Lunchtime Chat with Greg Hicks

Greg touches on the pending announcement of Mario Chalmers, his impression of C.J. Giles and more inside!

Lunchtime Chat with Greg Hicks

Greg Hicks joined

Obiwonjacoby:: Hey, Greg!

Greg Hicks:: Hey everyone...

Greg Hicks:: great week for Kansas, looks like...

Obiwonjacoby:: So, Greg... can we expect an announcement today or has it been pushed back like rumored?

Greg Hicks:: I haven't heard anything about a delay, but seems like they're not talking much

TheBricklayer:: alright greg, lets get to it...what are you hearing about chalmers?

Duraflame:: Greg -  You heard Chalmers is already done and decided?

Greg Hicks:: Everyone says kansas

Greg Hicks:: no -- never done until he signs

Obiwonjacoby:: Except the Arizona folks... (oddly enough)

Greg Hicks:: but all signs pointing to Jayhawks

Speedykix:: what signs?

Jayhawk4u:: where does Bedore get the idea it may be delayed?

bigguns21:: Thanks Greg, that's good info.

Obiwonjacoby:: You think that gives us a headstart on the number one class for 2005, Greg?

Greg Hicks:: Several coaches not connected to recruitment say Kansas

TheBricklayer:: are any of these reports coming out of alaska?  or is it just educated guesses based on other sources?

Greg Hicks:: Other college coaches -- I don't know anyone in Alaska

Duraflame:: How about coaches connected to recruiting?

phoginator:: greg- what do you think of chalmers? - didn't you say he probably wouldn't be a top-5 or possibly even top10 pg in the 2004 class?

Obiwonjacoby:: You a fan of Chalmer's game, Gerg?

Greg Hicks:: I like Chalmers, best in the west this year, but not an elite, NBA type guy, imo

Greg Hicks:: at least not for several years

Obiwonjacoby:: We've heard lots about his scoring ability... how about his ballhandling?

bigguns21:: Is he good enough to run the point at KU as a freshman

Greg Hicks:: good handle, questionable decisions at times

Greg Hicks:: he'll have to run the point, right?

kuphotos:: if he's the best pg available therre should be no complaints

Duraflame:: Big - got a better option?

bigguns21:: Pretty much Greg

etolar:: I've heard different stories on him.  He's a scorer first, He's not a true point guard.... That he's a true pointguard But looks to score cause of the competition he played against etc etc... what would be your best description in a single sentence?

Greg Hicks:: He's certainly among the top handful in the country

Obiwonjacoby:: definitely, Greg... unless Robinson wants to try.

phoginator:: rr looks like he could handle the job pretty well at times at least

bigguns21:: No Dura there appears to be no better options

KUFAN3:: Greg, how does he compare to Miles

Greg Hicks:: He's not a true PG -- looks shot first, but does have good vision, quicks..

Kanu:: From what you've seen, is Chalmers the best PG in the '05 class?

dannyboyforhawks:: Aaron got a  chance to play the point as a freshman, but did having Kirk and Jeff make that transition alot more smoother than it would be for chalmers starting as a frosh

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Obiwonjacoby:: Allow me to switch topics- have you seen Micah Downs play?

Greg Hicks:: Miles was more polished out of high school, in terms of feel, but Chalmers is better scorer

KU97:: What is the word on Chalmers?

mrg27:: some have stated that Terrence Williams is now a lean to Kansas, any news on that front?  Do you think Chalmers and Downs hurts/helps KU in his recruitment?

Greg Hicks:: I haven't seen Micah since last summer -- liked him very much, but limited minutes

KURoyalChief:: Being a better scorer then Aaron shouldn't take much.

kansasn:: Greg, have you seen CJ Henry play?

Duraflame:: How about Hernandez / Chalmers comparison?

Greg Hicks:: Terrence Williams is all over the map, imo, not sure what truth is on recruitment

Speedykix:: Eddie and EDF - stop being asses

Greg Hicks:: haven't seen Henry

red41:: Besides chalmes and tyler who else are we pursuing?

