Galindo Likely to Announce Monday

Dan Hurley of St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, NJ thinks Alex Galindo will have a decision by Monday morning.

The head coach of the boy's basketball team at St. Benedict's Prep says Alex Galindo "feels strongly about Kansas" and came "relatively close to committing to Kansas" over the past week, but will take a few more days to let everything sink in.

"He feels the same way he did I guess after his visit," said Hurley. "He liked it a whole lot, a lot more than he probably thought he would from what he knew before he got out there about the university.  He knew it was a great basketball program, but he probably didn't think he'd enjoy the campus life and the camaraderie of the students as much as he did, but he had a great visit and now he's just trying to slow down -- he's been on four visits in two and a half weeks -- and now he's just trying to get his feet under him and make sure he's making a good decision in his selection."

On Galindo being "relatively close" to committing to Kansas earlier this week, Hurley added the following:

"I think he was affected a little bit with the Malik Hairston situation, because he knew they had one scholarship and there were two players and I think that he felt at times that maybe he should make the commitment to Kansas before Hairston made the decision because he didn't want to lose the opportunity and believe me the Kansas staff was working real hard to get that done, but he feels real strong about it and now he's got to take some time here through the weekend to make sure that he won't be making, you know, kind of an emotional decision on any place.  There will be no press conferences, he'll be notifying the schools like I think probably a normal high school kid should."

On a decision date, Hurley offered the following:

"I would think Monday that he'll come into school, in the office and be ready to call the coaches and let them know and thank everybody for recruiting him."

Finally, Hurley said Galindo was impressed with his trip to Georgetown.

"It's a great university, it's a lot different than some of the other places.  You know, I think he was impressed. Obviously Georgetown has great tradition.  They've not been where they were for some times since John Thompson's era., but I think he really liked John Thompson and loved the university."

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