Kevin Rogers on the "Package Deal"

The "Package Deal" could be for real – at least according to one half of the "Team Texas" duo that has its eyes on staying intact to play basketball at the next level.

Kevin Rogers is so intent on seeking a college home with his buddy C.J. Miles that a quick conversation with him includes more “we’s” than “me’s” and more “us’s” than “I’s”.

His first answer said it all.  When asked the question how serious all the “package deal” talk had become and how it might influence his decision the 6-8 PF from Dallas replied with the following:

“It’s a big priority.  We really like playing with each other so much, so I think that more than likely it’s going to happen.”

So, if this Lone Star pair plans to stay together which school offers the best fit?

“We don’t know right now.  I think any school that we go to would be a good situation because every school that’s recruiting us is recruiting us hard.”

Kansas is one of those schools.

“We both like Kansas and it’s definitely one of our top schools.”

Rogers then elaborated, speaking from a seemingly rare personal perspective.

“I love Kansas, I really do.  I like Coach (Bill) Self, Coach (Tim) Jankovich and Coach (Joe) Dooley too.  I like the way they play and that’s one of the schools I could really see myself playing at. I know CJ really loves Kansas.  He likes it a lot too.”

The Texas twosome hopes to scope out schools together, and according to Rogers, will be lining up visits very soon. 

“We are trying to get all that together right now.  First we’re focusing on the SAT’s this weekend and then we’ll line it up after that.”

The Jayhawks could be on the receiving end of one of their visits – especially after a recent endorsement from another “Hawk-to-be”, Micah Downs.  Rogers’ AAU squad fell to Downs’ team in New Orleans last weekend and after the game he and Miles had a chance to chat with Downs.

“Me and Calvin talked to him a little bit and he was telling us about the campus and the city and everything.  It was cool.”

If Rogers and Miles elect to check out Lawrence, the home of the Jayhawks’ will likely also have some stiff competition.

Chapel Hill and Austin could also be visit destinations as both think highly of the Tarheels and Longhorns.

In addition to Kansas, North Carolina and Texas, Rogers also like Arizona, UCONN, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Baylor and Oklahoma.

That list could be shortened very soon as the dunking duet sets down to hammer out visit details. Once the schools are picked, expect the visits and the duo’s decisions to come early in the fall.

Finally, Rogers says while there is no leader or upper tier in his current list, he does have a “couple of ties” atop his list.

“I have a couple of ties right now.  I think Kansas, Arizona, Texas and Baylor are up there.”

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