eBoss and Rob's Dirty Dozen

After the completion of Sunday evening's games I sat down with PrepStars.com's Rob Harrington. Halfway through the weekend we came up with the 12 kids who have impressed us the most through six games of play.

Greg Oden- It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the 6-11 Oden from the class of 2006 is wrecking shop in Richmond. He is stoic and steady and makes things so much easier for his teammates.

O.J. Mayo- Everybody has heard the hype on Mayo who is regarded as the top prospect in 2007. In Richmond he has been worth the hype and more. His defense is severely underrated and he is a polished scorer who is adding the ability to distribute to his game.

Micah Downs- Downs is a long and athletic wing who can create for himself and has deep range on his jump shot. He’s fundamentally sound and has lots of problems for others on the defensive side of the ball. He’s been winning over admirers left and right and looks like a top 10 player.

Mario Chalmers- Chalmers has established himself as the top PG in attendance and is making a convincing argument to be considered the top PG in the class of 2005. He is offensive minded but can get others involved. He’s playing with a new, let’s call it “confidence”. Can’t wait to see him and Chris Douglas-Roberts go head to head in Colorado Springs next weekend.

Monta Ellis- Monta Ellis does what he does, and that is get his offense and score points in flurries. The 6-2 Mississippi State bound WG has looked polished and under control. Credit him for looking to get others a bit more involved.

Ryan Wright- The 6-8 BF has done as much for his stock as anybody in attendance. He’s active around the glass on both ends of the floor and has proved that he is among the top big men in the class of 2005. There is no doubt that he’ll be popular with plenty of big time programs.

Eric Devendorf- He’s arguably the best two guard in Richmond and is a machine on the offensive side of the ball. Even though he is only about 6-3 and a little slender, he elevates in traffic for tough finishes and exploits defenders with his ridiculously quick first step. He plays physical defense and contributes all over.

Gerald Henderson- A class of 2006 WG who has a well built 6-5 frame, Henderson has been a load on the offensive end. He’s been one of the most impressive athletes here even though he is a year younger than most campers, but has skills too. He hits tough fade away jumpers and has a little bit of J.R. Smith in his game.

Marcus Williams- Consistency counts, and Williams is remarkably consistent. He can blend in and be missed sometimes because he is so smooth and team oriented, but he is a big timer. He’s a bit of a throwback and should be getting a lot of McDonald’s All-American talk before the summer is over. The scary thing is, he might only be the third or best wing in his own hometown of Seattle.

Bobby Frasor- Although Frasor is more suited to play off of the ball right now, he has done a very nice job of running the point. He’s shooting really well and has done a nice job handling pressure late in games. Everybody he is playing is coming at him with a little something extra and he has answered the bell each time.

Korvotney Barber- Barber might only be 6-6 or 6-7, but he is as filthy and nasty as they come in the paint. He’s meshed real well with Greg Oden and looks more confident on the offensive end each time out. The Manchester (GA) High product is one of the few kids to come out of seemingly nowhere to develop into a top 50, and likely much better, prospect in the class of 2005.

Gerald Green- The key with Green is just how much better he can be, because the 6-7 WF/WG is already pretty good. Still, his game has a lot of room for growth and once he shores up his handle, he’ll be a lethal scorer. He has deep range and is a bit of a streaky shooter. On the break he is a big time finisher and plays an awful lot like Dorell Wright.

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