"I just couldn't pass up Kansas"

Just minutes after C.J.'s televised announcement of his plan to attend KU, Phog.net's Joel Cox catches up with C.J. Giles for an exclusive interview.

Interview with C.J. Giles

JC: Well CJ, you are going to be a Jayhawk. How do you feel?

CG: I feel great. I’m really excited to be part of the Jayhawk team and tradition. I’m also a little relieved it’s over

JC: You had a very difficult decision between KU and your in-state school, Washington. Talk a little about that.

CG: It was really tough. Washington has a great coaching staff and they are building a great program. In the end, I just couldn’t pass up Kansas. There’s no way I could pass up Kansas.

JC: What were some to the deciding factors for you in the end?

CG: It’s such a great atmosphere. Always a full gym. A coaching staff who really cares. I wasn’t about to turn down the team with Danny Manning.

JC: Danny was one of the deciding factors?

CG: Absolutely.

JC: Were your parents involved in your decision as well?

CG: They were involved a lot. Especially my dad. With my dad going to       KU. He helped guide me through the process.

JC:  There were two other commitments this week. Micah Downs and Alex Galindo. Talk about what that means to you.

CG: Wow. That’s great. It’s going to be great. I got to know Micah a bit down at Kansas. He’s a really cool dude. A very down to earth kid. I like him a lot. It’s going to be fun with Alex.

JC: Talk about your visit. What impressed you?

CG: The whole thing. I was expecting it to be great, but I had no idea it would be this good. It took me by surprise a little. The people love basketball. It’s a great environment. The staff did a great job of showing us Kansas basketball.

JC: Okay CJ, let’s talk about last year. You had a visit scheduled last year to KU and you never made it. What’s up with that?

CG: Ah man, my coach gave me the itinerary and I thought I was supposed to go out on Thursday, but it was really Wednesday.

JC: Next thing you know you are a Miami Hurricane, but then you ended up at Kansas in the end.

CG: Sure did.

JC: On the radio yesterday, Alex Galindo said he was going to bring Salsa to Kansas. What are you bringing from the Pacific Northwest?

CG: Rain. I’m going to be raining shots from inside all night long.

JC: Congratulations CJ

CG: Thanks man. Thanks.

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