NBAPA Camp: Session 1 Standouts

The first round of games at NBAPA Camp being held on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond (VA) featured some interesting matchups.

Generating the most interest was a game between the Pistons -- Tasmin Mitchell, C.J. Miles, Bobby Frasor and O.J. Mayo among others -- versus the Nuggets -- Brandon Rush, Artem Wallace, Tony Freeman and Jerret Smith -- in an entertaining game.

In a matchup that a lot of people have wanted to see, the 6-7 Mitchell squared up with the 6-6 Rush. It was a chance for Mitchell to prove he could play on the wing against an elite athlete, and a chance for Rush to play against somebody tough.

Game, set and match to Rush during this one as he took apart Mitchell piece by piece. With the ball in his hands, Rush was able to repeatedly beat Mitchell off of the bounce. Once, Mitchell backed up Rush responded with some soft jumpers. Just as important, Rush harassed Mitchell into several quick jump shots on the defensive end. Head up, Rush outscored him 15 to four and it will be interesting to see if he can stay this dialed in and consistent for the whole camp.

The next impressive performance was turned in by Bobby Frasor. You can't know for sure, but Tony Freeman (a Chicago guy like Frasor) really looked like he was trying to prove a point against Frasor. If his point was that UNC looks pretty good for picking Frasor up then Freeman did a nice job.

After a fairly slow start, Frasor really got rolling in the second half burying several deep three's. He also ran some point and did a pretty good job of it. He was able to create space with quick crossovers and on the defensive end he harassed Freeman who took several questionable shots.

Everybody knows about O.J. Mayo already, he's only class of 2007, but he played like a polished veteran in the afternoon round. He is jet quick and finishes with good strength at the basket and his jumper looks pretty good. He really took advantage of anybody who tried to stop him on either end of the court.


Hyped Texan C.J. Miles was on the court as well, but the 6-5 lefty was noticeably quiet and didn't look for his offense much. He is a good, but not great, athlete and he seemed to be more interested in getting others involved. Him and Kevin Rogers -- who is a no show after missing his flight to camp -- wouldn't mind playing at the same school together but they don't have to. Also playing pretty quietly was Miles Pistons teammate Chad Millard from Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster. The 6-8 WF didn't get many good looks.

This was the first chance for many to get a good look at Ryan Wright a 6-9 BF from Mississauga (ONT) Loyola and he looked pretty good. He's a quick and long athlete who scores around the basket and looks to block shots and grab rebounds. He is a legit prospect and should see high majors getting real involved real soon. Another pleasant surprise was Dominique Archie, a 6-7 WF from Augusta (GA) T.W. Josey. He's a slender high riser who has decent touch on midrange jump shots and looks like he could be a sleeper high major prospect. The final surprise of the game was the play of underrated Jeremey Mayfield, a 6-9 BF from Irving (TX) MacArthur. He looked like a top 75 or better prospect blocking shots, grabbing rebounds, running the court and even stepping out for a few short jumpers. He's wiry strong and should be on the map as a high major guy by the end of the weekend.

Playing on a nearby court were the Rockets featuring 6-7 WF Gerald Green, 6-10 BF/C Eric Boateng and 6-9 combo forward Leo Criswell. They played against the Pacers featuring 6-11 man child Greg Oden, smooth 6-6 WF Marcus Williams and 6-7 stud Kovortney Barber.

It is pretty much Oden's world and the rest of us are living in it. The 2006 monster really outclassed Boateng at times. The thing is, Boateng was showing some nice new stuff facing the basket and movement wise, but Oden is just too good on this level. Barber is a rebounding and low post scoring machine from Manchester (GA) High and he just plays tougher than anybody else in the post. Williams is turning himself into a very efficient scorer and showed some more bounce getting to the rim. He acknowledged that there has been some talk of him transferring to Seattle (WA) Rainier Beach, but as of now he is staying at Seattle (WA) Roosevelt.

On the other side Green from Houston (TX) Gulf Shores is a smooth and confident wing scorer. He shoots threes with ease and finishes with plenty of bounce on the break. He broke off 6-9 255 pound Charles Jackson a side of nasty plus the harm with one fast break flush, but he needs to do more off the dribble. Leo Criswell has proved to people that he is very talented. However, he is settling for jumpers a little too often and falls away when he shoots. He does nice things with his length and athleticism around the basket and really makes a difference when he focuses on rebounding and playing strong.

One final note, Micah Downs and Mario Chalmers are playing on the same camp team, the Kings. Expect a report on their play tonight, but according to their teammate Harvey Hale, Chalmers looked very good in his afternoon game. Top Stories