Ask Eboss: Jayhawk Invitational

Eric Bossi gives us a quickie on Galindo / Hansbrough / Giles and answers questions on Jayhawk Invitational action. Comments on underclassmen including Ben Hansbrough, Tyrel Reed and Ryan Wedel.

Recruiting Update

I had the opportunity to observe Alex Galindo on several occasions during his official visit, and he appeared to be having a fantastic time. I saw him sign a few autographs, get his picture taken with fans, etc.

FWIW, I am going to be really surprised if he doesn't verbal to Kansas. All indications are that it is a done deal, but you never know. Honestly, I figured he wouldn't get out of the city without giving a commitment.

I also saw Tyler Hansbrough during his visit and chatted with him for a few minutes. Before you ask, I wasn't about to bother him about how his visit was going. He did mention he was having a great time while we were discussing some other things. I'll be speaking with him in much more detail two weekends from now when I make my annual trip to the St. Louis Eagles tournament.

I do know from speaking to other sources that Tyler was very surprised at how well the visit went and KU has made a serious move with him. The question remains whether or not Kansas can catch up with UNC and Kentucky.

Kansas will work to get CJ Giles in on a visit ASAP (scheduled for this weekend) and will recruit him a bit harder than I figured they were going to. It will also be interesting to see where former Miami asst. coach Townsend ends up. Townsend, who was formerly at USC before going to Miami, was a huge reason that Giles chose Miami in the first place.

Eric, did you get a chance to see Ben Hansbrough? Do you see him at the point or more of a combo at the next level?

I watched Ben a few times. He's very athletic, handles the ball pretty well in open court, is a DANGEROUS three point shooter and plays solid defense. He does get a bit out of control at times and must develop a left hand. Right now I think he is an upper level mid major player, but has a chance to play high major if he develops his left hand and plays with more control. Just like his brother, he is a borderline psychopath on the court he plays so hard.

Right now I think Ben is a combo bordering on straight WG at the next level. He shoots it so well, I think he is more dangerous coming off screens for jumpers and slashing to the hole when people crowd him.

What can you tell us about the guy with long braids on the KC 76ers? He was really was doing great job this weekend. I saw Wayne on their bench, supporting them.

If the kid who was doing damage was a big kid - about 6-6 225lbs - then it was Bristan Kelley. He is a sophomore at Lee's Summit North. He is one of the better young players in a very good local class of 2006 and is shedding baby fat and growing into a good prospect.

Wayne is always out supporting his former AAU team.

Bossi, what were your thoughts on Tyrel Reed over the weekend? For a 15-year kid playing against 16-year olds, I must say that he met and exceeded my expectations.
- Larryville

I really like Tyrel Reed. For a freshman he has very good size (about 6-2), good athleticism and he knows how to play the game. He is fundamentally sound and plays for a very well coached high school team. It all shows.

He makes good decisions, and yesterday he didn't show any nervousness when he stepped up and drained a trio of deep three balls to help complete a 17 point comeback during the 16 U semis.

It is awfully early, and things will change. But, he is certainly a division 1 prospect and possibly a high major someday.

So Bossi, whats the scoop on the Ryan Wedel kid you mentioned?
- bhamhawker

The real story of the finals should be the shooting exhibition put on by Ryan Wedel from Minneapolis, KS. He was absolutely terrific in the finals of the 16 U game. He scored 30 points and led his team to an 11 point win after they were down 15 at the half. In the semis, his shooting (along with the shooting of Burlington, KS freshman Tyrel Reed -- remember his name, he is going to be a very good one) helped bring the KC Pumps back from a 17 point second half deficit. Wedel is 5-11 tops, but the kid shoots lights out and competes. He's just one of those kids that you have to love watching play. Top Stories