Greg Hicks:: Hernandez better feel, more natural PG, Chalmers bigger upside

phoginator:: where do you project twilliams playing in college?- seen him at the 1, 2, and the 3...

dannyboyforhawks:: edf and cousin eddie ganging up on you...........I guess you should feel  lucky

kuphotos:: Can you give your opinion on the wings, wright, miles, t. smith, t. williams and marcus williams. which one do we have the best shot of right now

Greg Hicks:: Williams will be a wing -- 2 or 3 -- definitely not a 1

Kanu:: Julie -- any way to x out beavis and butthead?

bigguns21:: Greg, any word on Marcus Williams

kansasn:: Who are the top big men out west for '06?

KU97:: Could someone update me on what I missed regarding Chalmers?

Greg Hicks:: I haven't spoke win Marcus in awhile -- better feel than Terrence, not as explosive an athlete

Speedykix:: status quo KU97

Jayhawk4u:: haven't missed anytying KU97

Obiwonjacoby:: nothing, KU... still announcing today... and KU appears to be the favorite still

KU97:: great thanks

mrg27:: T. Williams is visiting KU soon, correct?

Greg Hicks:: Best bigs in west for 2006 are James Keefe and Alex Stepheson

Jayhawk4u: gotta run folks to go find a seat to see Bob and Bill Show. See ya'll.

Obiwonjacoby: Any early interest from KU?

bigguns21: T. Williams is not visiting KU soon.

phoginator: heard he's leaning North carolina now 97 ;-)

red41: Who else is high on KU's list?  (outisde of chalmers and Tyler)

dannyboyforhawks: greg, your opinion of how Kansas will look in 2005...we wilol be young?

Greg Hicks: T. Williams has said he's visiting several places -- hasn't happened -- think he's confused (or coaches aren't as high on him as he thinks)

bigguns21: Seems more like the latter Greg

auraltooth: Greg: who has more athleticism, Drew Gooden or CJ Giles?

Kanu: Greg - Giels vs. Padgett, compare and contrast their abilities.

krazyeyes: How athletic is Giles?  Any player that he could be compared to?

Greg Hicks: I like Kansas roster in '05, but I'm not an expert on them -- only watch a few games a year

phoginator: well- with jr probably leaving in 1-2 years- he could play the 2 year- (williams)

etolar: lol in essay form at least one page in length.

TheBricklayer: what's up with the talent in washington this year, has there always been that ability coming from there?  it just seems a third of the guys we're high on come from that area

Greg Hicks: Drew Gooden is a face-up four, more mobile, better perimeter player, Giles is a 5

Greg Hicks: just a great class in Wash this year

auraltooth: but run/jump, is Giles a better athlete than Gooden?

tb69396: no way

Greg Hicks: no, I'd say Gooden is a little better athlete, more mobile

auraltooth: okay

Kim Grinolds: Don't you guys work? ;-)

auraltooth: yes, that's why i can't go see clinton today

tb69396: just not right now

Obiwonjacoby: You've spoken very highly about Giles's upside.  You think he has NBA potential?

KURoyalChief: Kim, we have computers at work :)

Speedykix: I have my door shut.  Looks like I am really busy

bigguns21: Is there a big difference between Padgett and Giles Greg?

Greg Hicks: I think Giles definitely has NBA potential, don't think he'll last 4 years

Kim Grinolds: I'm hoping to get up to UW tomorrow. Should see Downs

red41: Giles blocked 6 shots a game in high school...will that translate into 5 fouls in college?

Greg Hicks: Giles is more explosive, agile

bigguns21: Excellent Kim, give us a report.

krazyeyes: Any player that Giles could be compared to?

Kanu: So how would you compare Giles to Channing Frye?

auraltooth: greg: does Giles have the potential to lead the conference in rebounds?

JulieJamison: Really?  Giles not a 4 year player?  Interesting.

etolar: I've read that he has developed a nice jumper.  Is he strictly back to the basket or does he have any shooting touch beyond the paint? (Giles)

TheBricklayer: how big is giles really?  he's listed as 240 but pictures i've seen seem to make him out as more of the "beanpole" type

etolar: err I've read that he has developed a nice Jump HOOK rather.

