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Q & A with Eric Bossi. This time he covers Martellus Bennett, Leo Criswell, and Terrence Williams.

Martellus Bennett is a big time football recruit. He supposedly wants to play basketball too. And I'm now hearing that maybe he can do it even at a high major. What do you think? Is KU interested and do we have a shot? It would be great for Mangino and sounds like he would be a very solid guy off the bench for Self.

'Tellus is hands-down without-a-doubt it-isn't-even-close my favorite player on the circuit right now. The reason I like him so much really has nothing to do with hoops either - the kid is just a nut who loves to talk.

For Hoops, he is a combo forward at about 6-6, 225, who is a better shooter than you might think. He is a plain frightening athlete who has hops that are in the 40 inch range (which isn't right for a kid his size). I think he could be a top 75 or better hooper if he focused on hoops and added skill to go with his athleticism.

However, football is the sport he can apparently make a lot of money in as a tight end and the decision will ultimately be football based, according to his old man. That said, does KU stand a snowball's chance against Miami (who his pops says leads) or Texas? I know the kid is saying a lot about Arizona, but I'll believe he goes there to play football when I see it. I know Stoops is a genius, but is he that big of a genius?

Here is something I wrote after the Kingwood Classic on Bennett -

"Each time Martellus Bennett, a 6-6 stud forward, takes the court for the Houston Hoops, he further establishes himself as one of the most enjoyable kids to watch in the history of AAU ball. You have to consider the entire package that starts with one of the greatest pimp strolls in the entire history of the club circuit. That stroll slowly develops into pure unadulterated athletic ecstasy when he takes the court and throws down one of the dunks that are illegal in 33 of 50 states.

Seriously, the dunk he threw down on Jimmy Covington probably would have earned him 12-15 from a jury of his peers. It was so nasty the victim was pulled out of the game to try and protect his identity. The scariest thing is that basketball is a part time thing for one of the top football recruits in the country. Imagining him and recent Arizona commitment, 6-7 combo forward Fendi Onobun, on the same front line at Houston (TX) Alief Taylor isn't right."

Leo Criswell recently called Tom Crean the "best coach I have ever met." Am I wrong to read between the lines on Leo's quote?
-Tom Light

You guys need to understand that Marquette absolutely knocked one out of the park with his visit over the weekend. As much as he loved the visit, he isn't near committing. Kansas still involved to some extent, but I can see how they would wonder how a player like Criswell fits into the high/low.

What are your thoughts on Terrance Williams and where he might fit on the KU priority list? Also, is he a PG, SG or combo? It appears that he will be coming for an official in May so that would lead me to believe that he was a priority, but I have read a lot of mixed reviews. Your thoughts?
- Pferg

I've actually written about Terrence each of the last few weekends. He is an incredible physical specimen who runs, jumps, has lateral quickness and a matching college body. He's got matching personality as well and will talk all day long if he can.

When he is under control, he can look really impressive. His jump shot isn't pure, but he makes enough shots to keep you honest. He isn't a bad shooter, he just isn't great. He can also drop some nifty passes, get to the rim, rebound and defend.

Here are the catches though; 1) He isn't a PG. He is simply way too wild and carefree with the ball at times to consider trusting him as a PG right now. He's a wing and that is where most people are recruiting him to play. 2) Shot selection. He can erase his own shooting ability because he has a propensity to take some crazy shots. 3) His mouth. As good a personality as he has, he still talks just a little bit too much trash. I don't mind trash talk, but Terrence has to learn not let it mess with his game.

That being said, he has come a long, long way and is showing signs of improvement. Should he put it all together, he could be a no-brainer Mickey D's kid.


Eric Bossi is Kansas City based recruiting analyst. He has been covering recruiting from a national perspective for the past four years and currently writes for Prepstars and

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