Hansbrough Ready for Carolina Visit

This afternoon, Tyler Hansbrough will travel to Memphis (TN) so that he can catch a plane for his unofficial visit to Chapel Hill. The plan is to get a better feel for what Roy Williams and the North Carolina Tar Heels have to offer him, but it is also a chance for his father to take a look around and offer a second opinion.

“I’m going to look at the campus again and see what my dad thinks about it because he’s been to all of the other places,” Hansbrough told Phog.net. “I guess it is to get a second opinion and to see what he really thinks about it.”

Having taken all five of his official visits, competed all across the country in various AAU events, the 6-9 forward has had a busy year so far. As much as he would like to get in some rest, Hansbrough will be on the move again next weekend when he heads out to the Portland area for Nike’s elite skills clinic.

“I think that they are going to have the NBA guys work with us on skills and stuff like that,” said Hansbrough. “I don’t even think we’re going to play that much.”

Of course, the question that fans from Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri and North Carolina most want an answer to is whether or not Hansbrough is leaning anywhere. Hansbrough has yet to give a real hint on where he is leaning, and isn’t planning on doing so anytime soon. He makes no bones about it being his decision and his intention to keep how the school’s stack up in his mind to himself.

He also knows that everybody is wondering if David Padgett’s possible recruitment to North Carolina makes a difference. At this point, Hansbrough says that he doesn’t know too much about the situation and he doesn’t think that it would make much of a difference either way.

Hansbrough has also put a little thought into what the best and worst parts of the whole process have been or will be.

“My favorite part? Probably visiting the campuses and getting to see what all of the programs are like and how they differ and deciding which one I like best,” said Hansbrough. “The worst part is probably having to decide which one to go to and saying no to others.”

Still, Hansbrough has another month or so of AAU ball left on top of the decision process and he is going to do everything he can to enjoy his last summer on the circuit.

“I guess you move on to different things, but I’ve really liked AAU. But, you have to move on. I’m really going to miss AAU though.”

Finally, considering how highly he ranks among the nation’s best high school basketball prospects, some fans have worried that Hansbrough could be a threat to go to the NBA rather than college. It is a notion that he laughs off quickly.

“The NBA, not unless I grow three inches, get a lot stronger and improve a lot,” laughs Hansbrough. “I don’t really know about the other guys doing it, but I’ve never played against an NBA player. But if they think they are ready it is their choice.”

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