"KANSAS" Drawing Attention

So, who's mentioning the Jayhawks at the Run 'n Slam All Star Classic? Here's a handful of names and updates from Eric Bossi.

Marcus Williams- That’s right, the 6-6 (maybe 6-7) WF who has starred for the last few years at Seattle (WA) Roosevelt has added Kansas to his usual list of Florida, Texas, UConn, Washington, and Arizona. N.C. State is also a newcomer for the do it all wing who has put in work for Rotary Select this spring. The reason for the addition of Kansas to his list, Head Coach Bill Self and asst. Joe Dooley stopped in for a school visit on Thursday.

The best place to start with Williams is his absolutely splendid mid-range game. His feel for how to play the game is virtually unsurpassed in the class of 2005 and he scores off of clever bank shots and pull up jumpers. He can go to his left or right, he posts well, rebounds, handles the ball, defends and he looks quicker each time he takes the court.

He’s clearly the go-to guy for Rotary which is saying a lot when you see how talented they are. He’s a top 40 kid in the country and the only real knocks on him might be that his release on three point jumpers is a little slow, he can dribble a little too much at times and he needs to add some more strength.

Terrence Williams- The other Williams for Rotary Select , T-Will is just another in a long line of super athletic wings that have emerged from the halls of Seattle (WA) Rainier Beach. The 6-5 dynamo really puts observers through a wide range of emotions when they watch him play.

First you love him, then you hate him, then you love him again. He’ll make a spin move off the three point line on the right wing and then a strong jump stop and power through the lane for a left handed jam that will leave you numb. On the next trip though, he’ll toss a no look pass into the ninth row.

Still, the 6-5 (maybe only 6-4) WG deserves credit for calming his game considerably over the last three weekends that Phog.net has been able to watch him. He does far too many intriguing things on the court to let the few silly plays he is bound to make cloud your judgment because there is no denying his potential to be a top 25 type if he puts it all together.

Brian McTear- McTear is a quick “go-go” type of PG from Los Angeles (CA) Crenshaw. He’s active all over the court and the 5-10 McTear has the jets to get into the lane almost at will on this level. He might have a chance to play on the high major level if he can improve his jump shot, but he might not be quite ready for an elite high major program.

That doesn’t stop him from listing Kansas as his clear cut leader, and with zest. Ask McTear about his list of schools and he’ll rattle off a list of schools and finish with, “Kansas, I’ve been trying to do everything I can to make it there. I really like them and I’m trying to set up a visit.”

It should be noted that the Kansas staff has not been out to visit McTear.

Dominic James- During the winter the 5-11 PG from Richmond (IN) High listed Kansas favorably and former asst. coach Norm Roberts made a few trips to watch him play.

If anything, James has continued to improve since last fall and he’s a super bouncy athlete who sports an improved jump shot and a lethal crossover. His calling card remains his voracious appetite for tough on the ball defense and he is a lot stronger than you may think.

James says that Florida, Marquette, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue and Notre Dame have been in and he feels confident that they’ve all offered or intend to do so.

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