Meet Kerry Meier

Kansas fans it's time to meet Kerry Meier, a 2005 quarterback prospect from Pittsburg, KS who is considering KU.

His last name might look familiar to some football fans because he’s one of four Meier brothers that have played football at a high level in the sunflower state.

Two of those four Meier boys – Shad and Dylan – bleed purple, and because of their Kansas State ties many figure Kerry Meier will too.  Shad is a former K-State tight end who currently is with the NFL’s Tennessee Titans.  Dylan is currently a quarterback for the Wildcats in Manhattan.  Both would love to see their little brother follow in their footsteps but Kerry is not about to rule out carving his own niche somewhere else.

“Just because my brothers have gone there doesn’t necessarily mean that I will too. Despite what people might think, I’m considering other schools and Kansas is right at the top of the list right now.  They are one of my leaders.”

In addition to the two local rivals, Meier is also considering Tulsa, Texas A&M and Arkansas.  He has offers from four of the five schools, including K-State who offered just last week.  Arkansas is the only program that has yet to offer him a scholarship.

Meier sees himself as a college quarterback, but right now has a hard time ever coming off the field as he serves as a defensive back, punter and kicker in addition to calling the signals.

The 6-3, 205 lb. prospect described his best attributes as a QB.

“I’d like to think my throwing is my best (attribute) but I don’t think I’m quite there yet.  I enjoy the running the ball too.  I’d say I’m pretty much equal with running and passing.  I can sit back in the pocket and throw or I can run the ball.  I'm improving at both, I just have to keep working at it.”

“Working at it” is something he’ll definitely do.  When asked about his favorite interests away from playing football Meier listed “working out and getting better” as No. 1.

As Meier gets ready for his senior season he’s starting to ponder when he’ll make his decision and which programs he might visit.  While no visits have been set up yet, Meier understands the positives of making up his mind early.  Right now Meier says he’s simply in need of some time to sit down and sort through everything.

“The more I think about it, I think it’s smart to get it out of the way before your season, but there’s a lot that goes into it and I just need to sit down and think about it. It’s really kind of tough to tell right now as to when I’ll decide.”

While the picture of his final decision might still be a little cloudy, Meier is well aware of what he’s looking for in a school.

“I’m looking at how the coaches are and the tradition of the school.”  The potential engineering major added, “I’m also looking at the campus and academics, of course.”

As Meier continues to look, keep checking back for more updates on this sunflower state star at the quarterback position. Top Stories