Greg Hicks: Giles has a better body than Frye, stronger at same stage, more skilled -- channing was a late bloomer

Greg Hicks: I would guess 230 or so on Giles

auraltooth: Frye is kind of a wuss though

Duraflame: Fre was nails early, then got bored watching the PGs play with themselves.

Greg Hicks: Giles is more physical than Frye

bigguns21: Hopefully he is more physical than Padgett

Obiwonjacoby: What's the perception of KU out on the west coast nowadays in general?  Lots of interest from the top players?

tb69396: So what is his downside?

TheBricklayer: of course he's physical, he's a self recruit and we just play "thug ball" remember?

TomLight: I heard C.J. say he was at 240

red41: Is Giles going to be in foul trouble a lot next year?

Obiwonjacoby: Roy leaving didn't affect that?

Greg Hicks: I'd say most West Coast players are interested when they hear from Kansas

phoginator: greg- how would you comapre giles to padgett- as far as readiness to play as a freshman in a kansas high/low system- could giles have as good a year or better than padgett?

TomLight: ...and C.J. was hoping to get to 275 while at KU

auraltooth: Greg -- what do you think Micah Downs' potential is?

Greg Hicks: I would think Giles could contribute as much as Padgett in his first year

TheBricklayer: 275?  i though graves already graduated

KURoyalChief: Hopefully more.

Greg Hicks: I think Micah has pro potential -- needs to get stronger, continue to develop, but very good body, moves well, skilled...

Kanu: Greg - you think Howland's going to turn the corner at UCLA soon?

Obiwonjacoby: Just one more off-topic question:  Who are you hearing in regards to the Stanford job?

Greg Hicks: Trent Johnson most likely at Stanford

Speedykix: Hicks - do you have a player who is your fav from the west in 05?

Obiwonjacoby: really?

Obiwonjacoby: wow

etolar: Are there any West Coasters that we should start watching for KU in the 2006 class?

Greg Hicks: I think Howland will turn it around at UCLA

bigguns21: I know someone on the Nevada staff, I'll give them a buzz

auraltooth: greg -- Eboss compares Chalmers to Chris Thomas.  Who do you compare him to?  Is Jason Terry another good comparison?

Greg Hicks: 2006: James Keefe, Alex Stepheson, Phil Nelson, Chase Budinger

auraltooth: Phil Nelson sounds like a soy farmer

Obiwonjacoby: haha

auraltooth: from chanute

ManinOZ: Of our 5 recruits, which one will have the most impact during his 1st year? How about at the end of 4 years?

Greg Hicks: I don't really like comparisons, usually gives the wrong impression

auraltooth: i wonder if clinton's met the crimson girls yet

Obiwonjacoby: Do any of the players you listed for 2006 have aspirations to jump to the NBA out of high school?

Greg Hicks: 2005 favorite from west -- maybe Brockman, but no one in this class is without warts

Kanu: How good is Amir Johnson?

auraltooth: obi, we don't use the word "aspiration" in chat

Speedykix: Hicks - can you go into a little more detail abotu Chalmers occasional bad decision making?

Greg Hicks: no idea on 2006 kids -- too early

krazyeyes: Defensively, how would you rate Chalmers' game?

etolar: And is KU even interested in him at all?  (Amir Johnson)

Greg Hicks: Amir Johnson has all the potential in the world -- but lack of focus, effort has hurt him -- still has a chance

Greg Hicks: I would say Chalmers is a slightly above average defender -- has quickness to be better

Obiwonjacoby: How does Giles stack up defensively, Greg?

Greg Hicks: Defense is one of Giles strengths -- long, very good timing as a shot blocker

Kanu: The UNC guys are convinced Quentin Thomas is the second coming.  What's your take on him?

Speedykix: How is Giles on teh offensive boards?

Obiwonjacoby: so we can expect solid defense and rebounding out of him this year?

 Greg Hicks: I love Quentin -- vastly underrated by national analysts who didn't see him much

auraltooth: Greg -- are the young David Robinson comparisons for Giles just a marketing ploy by Betha and Jurdy?

krazyeyes: It has been said that Giles is a very good shot blocker.  Do you see him being able to guard the other team's best post player? 

Greg Hicks: David Robinson was like 6-4 when he went to college

auraltooth: i know, but let's say Davis Robinson in like his sophomore year

Greg Hicks: I would expect Simien to be on best post player

Kanu: You like QT better than Chalmers?

