Smith Still Mulling Options

This past week in Suwanee, GA, a proud Billy Smith watched his son earn Co-MVP honors at the Adidas Superstar Camp. Tyler Smith, a 6-6 wing from Pulaski, TN poured in 16 points in the camp senior all-star game en-route to his most valuable player distinction – an honor he was thrilled to receive, according to his father.

“He was very excited about being the Co-MVP,” Billy Smith said. “The all-star game was a fast paced game where he really was able to get out and run and I think he liked that.  I was pleased with him and I know he was happy too.”

Smith shared his Co-MVP honors with Duke commit Greg Paulus.  The two MVP’s stood out amongst several senior stars in the game, but overall, Billy Smith described the level of competition as simply “okay”.

“It was okay.  Of course you have three camps going on all at once so that affects it, but I’d say the competition was okay.”

While the Adidas event might not have been the toughest challenge yet for Smith, he’s certainly been tested so far this summer.  With the all competition he’s faced and all the minutes he’s logged on the court, his dad is seeing some steady improvement in his son’s game.

“I can see a lot of progress in his eye vision over the court, getting everybody involved and attacking the rim.  I can tell he’s really learning the game more in the sense of developing that vision of the whole floor.”

The elder Smith is glad to see his son’s court vision improving, but he doesn’t see Tyler’s final college decision clearing up anytime soon.

“No, he hasn’t had any new developments in his decision process.  He’s just playing the summer out and then once the summer is over with he’ll get down to business.”

Smith cautioned fans from reading too much into the lists his son is telling reporters right now.  While Tyler is definitely interested in schools like Kansas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida State, his father says it’s just too early to be putting much stock into such lists.

“That’s just Tyler listing off some schools.  It’s still very early and there’s going to be schools that drop off his list and others that hop on it, because it’s still very early.”

While the notion of a final list of contenders might seem a little premature to Billy Smith, the father of this Top 25 talent has enjoyed the recruiting process to this point and gives every school high marks in their efforts to land his son.

“I’d have to give credit to most all of them. Every school I’ve talked to has been helpful and done a good job of telling me what they want as well as what I want as a father.  They’ve done a great job.  Every school has done a great job with us.”

Tennessee is one of those schools that has done a nice job according to Billy Smith.  The local school should be considered a major contender for the Giles Count High School talent.  While Smith and his son still plan to visit Lawrence, KS this fall to check out the Jayhawks, Smith says the Vols will also be getting a visit from he and his son.

“Tennessee lined one up with Tyler for this fall.  Tennessee and Kansas will get visits I know.”

While there will certainly be pressure from local fans to keep Smith at home, Tyler won’t receive any pressure from his parents.  Billy Smith says he just wants to see his son happy and the distance away from home will not be a factor for anyone in their family.

“He doesn’t care where he plays.  He could play here or there or in Alaska or even Hawaii and he’d be just fine.  I don’t care where he plays either.  I just want to make him happy and whatever makes him happy is fine by me.”

The Smith family plans to rest up this weekend in preparation for their travels to Las Vegas later this month.  Check back for more on The Insiders #23 talent in the 2005 class.

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