Spiece: Kansas Targets in Action Sunday

The Illinois Fire took home the 17U title at at the Spiece Run 'n Slam on Sunday, but the performances by a couple of KU targets were outstanding.

Terrence Williams- It wasn’t just Marcus Williams that allowed Rotary Select to keep advancing as Terrence had a lot to do with it. You have to appreciate the obvious effort he is putting into playing under control. In fact, the 6-5 wing was almost trying too hard to stay under control at times, taking away from his creativity.

Sure, if it isn’t one thing it is the other. If he plays loose and free, he gets criticized for being out of control, but when he is in control he gets harped on for being too passive? It isn’t exactly like that, but the point is that Williams just needs to keep working to find that happy median which will fully utilize his monstrous potential.

An area which hasn’t been touched upon is his potential to guard at least three positions. He’s got exceptional lateral quickness and super reaction time along with the instincts to block a lot of shots from the weak side. Again, the potential to be the total package is all there.

Julian Wright- Wright’s performance on Sunday has to be one of the best he has ever had in an AAU setting. He used every inch of his 6-7 frame and long arms and every little bit of his ridiculous athleticism to make plays all over the court.

He handled the ball on the perimeter as confidently as he ever has and broke a few ankles with slick crossovers. He made some jump shots here and there and generally impacted games in any way that you could imagine.

Particularly intriguing is the gift Wright has for corralling his own misses to score with hooks and dunks in the paint. It is one thing to get off the floor for dunks in transition or off of cuts, but being able to get up just as quick and high off of a second jump like Wright does is rare.

The haters have been out in full force lately, but Wright dusts more off with each head and shoulder fake before going to the rim and punching on somebody.

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