USA Basketball: One on One with Mario

<p>'s Eric Bossi sits down with Mario Chalmers following a stellar Friday evening performance in which Mario scored nearly 40 points.</p> <p>Details and an exclusive interview inside</p>

After dropping 39 points on 14-22 (6-11 on threes) shooting from the field in Friday’s evening session, future Kansas point guard Mario Chalmers has proven he belongs.

Even though his West squad was getting shellacked, Chalmers did what he could to pick up his teammates. Along with his shooting from downtown, the 6-1 Chalmers also found his way into the lane for scores and even converted a few tip dunks.

Afterwards, Chalmers took a little time to sit down with and chat about various issues including his decision, players he’d like to play with and his talkative nature on the court. What do you think about the whole USA Basketball experience so far?

Chalmers: I like it so far, I just wish our team was a little bit more competitive. Some people think we won’t win so they are just kind of coming out and going through the motions, clowning. Looking back on the decision, what was it that made you decide on Kansas?

Chalmers: Kansas, it is more like a family environment. Everybody gets along with everybody and they all seemed to enjoy me and showed me a good time. What did Coach Self sell you on?

Chalmers: Just team play, I really like that. Where do you see yourself fitting in when you get to Kansas?

Chalmers: Just running the point, getting everybody involved and scoring when I have to. How has it been playing with Micah Downs at the last couple of events?

Chalmers: Oh, I like playing with him. He’s just gotta play with more intensity at times, sometimes he’ll run away from the ball and other times he’ll come and play hard. I like everything about his game, he’s a shooter and he can jump. I really like the way he shoots because we need shooters. What other players on the circuit have impressed you?

Chalmers: C.J. Miles, I really like his game. I think if he came to Kansas he would really help us out down the road. Have you been working C.J. at all?

Chalmers: Yeah, a little bit. I just tell him that Kansas is the right fit for him. Are there any other players here that you would like to see come to Kansas?

Chalmers: Brandon Rush, but I don’t think he is going to come because he said it is too close to home. He’s a shooter, and he can really jump too. He just plays hard all the time. Are there any players who you would consider your rival, or that you want to get a piece of one on one.

Chalmers: I just played Louis Williams and that’s who I really wanted to get. I kind of want to go after Tas (Tasmin Mitchell) because he is the number one player in our class. I just want to keep working up and go at him. What do you like to do off the court?

Chalmers: I just like to hang out with my friends play video games, watch t.v. Playstation?

Chalmers: Yeah, NBA Live 04. I’ll play with anybody, but I like to play with the Kings and Pacers or with Tracy McGrady. Is there any player out there NBA or College that you try to model your game after?

Chalmers: I try to model my game after Tracy McGrady because I feel he can do anything that he wants to. That’s the way I want to be. If you didn’t play hoops, what would you do?

Chalmers: Probably football or track. I’ve just played outside with a bunch of friends, but never organized. You play a confident game, you talk a little bit?

Chalmers: (laughs) What can I say, I just like to get everybody involved and score when I have to. Do you enjoy talking with the players and letting them know what is going on?

Chalmers: Oh yes, of course. We all have rivalries at NBA Camp and it is fun to see them continue here. You know on the court we aren’t friends and we go at each other, but off the court we hang out all the time and have nothing but love for each other. Top Stories