Kansas Awaits Galindo Decision

<p>As Alex Galindo travels today to his final visit at Georgetown, college basketball fans at Kansas, Pittsburgh and Rutgers are all wondering just how well his visit to Kansas went over the weekend.&nbsp; Dan Hurley, Galindo's high school coach at St. Benedict's Prep will appear on KLWN's &ldquo;Rock Chalk Sports Talk&rdquo; at 5:40 (CT) this evening.&nbsp;</p><p>Highlights from today's interview inside.</p>

Highlights from Dan Hurley's Interview

On how he thinks Galindo's Kansas visit went:

"I think he had a great time.  He's enjoyed every visit he's been on for different reasons, but I think just kind of going out there and seeing the place and getting a sense of the passion they have for basketball out there was something that really excited him."

On whether any questions about KU were answered during the visit:

"The only question in his mind was how he would fit in socially, what it was like to go to school at Kansas, it's obviously a lot different than the more urban environment that he went to high school with us for and I think that those were answered positively from his time there."

On how he fit in socially with KU players and coaches:

"He loves all the guys, he was real impressed.  He has obviously seen the guys play in the NCAA tournament.  He loves the coaches, Coach Self and Coach Dooley.  We spoke about getting a chance to be around a Danny Manning and you know just the tradition and it's just real exciting for a kid from Puerto Rico to come over here for high school for two years, improve and then put himself in a situation where he's got a great program and university like Kansas recruiting him. It's a neat thing for him."

On whether or not there is a favorite after Galindo's Kansas visit:

"There a things about different schools that I'm sure he likes a lot.  I know that this past weekend he was blown away with just probably the largeness of the program, how important he is to the school.  He's real excited about Kansas now.  I think the real test will be in a couple of days if kind of the emotion wears off a little bit he'll have a chance to think and really take his time with it."

On his high school teammate JR Smith still pushing him towards Kansas:

"JR has been beating him up pretty good about being able to fly out and see him in the Final Four (with) Kansas."

The plan for this week:

"What he's looking to do is finish up with this last visit, take a couple of days during the week, digest everything and then make a good decision."

Be sure to tune in for the entire interview at 5:40 tonite (Central) on ESPN Radio 1320 KLWN.  Or check out the archive provided through PhogTV after the show.

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