New Chapter for Green

A new football journey is about to begin for Gary Green II, and his father couldn't be more excited. The former Kansas City Chief turned defensive coordinator at Thomas Jefferson High in San Antonio, TX knows exactly what his son is about to go through.

Gary Green has known for a while that his son would be ready for the challenge of D-1 football, he just didn't realize that his son would grow up so quickly.

"It's a new chapter in his life and it seems like just yesterday he was a ball boy at the high school where I coached," Green said. "We're very excited about him heading to Kansas and I know he'll do well."

When talking about his son, Green speaks with a certainty in his voice that most proud fathers possess. What most proud fathers don't have is NFL experience and the knowledge that comes with a nine year NFL career. Green is convinced his son will succeed and it's more than a father's love behind his words of confidence.

"I really look for him to make a tremendous contribution to the team this year. At the running back position with the wide open offense that they run, he should do well. The larger the hole, the better he runs. He's one of the best open field runners I've seen. Even though he's small in stature, he's very good because it's really hard to get your hands on him. He's very elusive."

Gary Green II has been impressing his dad and everyone else in the San Antonio football scene for quite some time now. In his final year at Madison High School he rushed for 1,721 yards and 23 touchdowns.

"I look forward to them putting the ball in his hands the first day at practice and seeing what happens. He'll leave their mouths wide open like he did everybody else down here. He's just an unbelievable runner."

There's no doubt that KU's Green is an explosive threat on offense, but what if he ever had to help the Jayhawks defensively?

"He'd be an All-American at cornerback as well," the elder Green proclaimed. "He could play on either side very naturally. He got that from me."

The former All-American at Baylor thinks his son will be an impact player wherever Mark Mangino puts him. He's glad his son's future is in the hands of a coach he loves.

"The staff is what made the difference for Gary. The staff and the facilities, but most programs out there had facilities that were similar. Gary really liked Coach Mangino, though. When he met him and all the other coaches he came home really excited. That was his second recruiting trip out of five and when he came home his mind was made up."

Green says his son knew it was a perfect fit when he meshed with the coaching staff and realized that his abilities would fit well with KU's offensive scheme.

"Of course with him he's a little bit ahead maturity-wise because he really looked for an offense that he could thrive in. He found it at Kansas."

Now it's time for the Green family dream to become a reality. Preseason camp opens August 6th and Green II has already been impressive in KU's offseason conditioning program. Soon he'll join up with another Green, junior RB Clark Green, as well as sophomore RB John Randle, to form Mangino's deepest Kansas backfield yet. Top Stories