Greg Hicks: can't compare high school senior to college soph -- that's why I don't like comparisons

Greg Hicks: I do like QT better than Chalmers -- much bigger upside

Kanu: fair enough -- appreciate the candor

auraltooth: because QT is bigger?

Greg Hicks: longer, quicker, bigger, better body, more explosive

Greg Hicks: more natural point

Obiwonjacoby: I need to run... thanks for your time, Greg!

auraltooth: what about scoring/shooting?

krazyeyes: So that's why UNC "lost interest" in Chalmers.

RawkChawk: Greg, why do other experts question QT's ability?

ManinOZ: How about Russel Robinson vs Chalmers? Who do you like better at the point?

TheBricklayer: it's alright, we have russell robinson instead of QT, i'll take that trade

Greg Hicks: comparable shooters - QT shoots a jump shot, Chalmers sometimes a set shot

bigguns21: I doubt Greg has seen much of RR

Speedykix: QT is perfect for Roy's system, but Self seems to like PG who can shoot

Greg Hicks: I can't speak to other analysts -- but I don't think you can scout the entire country accurately

KUFAN3: Greg, How about CDR vs Chalmers, is CDR too big to play point?

Greg Hicks: I haven't seen RR or CDR -- just the west

Speedykix: I thought the knock on QT was an iffy shot

Greg Hicks: shot is fine -- not a great shooter, but stroke is fine

Speedykix: I was sad we missed on QT.  I think we had a great shot if we had not run out of schollies, of course UNC fans are chalking it up to a recruiting victory against KU

Greg Hicks: I think Webster is going to Arizona

Greg Hicks: QT was definitely torn on his decision

Greg Hicks: Jankovich absolutely loved him

Speedykix: he seems like a great kid, to boot

RawkChawk: RR made QT's decision a little easier

bayhawk: Thanks.

krazyeyes: Were you in attendence at the game this Spring where Chalmers went for 40?  Some have said that was the most impressive performance of the year.

Greg Hicks: I wasn't at that game

Speedykix: What kind of kid is Chalmers?

RawkChawk: Greg, Do you think Jon Brockman will stay out west or not?

auraltooth: If Felton goes League, can QT step in and contribute effectively or will he need more time?  If he can't, is Roy looking for another PG?

Greg Hicks: Seems like a nice kid -- a little caught up in hype, attention, but basically a good kid

Speedykix: thought funny, I was a little disturbed at a clip where he high fived the ref who was signaling "three" to the scorers table

Duraflame: California is pretty weak thi syear, no?  How about next year?

Greg Hicks: I think Brockman is looking at UW and UCLA right now -- that could change though

Greg Hicks: Calif looks good for 06

bayhawk: From the clips I've seen of Chalmers, he doesn't LOOK that quick.      Would that be a misconception created by the video?

JulieJamison: Would you say the majority of the kids get caught in they hype?  I would imagine so.

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Greg Hicks: I'd say Chalmers has good, not great, quicks for an elite, HM guard

Duraflame: Hairston created, marketed, and shipped hype for about 9 months

auraltooth: i guess QT either will or will not be able to fill in for Felton if Felton jumps league next year

Greg Hicks: Julie -- absolutely

Speedykix: AT - aounds like QT will

JulieJamison: Actually Dura, we shipped it.

Duraflame: You were just his distributor

Speedykix: retail outlet

KURoyalChief: We all purchased it like crazy !!!

Speedykix: Hicks - what kind of offensive rebounder is Giles?

Greg Hicks: More 2006 names to watch: Ray Hall, Tre'Von Willis,Daniel Deane, Christian Polk

auraltooth: OT: Greg, who do you think will be the best NCAA guard next season?  My vote is for Deron Williams.

Duraflame: Refunds are not being accepted at this time

Speedykix: is he quick on the hop like Drew?

RawkChawk: Aaron Miles

RawkChawk: Have you seen Kaun play?

Greg Hicks: I haven't seen Kaun

donothonk4tad: Greg -- what have you seen of Alex Galindo?

