Hairston Ducks the Jayhawks

Malik Hairston made his college decision public today, electing to play basketball at the University of Oregon. Highlights from Hairston's press conference inside.

Malik Hairston Press Conference Highlights

Opening comment:

First I'd like to thank the media.  I want to let them know I appreciate their support. I  know it was a long wait and everything, so  I appreciate you being patient.  I've decided I want to take my college career to the University of Oregon. Basically, because I think it's the perfect fit for my style of play.  The coach, his personality suits me.  I like his tempermant and I think it'll be best for me to be there.

More on why Oregon was the best fit:

First off, I'd like to say the area. It'll be able to allow me to focus and the coach with his temperament, he's a calm kind of guy and that suits my personality.

On Oregon entering the picture late:

They just kind of came out.  I guess I could say they kind of came out of nowhere.  Actually I wasn't interested at first. My father kind of urged me to look at them and I'm glad I did.

On what his dad told him about Oregon to get him interested:

My father helped me through the whole picture.  During school after school and they just seemed to have a whole lot more to offer in terms of connections and things of that sort.

Was there anything that they did differently on their visit?

Honestly all the visits were about the same. Nothing really stood out about the visit.  It's just the situation, the guys that I'll be playing with.  Unselfish basketball, a bunch of good guys. I don't think it was anything about the visit.

On a family divided:

My brother was pulling for Michigan, father pulling for Kansas, mother pulling for Oregon but they all respected each school. We talked about it and had a couple family meetings and I mean we just came out with what we thought would be the best for me.  The whole Michigan thing -- my brother wanted to see me close to home. Kansas, there's a lot special about Kansas. That program, their tradition, a very storied school...Oregon just came out on top.

On his picked changing frequently:

One day I may have thought I was going to Kansas, one day Ohio State, but when I actually sat down and thought about it and weighed the pros and cons, Oregon, Oregon was it.

On Oregon as a national title contender:

I don't think Oregon was rated that high on the national championship level.  But I look at that as being without me. I think I might be able to...I guess I can say 'Carmelo-ize' the sitiuation, in speaking in terms of Carmelo out at Syracuse.  So, I think I'll be able to have a very big effect and be able to do some big things. Top Stories