't be out on the road but your health has to come first. Tim Jankovich and Joe Dooley were there. I'm not sure Jayhawk fans realize how on the ball those two are. Jankovich is a smart evaluator and Dooley is a hard working Jersey guy with head coaching experience at a D1.

Now that you've seen Chad Millard play, can you give a breakdown. If you could compare his game to a current college player that would be great.

- Enfuego

I'm not sure what college player I could compare his game too. He's really skinny and has a terrific looking jump shot and is probably close to 6-8. However, he doesn't handle or create his own shot particularly well and seems like he is a bit more natural in the post. He's a bit of a tweener and needs space to run around picks. I like him, but I am not sure where I'd place him nationally...........maybe top 75?

I thought I knew who the leader was for Tyler Hansbrough. I didn't think we had much of a chance. So what is the latest on him?

- tb69396

Give Kansas credit, they have done a great job of getting back into it with a kid who backed out of coming to Late Night because he wasn't interested. They have kept it up and I know for certain that he noticed Dooley and Jankovich at his games.

I do concede that Kansas has made up serious ground but getting him would be an incredible comeback. I still feel pretty strongly that UNC and Kentucky are ahead by pretty good distance. He REALLY enjoyed his visit to Kentucky and this is a kid who isn't easily exciteable, but he lit up and got pumped recalling the details of his visit.


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