Duraflame: Is Giles going to get pushed around liek Padgett did this past year?  My gawd, Padgett couldn't get within a block of the basket.

krazyeyes: How good is Micah Down at creating his own shot?  Is he more of a catch and shoot type of player or does he also have the ability to go to the hoop?

Greg Hicks: haven't seen Galindo

Speedykix: any truth to Carolina getting reinvolved with Chalmers the past couple of days?

RawkChawk: Speedy, east coast players do play in West coast tournements.

Greg Hicks: I haven't heard anything about UNC, Chalmers

Greg Hicks: Ogirri is a nice mid major prospect

auraltooth: Greg: does Giles play like Kurt Rambis?

Greg Hicks: Micah can get his own shot, but still needs to improve

etolar: You say he has a nice hook, does he have anything that doesn't require his back to the basket on the O-Side?

Greg Hicks: Giles does not play like Kurt Rambis

auraltooth: damn

auraltooth: rambis was rambo

Greg Hicks: Giles is just ok facing the basket, 10-12 feet

auraltooth: and his goggles were intimidation factor X

donothonk4tad: came in late -- so what's the feeling about Chalmers' decision today?

auraltooth: nobody knows

Brock: Giles is not a banger - he is more finesse

RawkChawk: Greg, what's you bio?

donothonk4tad: dang

NatiHawk: There is a guy that currently plays for "The Family " that looks exactly like Rambis

auraltooth: i love rambis

Greg Hicks: I wouldn't say finesse -- just not a physical beast

Duraflame: Our big men need to have touch around the basket, be able to get position down low, and have to shoot the 15 footer.  Giles can do those well?

Greg Hicks: Not consistent from 15 feet yet, but should be able to get there, finishes well around the basket

auraltooth: kurt rambis will live forever in the hearts of his many adoring fans

Brock: Bigs who don't bang around in the Big Twelve will have trouble.  Giles will learn

NatiHawk: and so will his goggles

Greg Hicks: Brock -- good point

Greg Hicks: I'm sure he'll adapt

etolar: That's ok, he's got some good teachers here at KU.

Speedykix: What about passing?

RawkChawk: Greg, do you think KU has a realistic shot at any 05 recruits after Chalmers?

Speedykix: our bigs have to pass too

Duraflame: good question, kix

Greg Hicks: Decent passer, not a real strength

etolar: The Williams Twins in Wash.... Are either still gonna be serious about Ku after the recent slew of Signings?

KURoyalChief: What time is a decision supposed to come down for Mario?

Speedykix: 6 central

JulieJamison: Wow Greg, I think you are wearing this group out.  They are stumped for questions.

KURoyalChief: Thanks Speedy

NatiHawk: any inside info on Super Mario

Greg Hicks: I would be somewhat surprised if either Williams came to Kansas, but you never know

auraltooth: mario conjecture is verboten

RawkChawk: Greg, Where's Chalmers going?

Greg Hicks: no inside info, but lot of folks thinks Chalmers is going to Kansas

Speedykix: what changed after his Kansas visit?

NatiHawk: Greg have you seen Super Mario play????

krazyeyes: Arizona has already got a verbal commitment from a 2006 PG.  Is he still going to end up there? 

auraltooth: okey dokey, royal

Greg Hicks: I've seen Mario for several years

RawkChawk: Will Nic Wise play for Houston?

Greg Hicks: Nic Wise isn't good enough for Arizona -- they'll get out of that

phoginator: what does dru jennings bricklayer say about chalmers?

Brock: How is Chalmers' ball-handling in major traffic, Greg?  Against double-teams/traps etc.?

auraltooth: some are saying Nic could tap his potential and be a top 10 PG

Speedykix: Can you speculate as to what Kansas brings that turned CHalmers head?

Greg Hicks: Brock -- he gets a little careless against pressure -- used to playing against bad comp, developed some bad habits

(Ohiojayhawk left)

auraltooth: playing time, aaron miles' persuasive speech, young staff.....

