Adrien May Visit Kansas Next Weekend

<p>If Jeff Adrien doesn't give a commitment to an East Coast school in the coming week, the Jayhawks could soon get a visit.</p> <p>Get the latest on his recruitment inside.</p>

There aren’t many guys out there who are busier than Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster Academy head man Jason Smith. While he prepares for the start of school in September he is also busy discussing the recruitment of his talented players with coaches from all over the country.

Perhaps the hottest recruitment he is handling is that of six-foot-six forward Jeff Adrien. Today Adrien will depart for his official visit to UConn and on Monday and Tuesday he’ll trip to Pittsburgh for his official visit there, after that it looks like he’ll be in Lawrence next weekend.

“If he doesn’t commit to either UConn or Pitt in the next week he could visit Kansas next weekend,” Smith told Phog.Net. “He’s going to play it by ear and see what happens, but ideally he’ll visit Kansas next weekend. I actually just got off the phone with Joe Dooley.”

While plenty of other schools would like to get involved with the aggressive and athletic combo forward, it looks like Adrien has pretty much closed down his list.

“The smart thing that he did is narrow it down to that group of three,” said Smith. “He’s going to visit those three before he’ll think about entertaining any other schools.”

It is clear that the next week is going to be the most pivotal in Adrien’s recruitment and that he is about ready to decide. Most observers have taken an approach that Adrien -- who has admitted that UConn was a dream school growing up -- is Jim Calhoun’s player to lose. It is a position that his coach understands.

“It is difficult to tell, Jeff is a New England kid so everybody thinks that UConn leads,” said Smith. “He’s a smart kid and he’s doing his research about the schools and who they have and what they offer. He’s also finding that the schools will let him know about who is at the other places recruiting him too.” Top Stories