Hansbrough at Four

Phog.net caught up with Tyler Hansbrough, one of the premier players in the 2005 recruiting class.  Hansbrough is a 6'10" prep star from Poplar Bluff, Missouri who has trimmed his list down to four schools.  Here's the exclusive interview in its entirety.

Phog.net: "Is July still looking like a logical time for you to make a decision regarding where you want to attend school?"  

TH: "Yeah, I planning on mid to late July."  

Phog.net: "Any chance that could get pushed back at all?"  

TH: "Yes, that's very possible."

Phog.net: "Are you down to three schools now Tyler?"

TH: "No, actually it's Missouri, Kansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky."

Phog.net: "It has been reported and speculated in the past that the Tigers were no longer in the picture.  What has changed?"

TH: "Honestly, they were kind of out of it.  But, I've gotten a chance to talk to them and I now know their situation.  Maybe they're still in it."

Phog.net: "What has been going through your mind concerning Kansas in the past month or so since we last talked?"

TH: "I really enjoy the players and the coaches there.  Also, I love the campus, that was one of the most impressive things."

Phog.net: "KU already has a couple of impressive commitments for 2005 in Mario Chalmers, one of the best point guards in the class, and Micah Downs who is a top 20 talent.  Does that give you more desire to give the Jayhawks some serious consideration?"

TH: "Yeah, actually it does when you have a good point guard.  Hopefully he can pass the ball because I know he can score.  That should really make a difference having good players at every position."

Phog.net: "What are your current thoughts concerning Kentucky?"

TH: "Lexington is a great town, and they have really talented players.  You know they are going to be a good team with or without me."

Phog.net: "And the Tar Heels?"  

TH: "Coach Williams and the tradition there is just great."  

Phog.net: "Do you have a favorite as of right now Tyler?"  

TH: "No, I'm still wide open."

Phog.net: "You're such a highly rated player in your class and at your position.  Is there any chance you could head straight to the NBA out of high school?"  

TH: "Yeah, I mean if someone wants to give me 15 million dollars (chuckles).  Anything over 5 million and I'm going. If I'm a lottery pick I'm going.  I don't care what anybody says, I'd love to play in the NBA."

Phog.net: "Do you think you have a chance to be a lottery pick?"   

TH: "No, I think I need to go to college and get experience.  When I go to college, as of right now, I'm planning on going somewhere for four years.  It's not just going to be a bus stop for me.  Where ever I go, I really want to help the team and improve my game while I'm doing it."   

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