Millard Cooling on the 'Hawks?

Chad Millard's summer is well underway and things are heating up both on the court and with his college decision.  The 6-8 SF from Manchester, NH just enjoyed a relaxing weekend off, but next week will definitely be different.

“Everything is going real good. I had this weekend off, which was really nice. I got to be at home, hang with friends and be a kid again, so I’m glad about that.  Next week I’m going to the Bob Gibbons tournament, which I’m really excited about.  Plus, I’m going to go a day early to visit NC State.”

The Wolfpack are currently in Chad Millard’s top four – a list that also includes Louisville, Providence and Missouri.  Millard says he has no expectations for the NC State visit and that he’ll simply head in with an open mind.

“I don’t know what to think (about the visit).  I’m just going to go in with open eyes and open ears, and see how it goes.”

Millard is also keeping his ears open waiting to hear from Kansas, a school he once considered to be amongst his favorites.  The 2005 talent says communication from Kansas has slowed down a bit of late and a big reason for that could be the commitment Kansas received last week from 6-8 Bothell High School wing Micah Downs.

“I haven’t talked to anybody in while, but they still send me mail and stuff.  I saw they got a forward.  I don’t know much about him.  I haven’t really heard from Kansas much lately anyways.”

Millard says the commitment from Downs could affect both KU’s interest in him, and his own interest in the Jayhawks.

“I think they’ve found a player at my position.  When you’re looking to find a place to go you’re not looking to go to a place where they’ve got a guy at your spot.  I’d still have to see what he plays though.  I mean, is he more of a two or three?  Could we play together? Do they play with multiple guys like us on the floor at the same time?  That sort of thing.”

Millard added that the ball is in KU’s court and he’s still willing to listen if Bill Self’s staff continues to have interest.

“I mean if they still want to talk to me, that’s fine. And if not, that’s fine too.”

While the Jayhawks appear to be on Millard’s backburner, Missouri is still of serious interest.  The four-star stud says all the recent negative publicity out of Columbia hasn’t phased him one bit.

“I still really like Missouri and I still like Quin Snyder.  The guy that’s been recruiting me is Marcus Perez and he’s still got a job.  I didn’t really know the other two guys.”

With Missouri still very much in the picture with Louisville and Providence, and NC State receiving a visit this weekend, it’s shaping up to be an interesting summer for Millard.  While he doesn’t have a firm time table on making a decision, he says he hopes to get it out of the way this fall.

“To be honest, I have no idea when it will come.  Ideally, I’ll have it done before the start of my high school season though.”

Finally, pinpointing a leader at this juncture is also tough and according to Millard, it’s unfair.

“A leader?  I’d say nobody right now.  It’d be unfair to say because I haven’t seen the schools yet.  It’d be unfair to pick a school as a leader right now because I really don’t have one.”

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