KC Prep Invitational Day One

Even though a few teams have pulled out of the KC Prep Invitational, event organizers Tom Tietze and Ed Fritz have done a nice job of bringing some top flight talent to the KC area. It wasn't a surprise to see a nice showing of fans especially when you consider the Kansas targets that were in attendance.


To say that C.J. Miles has been busy for the last few months is an understatement. During July he has already traveled to Indianapolis for Nike All-American Camp, Las Vegas, Augusta, SC and now he is in the Kansas City area. It isn't ending as soon as he thought though because as soon as Miles finishes in KC he'll be leaving to be a coach at Michael Jordan's summer camp.

After putting in and impressive 21 point performance at the KC Prep Invitational, Miles spent a little time with Phog.net to update his recruitment.

"It is still primarily the same five (Arizona, Kansas, Georgia Tech, Texas, UNC) right now with a few others (Baylor, Illinois, Oklahoma) and I'm trying to schedule my visits," said Miles. "I might not take an official to Texas though because I've been down there before and maybe I can use that visit for one of the other schools."

Surrounded by t.v cameras and newspaper crews, Miles was impressed to see how much attention he and Team Texas teammates like Kevin Rogers and Darrell Arthur were receiving.

"You can't help but notice it (attention), it is pretty cool to get so many people out here. People you don't even know all want to come up and shake your hand and tell you things."

If you are looking for Miles to tip his hand about where he is leaving, it isn't happening though. He's been tight lipped about his recruiting all along and when pressed for favorites he can't seem to settle on any one school.

"Kansas and Georgia Tech are kind of ahead and then UNC is in there too," said Miles. "Texas is up there too and they are so close it is hard to tell. Then you have Arizona and they are the school that I talk to the most right now and it makes it really hard to decide."


C.J. Miles- Maybe part of the reason Miles has drawn criticism lately is because of how easy the game comes for him. At 6-5, he is an effortless type of player whose calm demeanor can give the impression that he isn't playing so hard. However, he was playing plenty hard on Wednesday as he stuck several long threes, made a few slick dishes off of penetrating drives and provided some help on the boards. With coaches from pretty much every school on his list looking on, Miles showed for spurts why he is so highly regarded.

Kevin Rogers- What you have to like about Rogers is his excellent mobility; quick hops, good feet and ability to shoot mid range jumpers. At 6-7, he makes up for a lack of ideal post player height by out-quicking opponents and scoring off of quick drives from the high post. He has good but not great strength and must make a commitment to rebounding all the time to ensure his success on the next level. He was good for 10 points and a handful of rebounds.

Darrell Arthur- It wouldn't be surprising if there is a lot of pressure on Arthur to take a close look at the NBA when he graduates in the spring of 2006. He's a mind boggling athlete who runs the floor with ease and steps out onto the floor and handles the ball some at 6-8. He has superb feet and really quick hands that he was using to his advantage on rebounds and blocked shots. If he adds just a touch more consistency on the perimeter, he'll be recruited as a wing instead of a post. Even if he doesn't add any more wing skills, he could be a special interior player on the next level. He only scored 13 points, but it was a loud 13.

Tyler Hansbrough- If you polled most of the fans jammed into the OKUN Fieldhouse, they might be inclined to say Hansbrough was a bust. Part of that has to do with the bogus assumption that every top five hoops prospect is a candidate to go to the NBA. Sure Hansbrough's name has come up a lot and he has answered a lot of questions, but the reason why it is college head coaches following his every step, and not NBA scouts, was evident on Wednesday.

Playing against a packed in two/three zone, Hansbrough faced an automatic double team wherever he went and a third defender dropped down each time he touched the ball. Frustrated that he couldn't get the ball in good position, Hansbrough forced some things. As penetration by his guards and a lopsided score helped open things up, he was able to get loose and take out some frustration on the rims. Funny though, the kid still ended up with 24 points and 13 boards during an "off" night, is there any wonder why college coaches love him?

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