Bossi: Chat Wrap

In what started out to be an informal get together of KU fans on Wednesday evening, Eric Bossi stopped by the premium chat room and brought us all up to date on what's going on with KU's latest targets.<br><br> Info you will find nowhere else but on The Phog.

ericbossi1:: Yeah I think Chalmers is a great fit for Kansas if they get him. Look at Self's teams of the past, he likes quick guards who aren't afraid to shoot and are interchangeable

Obiwonjacoby:: very nice... you compare him to Chris Thomas, Eric?

SweetDaddyJ:: who is a better player overall...chalmers or Robinson, eric?

RxJayhwk:: was 2004 that loaded that GIles would be a mcd in 05 and chalmers would not make top 50?

ericbossi1:: For the moment, Chris Thomas is the best comparison I can come up with.

mascott:: Would you compare Chalmers to Jay Williams?

Obiwonjacoby:: I'd take that, Eric... lol Thomas is nice.

ericbossi1:: Good question on Chalmers and Robinson. Robinson may be a little more sound and seasoned, but I think mario is the better prospect long term

boggsz:: eric if chalmers committs on scale1-10 rate th coming

RxJayhwk:: Thomas killed Miles in the McD game..anybody remember?

ericbossi1:: He's not as powerful as Jay Williams

ericbossi1:: I do, I'm the biggest Chris Thomas fan on the planet. I've always loved that kid.

etolar:: thanks.

tardd:: is there any ranking of priorities outside of TH?

Silverlove:: Me too for other reasons...

ericbossi1:: I think a Chalmers commitment would be an 8.5 on a scale of 10

lewdcomments:: have any insight on chalmers character?

mascott:: But his quicks and shooting are similar, right? And he can get up from the video I have seen. He just needs to hit the weights>?

SweetDaddyJ:: in your opinion, what will it take for the staff to offer Leo?  Will we have to strike out on Tyler, Boateng, and Costner?

JoelCox:: good evening

boggsz:: sorry meant th if chalmers comitted

RxJayhwk:: I saw Thomas last year at the guardian classic....awesome court awareness.....i was impressed

beak2:: Eric, is the staff recruiting Boetang?

ericbossi1:: My guess would be CDR after Tyler. After that it is really a crap shoot. There aren't any staffs out there who really have a fix on how to approach 2005 from a recruiting standpoint. There are a few no-brainer guys, but everybody else is confused.

Silverlove:: I agree Rx

Obiwonjacoby:: Good question.

Obiwonjacoby:: Whatever happened to Boateng?

Jayhawkmom:: How many scollies do we have to give for 05?

Speedykix:: 4

KURoyalChief:: at least 4

TomLight:: 4 or 5

Obiwonjacoby:: 4 if nobody leaves next year

Jayhawkmom:: Nice.

Speedykix:: 5 if JR bolts

TomLight:: yep

kirbonzi:: E-Boss is Wright still in the picture for KU?

Mugatu:: bossi, this is the weakest class since __?

Silverlove:: I doubt he will though.

Kearney:: More if someone transfers

ericbossi1:: As far as I know , the staff is on on Boateng. The talk on him has really quieted nationally though, and I can't get anybody to tell me how he *really* played at Charlie Weber last month

tardd:: yes, what about Wright?

TomLight:: The Illinois fans seem to want Wright bad

mascott:: This will be the greatest B2B recruiting years ever IMO

Obiwonjacoby:: Eric- you think Downs is good enough to start as a freshman?

ericbossi1:: Wright is in there, I'm not sure he is a priority though. He needs freedom and to be moving around a lot, as a combo WF/BF that isn't a great fit for KU's system

RxJayhwk:: QUESTION- what did the assistant from UNC mean about Fools Gold?? was it a specific or general comment ??

SweetDaddyJ:: Eric, did you say earlier that Frasor was out of the question for KU?

RxJayhwk:: currious if unc staffers thought Self was talking some duds that had a good shine

ericbossi1:: I think Downs is fantastic. I am really looking forward to seeing him again and if he plays like i think he is capable of, he would move right past Martell Webster in my mind as the top west coast wing

BigJKU316:: I believe fools gold refers to Roy getting burned by people like Baron Davis...

tardd:: sounds like maybe we'd take only 3 if it were Chalmers/Downs/TH?

Obiwonjacoby:: Thanks, eric... good stuff.

Brock:: Tyler Smith, Calvin Miles, Marcus Williams, Kevin Rogers, Gerald Green - zup wit them?

enfuego:: don't tell that to the Arizona folk eboss

enfuego:: they'll have a fit

ericbossi1:: I would think Frasor is out of the picture. I'll tell you why, point me to a recent interview, not done by a Kansas site, where he mentions Kansas.

enfuego:: So we got downs, we get a point guard and we get a big.


