Nike: KU Recruits in Action Saturday

Lots of kids mentioned with Kansas were on the hardwood in New Orleans on Saturday, and here's your exclusive guide to how they fared.

Terrel Harris- There isn’t really any way to describe the 6-4 Harris’ burst to the basket other than to say that he just has another gear high school kids can’t keep up with. He gets to the hoop at about Mach 4 on the break and can finish his death defying jaunts to the rim with either hand.

The South Garland and Team Texas star’s handle continues to improve and he is learning how to set up teammates as well. His jump shot does come and go but he has a nice high release with plenty of arch and rotation. The key for him will be to work on slowing down from time to time to make sure he is making the best decision. According to him, Kansas is still involved and he is listening.

C.J. Miles- It wasn’t exactly vintage C.J. Miles as the smooth 6-5 lefty from Dallas (TX) Skyline really struggled to get anything going against Boo Williams. His Team Texas squad relies on him for perimeter scoring but it just wasn’t there as he went scoreless in the first half.

During the second half, Miles did find some range and managed to put seven points on the board but it just wasn’t his day. There is a small hitch in his jumper which could be a concern down the road and he still has to work on his ability to break defenders down off of the dribble. However, he has proven on several occasions that he has the goods and shouldn’t be judged to harshly on one bad day. It should also be noted, that Miles squad came up victorious and that he locked up UNC commitment Marcus Ginyard.

Kevin Rogers- Due to early foul trouble, it looked like the final member of Team Texas’ big three would suffer the same fate that C.J. Miles did on the offensive end as he struggled to score four first half points. But, they do play second halves and it was a different story as the 6-8 lefty BF from Dallas (TX) South Oak Cliff came out guns blazing.

The first time he touched the ball on the left baseline he made a quick spin move to the paint and nailed a pretty jumper while falling away. He got active on the boards and made anybody trying to defend him or score on him work to get anything accomplished. He isn’t necessarily the highest leaper around, but he gets off the floor quickly for a big man and has excellent body control. He did float to the perimeter some but his 14 point second half was indicative of everything that he can do.

David Huertas- During warm-ups, the 6-3 (maybe 6-4) WG captivates you with his ability to bury deep three after deep three. In games, when he gets his puppies set and squares up he has the ability to do the same thing. However, against athletic defenders, Huertas continues to struggle to get his shot off.

He handles the ball well enough and isn’t afraid to attack the basket, but his feet are a little slow and allow defenders to react and stop his progress. At this point he looks to be pressing a little bit and you can’t help but wonder if his confidence is shaken at this point.

Tyler Hansbrough- There must be something about the sound of the buzzer that brings out the inner savage in Hansbrough. He’s almost demure off of the court but just turns into such an animal between the lines. Saturday morning was no different as he consistently tore through the Martin Bros. defense for 29 points including 15 trips (where he made 13) to the line.

He’s been working with a strength trainer for a while now and the results are noticeable. Not only does he have much more strength, he’s become really quick drop stepping to the basket for slams or blowing by defenders with one or two dribbles. He’s got plenty of touch to spare on his jump shot and will see more chances from 15-17 feet as he progresses.

It should be noted that Hansbrough had a difficult outing later on in the afternoon against the New York Gauchos. His St. Louis Eagles weren’t only getting their rumps handed to them on a platter, but the 6-9 Hansbrough struggled as well and ultimately drew an ejection when he drew a second technical foul on an atrocious hanging on the rim call following a ferocious frustration dunk. He’s slated to go head to head on Sunday with Richard Hendrix on Sunday in a highly anticipated game, but tournament rules regarding ejections leave it unclear as to whether or not he is allowed to play in his next game.

Chris Douglass-Roberts- Off the court, Douglass-Roberts confirmed that Kansas is fading quickly on his list of schools. On the court, the 6-5 PG from Detroit (MI) Cass put on a show and continued to make sure people start bringing him up more often when discussing the top guards in the country.

He has a little Shaun Livingston in him in that he smoothly slides all over the court making difficult plays look almost mundane. His midrange game is close to unstoppable and he can also take defenders in to the post and back them in for layups. He needs work on the defensive end, but has excellent feet and long arms that could eventually make him a terror.

You have to love guys his size who can initiate the offense from anywhere on the court. You also have to appreciate his ability to do all of the little things like setting screens, grabbing loose balls and leading his team that sometimes go unnoticed.

Julian Wright- Were it not for one obscene display of athleticism, it would have been a really quiet day for the 6-7 WF from Homewood (IL) Flossmoor. No doubt his Illinois Warriors won two games and he was right in the mix blocking shots, leading breaks and grabbing rebounds. He had been scoring much more of late and but the addition of tough PG Justin Dentmon combined with his teammates hot shooting meant Wright didn’t have to do much on the offensive end.

He made some nice passes and got loose near the bucket, but it was kind of a ho-hum day for Wright. However, he was responsible for what should be the odds on favorite for jam of the year and maybe one of the best AAU dunks ever. He filled the left lane on a delayed break and accepted a pass, took on step and lauched himself through traffic for a two handed 360 degree dunk. As impressive as it is to throw down a dunk like that with such little notice or room, it goes to a whole new level when you add in the fact that Wright was absolutely hammered by a defender and finished the play as he was being knocked into the wall just off the baseline. It happened quickly, but it will burn in a South Florida Heat defender’s memory for a long time to come.

Jon Brockman- It isn’t exactly clear at this point how interested the 6-7 BF from Snohomish (WA) High is in the Jayhawks or vice-versa. What is clear is that Brockman is a man in the low post who beats the snot out of anybody who tries to stop him.

He victimized Athlete’s First and the Kansas City Keys to the tune of 19 and 32 points respectively and was arguably the day’s top performer. At 240 pounds, he is rock solid and extremely quick off of spin moves or exploding to the rim. He draws a ton of fouls and converts at the free throw line with a somewhat unorthodox style but he gets the job done. He will need to extend his range some, but you won’t find anybody willing to compete harder than Brockman. Top Stories