Greg Hicks: Chalmers is looking for playing time as first priority

JulieJamison: pt

bridgehawk: any info on what the decision is?

auraltooth: NO

JulieJamison: Certainly visiting w/Downs didn't hurt - I would assume

auraltooth: and giles

Greg Hicks: opinion among several coaches is Kansas

Speedykix: well we have that in spades

Duraflame: Weather was p-e-r-f-e-c-t

bridgehawk: we'll see, can't wait

JulieJamison: yeah, must have been the weather

auraltooth: chalmers is a legit 6'2", i thought....agreed, greg?

Speedykix: I am not as pumped now

Duraflame: didn't hurt

krazyeyes: What's your opinion of Jordan Wilkes' game?

Greg Hicks: I'd say 6-1

dannyboyforhawks: guess he's never experienced tuscon aor so. cal weather???

auraltooth: he looked taller than miles, who is a legit 6'1"

Speedykix: Self's style of letting players learn through mistakes and Chalmer's carelessness might make for an ugly frist year

Greg Hicks: Wilkes is intriguing -- project, but vastly improved in a year, could be good in a couple years

KURoyalChief: I think we are a shoe in for Jordan Wilkes lol

RawkChawk: Where do you think Omar will end up, now that Monty has taken the Warrior's job?

Speedykix: how has Chalmer's coaching been?

Duraflame: Dad

Greg Hicks: I think Stanford is still right there for Omar

RawkChawk: Padgett?

kukukuku: hate to  come in late and do this but is there any new insight on chalmers?

KURoyalChief: Joel said the other day that he is hearing there is a real possibility for UCSB...for Omar.

Speedykix: I know - but is he a good coach, or will junior improve a lot under a good coach

krazyeyes: Do you think Omar and Jordan will both end up at Wash?

etolar: Are there any kids in the West that are REAL high on KU that you know of?  2005,06 or any....

JulieJamison: Omar strikes me as a Stanford guy.  Sigh.  I miss him.

Greg Hicks: Padgett will likely be Louisville or UCLA

KUFAN3: Greg, will you be on top of the Chalmers Presser and be able to let everyone know his decision quickly?

Speedykix: Don't big men bang a lot at UCLA?

Greg Hicks: not aware of any other kids real high on Kansas

auraltooth: UCSB is where Kurt Rambis went to school

KURoyalChief: Greg...have you heard the Omar to UCSB? Joel said it was real possible.

Greg Hicks: I won't be paying any attention to press conference

RawkChawk: Will Howland let him drain 22 footers with Shipp and Afalio?

Greg Hicks: Padgett will be shooting guard at UCLA

auraltooth: padgett will also handle the point at times

Duraflame: Yeah, I can see Howland letting a 7-footer roam around the perimiter.  That's the LAST coach who'd allow that.

Greg Hicks: Haven't heard Omar and UCSB

JulieJamison: I think Joel heard that from Bossi.  Not sure though.

Duraflame: Interest in Padgett dried up after Daddy-O explained their "plan" to coaches?

JulieJamison: Kufan, we will be quick

auraltooth: that's what i'm thinking, dura

phoginator: greg- what do you think of seattle pg Mitchell Johnson? where do you think he'll end up? i know at one time ku showed some mutual interest.

dannyboyforhawks: surprised I've heard nothing on Louisville and padgett lately

Greg Hicks: I think Mitch Johnson is probably a mid major who will go higher

auraltooth: why does pete think his kid should be rolling off screens shooting jumpers?

Greg Hicks: you'd have to ask Pete

Duraflame: Bobby Knight is the perfect coach for Padgett

RawkChawk: He's the next Dirk.  That's why.

Duraflame: Padgetts watched those Alford games

RawkChawk: Thanks Greg.  Folks, have good weekend.

auraltooth: Padgett in Knight's system + 15 pounds = Andy Ellis

TheBricklayer: great face up 6'11 white guy who can't play defense, sounds like the padgetts do want david to become the next dirk

Brock: Aren't Giles and Downs going to miss the rain?

 (tuath left)

auraltooth: damn stoners

JulieJamison: Okay kids, last call.  Any final qs for the esteemed Mr. Hicks?

auraltooth: thanks greg

TomLight: thanks, greg

TomLight: Thanks to everyone for stopping by

krazyeyes: thanks Greg

Brock: Thanks Greg

Greg Hicks: take care guys...good luck with Chalmers.... Top Stories