RxJayhwk:: Who is the Guard from Vegas???  I'm curious if he would be a good "in case chalmers goes west"

ericbossi1:: If you use it, you just take the best guy out there. You could also consider a juco.

LHS1980:: and being 10 miles from Downs, I get to see him play all next year..I can't wait!

Brock:: Eric - what do you think of Jovan (Wink) Adams?

ericbossi1:: Like a wing.

enfuego:: Are there any players we are looking at of quality who aren't going to be scared away with Downs signing up?

lewdcomments:: eric- have you ever seen the henry kid out of oklahoma play, and if so, what do you think of him?

ericbossi1:: Brock- I think Wink is a very good talent, probably could be top 50 in the country. He's strong, quick and has great range and arch on his shot. He's selfish though and has some Tack Minor in him

enfuego:: I know you've said that Miles is no longer a consideration

SweetDaddyJ:: there was an article i just read on Frasor from Jerry Meyer where he mentioned KU in his top 8.  He said he has not been offered by them yet, but he is going to call the coaches to see what the situations is

Obiwonjacoby:: Eric- any 2006 targets we need to be keeping an eye on locally?

RxJayhwk:: protist...that's an old catch phrase...need a fresher one than sweet.

ericbossi1:: I haven't seen CJ Henry since his freshman year

ericbossi1:: For KU, I don't know.

Protist:: RX, it's time to pay the price.

Brock:: EVERYONE on Wink's club is selfish...bunch of NBA wannabes

Silverlove:: I'll have to go watch him play next year.

Jayhawker911:: Yeah Locally the 2006 class has some talent

Obiwonjacoby:: Okay, a more general question.  Who from the 2006 class do you REALLY like, Eric?

LHS1980:: A buddy of mine that works as an usher at AFH will be coming up whenever he can...all are welcome!

ericbossi1:: But guys like Casey Crawford, J.D. Christie, and Roderick Pearson could all be high major prospects from 2006 around KC. THe 2006 class in KC has at least 12-15 legit D1 prospects that I've already seen

Obiwonjacoby:: Nice!  You think KU is going to get it on any of them?  Especially since we basically left Criswell alone?

ericbossi1:: I can see Ryan Wedel in the Valley some day. Way too smart, too reliable and works too hard to not get a shot

tardd:: maybe you answered this, is it possible we only take 3 for 2005?

Jayhawker911:: JD Christie really likes KU, or at least i have heard he does

ericbossi1:: I don't think KU is really on any of them right now, but they know about them. Crawford is getting the most high level attention right now. 6-8 and he is very, very skilled and shoots to three point land with regularity

ericbossi1:: You bet JD Christie likes KU

daberg:: what do you think of Isaac Miles...I know Bill Self has spoke with him

Obiwonjacoby:: Again, thanks for the info, eric.  Top notch.

mascott:: Would anyone else call Wally Szerbiak a NBA disappointment beside me?

enfuego:: After Hansbrough/Costner and Chalmers/Douglas-Roberts...who are the staff targeting?

Brock:: I guess that KU is shot with Calvin Miles.  Too bad.

ericbossi1:: Miles, I was really disappointed to see him dislocate his ankle. He really needed to prove what he is all about this summer. He can't rely on strength anymore and I wanted to see how well he handles and shoots.

SweetDaddyJ:: eric, have you changed your opinion on costner at all?  I remember you saying something about him being a phony

ericbossi1:: On the encouraging side with Isacc, he's a legit 6-3 now and is going to focus on hoops so football won't get in the way of his development

tardd:: isn't their another 05 wing from Washington that likes KU...Marcus? Williams?

Obiwonjacoby:: Eric- Downs and Chalmers are solid McD's candidates?

Obiwonjacoby:: Has Downs gotten enough attention yet to warrant that?

ericbossi1:: I need to see Costner again to change my opinion. THat won't likely happen until June but right now I don't think I'd put him in a top 50

mascott:: or t williams

daberg:: Well, I know he really likes KU and seems like a good kid, so here's hoping he improves enough

ericbossi1:: Terrence and Marcus Williams have KU's interest. They are both potential McDonald's All-Americans

enfuego:: Do we have theirs?

enfuego:: interest that is?

Brock:: I really like Marcus Williams' game

Obiwonjacoby:: Pardon me for asking a stupid question, but those two aren't related are they?

mascott:: Terrence goes to school with Giles, right?

ericbossi1:: Micah Downs, Martell Webster, Jon Brockman, Marcus and Terrence Williams are all Seattle area guys with a chance to be mickey d's guys

tardd:: are they fro mRanier?

tardd:: what's in the water?

Mugatu:: if we get one or more williams, we are just USING washington at that point. 

