Costner on Kansas continues to follow the recruitment of New Jersey blue chipper Brandon Costner.  Costner is a 6'8" power forward who is a top 20 2005 prospect.  Here's's full-length interview with the big man.  "Brandon, thanks for your time tonight.  How's your summer going?"

Costner:  "The basketball has definitely been keeping me busy."  "Do you like the way the AAU Summer system is set up where you get great exposure, but you're also playing just about every weekend in what's supposed to be the off-season?"  

Costner:  "I like the way it's set up.  You miss our on a lot of stuff at home, but this is what I love doing."  "There are still a number of schools recruiting you very hard.  Who is still in the sweepstakes?"

Costner:  "NC State, UConn, UCLA, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan, Georgia Tech, Seton Hall, and St. Joe's."  "And, you checked out NC State up close last weekend on an unofficial visit, how did the Wolfpack treat you?"  

Costner:  "They treated me well, I enjoyed my unofficial.  I liked the stadium, the coaches were nice, and the campus was beautiful."  "You've only taken one official visit thus far, but you've been to a ton of schools.  That's not something you see with every recruit."  (Costner has already taken unofficial visits to:  UConn, Seton Hall, St. Joe's, and Virginia).

Costner:  "I realize that.  Growing up in Europe and not knowing a lot about each school has made me want to see them all up close before making my decision."  "Of course, that official visit was to Los Angeles to check out UCLA.  How did things go on the West Coast?"   

Costner:  "It was a good time.  I got to have breakfast with Coach Wooden.  It was a great learning experience because that guy is a legend."  "What was the conversation like between the two of you?"

Costner:  "What he's been up to, and the stuff he would do when he coached.  It was a pretty cool experience."  "Brandon, do you plan on taking all five of your official visits before picking a school?"

Costner:  "I think so, but you never know.  I might not take any more officials and just make my decision.  Not to say that would put anybody to a disadvantage.  I'm still wide open."  "Do you have any idea when a decision could come?"

Costner:  "Whenever it comes to me, but my goal is to have it done before the high school season starts next year."  "So, in a perfect world that would be at some point in time before November 2004?"

Costner:  "Yes."  "How are you feeling about Kansas right now?"

Costner:  "They've still been showing interest, and I'm still interested in Kansas."  "Do you think you'll head to Lawrence this Fall for a visit to KU?"

Costner:  "Yeah, probably as of right now."  "Does the way KU play fit into what interests you offensively and defensively?"

Costner:  "I think I would feel comfortable playing in their system.  Their players seem pretty comfortable in what they're doing."  "When you see Coach Self on TV, or hear his name in conversation, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?"

Costner:  "He's a good coach, and a funny guy.  I enjoyed visiting with him when he came to my school."  "Brandon, thanks for your time.  Good luck this Summer with AAU ball."

Costner:  "Thank you."

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