Jayhawker911:: Do you think JD Chrisite will be recruited by KU, and does it all depend on this year or has a shown enough to be recruited by programs like kU

Obiwonjacoby:: Do you envision anyone jumping to the NBA out of this class, Eric?  Or is it to weak...

SweetDaddyJ:: with 3 big men in the 04 class, if KU strikes out on its 3 main big men targerts, will they just bank the scholarship until 06?


ericbossi1:: Terrence goes to the Beach, Williams goes to Roosevelt (about five minutes from U-dub campus)- there are some rumors that Marcus ends up at Rainier Beach for his senior year though

daberg:: rush

ericbossi1:: Brandon Rush, Keith Brumbaugh and Andray Blatche................those are the main three thinking NBA right now

enfuego:: If we could get another washington boy, that would be sweet.

beak2:: Is the KU staff recruiting Brockman at all, isn't he on Downs AAU team?

KURoyalChief:: Good ol' Rush boys

ericbossi1:: Yes KU is recruiting Brockman some, not sure how vigorously though

kirbonzi:: Brumbaugh is considering??

Brock:: Does anybody remember California producing tons of great talent?  Now it's Oregon and Washington

Teevez:: Are Chalmers and Downs on the same AAU team?

JoelCox:: Sounds like UCLA is putting some heat on Brockman now.

ericbossi1:: No on Chalmers and Downs

ericbossi1:: I think Brockman is a heavy UCLA lean right now

tardd:: who are some sleepers? a player you think will blow up his senior year?

Obiwonjacoby:: You may have answered this Eric, but you think KU has a real shot at Hansbrough now?

Obiwonjacoby:: I wasn't here to see your answer... my apologies.

ericbossi1:: Good question on Sleepers, give me a second

mascott:: How has Chalmers faired playing against better talent, outside of Alaska?

hawk126:: ditto the hansbrough request for info

tardd:: just your faves, I know you haven't seen them all

ericbossi1:: Hansbrough still a possibility........I want to talk with him first and see what he really has to say. I should see him this weekend

tardd:: hey, i appreciate all the responses

hawk126:: make that request for hansbrough info

enfuego:: joel, you golf with Bill...who is he targeting for the fourth scholarship?

ericbossi1:: Chalmers has been fantastic against national competition

SweetDaddyJ:: are Tyler's parents Jayhawk hating MU grads?  Or would they ever let their son go to a hated rival?

JoelCox:: I speak with Bill on occasion, I haven't golfed with Bill Fuegs

mascott:: great to hear that

tardd:: Chalmers/Downs is freaktastic

enfuego:: don't skirt the question. 

ericbossi1:: His 40 point game against EBO (a traditionally good Cali team- D-Stevensons old team) might be the performance of the spring so far

jayhawkjurist:: Good evening to all

Jayhawker911:: IF you had to make a choice  who does chalmers pick.

Obiwonjacoby:: Eric doesn't do predictions... ;-)

RxJayhwk:: Bossi....i've this a job? or extensive hobby? 

Jayhawker911:: then lets call it a guess

Mugatu:: bossi brought his "a" game, though.

ericbossi1:: I guess one sleeeper now that he is part of the class of 2005 is Justin Dentmon, a 6-0 PG from Carbondale (IL) who will prep at Winchendon (MA) next year

enfuego:: Illinois absolutely wants dentmon

daberg:: illinois thinks they have him wrapped up..

Obiwonjacoby:: Here's a question for Tom- Have you seen a pro-Arizona rumor for Chalmers?  I sure haven't.

mascott:: This week has been so crazy it is nice to have a night to relax

enfuego:: their fans that is

beak2:: Is the staff recruiting Kevin Rogers or Michael Washington?  KU caliber?

lewdcomments:: the illiniboard was talking about dentmon

lewdcomments:: yes

ericbossi1:: As of today, I have quit my full time job. I'm doing several things and pursuing several opportunities in the basketball world. I've got a chance to be my own boss so I am picking and choosing things

TomLight:: Obi, only one.

ericbossi1:: Hoops is my only job now

Jayhawk4u joined

tardd:: I'll keep an eye outm thanks

enfuego:: dang.

Obiwonjacoby:: Was that from the Arizona Insiders site? ;-)

jayhawkjurist:: Eric: Giles little brother have any potential

enfuego:: was going to see if you'd sell me some insurance

TomLight:: Doug Carr at Cat Attacks thinks Chalmers is heading to UA

Obiwonjacoby:: thought so

Obiwonjacoby:: lol

ericbossi1:: I really like Michael Washington as a guy to check into..............

RxJayhwk:: Wow....i guess timing is everything.  Need to get Joel to help with a recruiting rag

HawksAndCards:: ditto the Q on little Giles

JoelCox:: um,no

tardd:: sweet! Chalmers!

ericbossi1:: don't know on little Giles. I know that he is already being inquired about on the local AAU scene. I've had a whole bunch of calls already.

JoelCox:: oh, you mean with Eboss?

Kearney:: wow, congrats eric

JoelCox:: RX....we are in the midst of working on a new magazine project

mascott:: So they really are moving here?

Obiwonjacoby:: I know Eric's busy, but I'll go ahead and throw this out there again:  Hansbrough appears to be priority number one now.  Does KU have a legit shot, or is he bound for UNC or UK?

Brock:: Many think that Hansbrough likes UK - I am betting he will commit to UNC in the next 3 weeks

Obiwonjacoby:: I think Hansbrough is leaning to UK.

mascott:: Why Brock?

HawksAndCards:: Tom: He's 6-5 at 15 right?  That projects to be decent sized F

ericbossi1:: Honestly, I've never even heard of the high school that Malcolm was attending in Seattle, and I follow Seattle VERY closely

Obiwonjacoby:: Man, Kentucky's frontcourt would be scary with Morris and Hansbrough down low... yeesh.

Brock:: Think his pops likes UNC a lot

TomLight:: 6-5 I think is what I heard

LHS1980:: which one eric?

frankj:: If the Hansbroughs are taking another trip at their own expense to Chapel Hill, that says something

ericbossi1:: Todd Beamer or something like that?

KURoyalChief:: I would rather see TH at UK then UNC

mascott:: Hey I was 6'2" at 13. I peaked at 6'3 3/4" by 15. I could have been a contender

Brock:: Correct, Frank

LHS1980:: i will ask the wife..born and raised here

TomLight:: abm11, welcome

ericbossi1:: Im not making guesses on how much Tyler really likes KU until I speak with him myself

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Silverlove:: It could be another "courtesy" trip

ericbossi1:: I'd say they are third

Kearney:: abm

SweetDaddyJ:: why are illinois fans excited about their recruiting class jamar smith and david palmer?  Did they jump the gun on smith?  I haven't heard anything good on him

tardd:: any word on Kaun? is he healthly now?

Obiwonjacoby:: Thanks, Eric.

Protist:: eboss, you said Downs has an 83 inch wingspan, his coach says 8 foot.  Which is it?

kirbonzi:: Tom you going to have the giles interview today up?

GAPeachHawk:: good evening

mascott:: He has to like KU to even visit here. I think Self needs to give the sales pitch

WavetheWheat:: Hey Peach

GAPeachHawk:: hey WtW

TomLight:: Yes.  My kids had basketball class tonight, I haven't done the upload yet.

TomLight:: I'll start pulling it down while you folks pick eboss' brain

kirbonzi:: Iwent away aafter they said he wasnt on than came back and they already had it

mascott:: They have classes for basketball now? I just had practice. They have a real class?

Obiwonjacoby:: Eric- is the big man class for 2006 as good as advertised?

ericbossi1:: Jamar Smith has slowly been gettin better this spring and you can see where he fits in their system because he can come off of picks and shoot jumpers all day long. I don't think he is quite a top 100 guy yet. Palmer has been borderline awful. I'm really hoping he'll bounce back when I see him this weekend now that he has had time to get in better shape after his foot injury

Obiwonjacoby:: I'll say again, as it got pushed off the page fast:  Eric- is the big man class in 2006 as good as advertised?

ericbossi1:: Every time I turn around, I see another 6-8 big guy from 2006 who can ball. It sure looks promising right now

Obiwonjacoby:: You think if the staff misses on Hansgrough that they wait until the 2006 class to get some big guys?

ericbossi1:: You'd have to ask the staff on that one, can't really speculate

tardd:: anyone know is Kaun if coming in fully healed?

SweetDaddyJ:: will the staff use all 4 scholarships on the 05 class? or is there a chance they can bank one?

mascott:: it could be 5 scholly's if JR goes to the league

Jayhawk4u:: What is the word on CHALMERS?

mascott:: Hola Kim

Obiwonjacoby:: Have you seen him before?  You have any opinions on him?

JoelCox:: Kim's photographer is going to try to get some pics for us of Micah this weekend

ericbossi1:: About time to go folks.

tardd:: thanks, bossi

JoelCox:: later Eric

WavetheWheat:: Thanks Eboss

Brock:: Eric - are you going to the AAU tournament in New Orleans?

Silverlove:: thanks Eric

Obiwonjacoby:: Superb info, eric.  Thanks!

kirbonzi:: thanks eboss

mascott:: thanks Eric

Jayhawker911:: Thanks

ericbossi1:: Yes, Brock I'll be there

ericbossi1:: Good night

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