Coker injured

Less than a week ago, offensive lineman Tony Coker enthusiastically touted the Jayhawk's offense and intensity during practice. Now Coker will have to watch from the sidelines for several weeks, due to injury.

Coker reportedly broke his ankle during a scrimmage this past weekend. Although Coach Mark Mangino refrained from commenting on his condition or expected return, it is anticipated Coker would miss several games. It is a tough break for the senior, who was eager for the season to begin.

"I think that there is no limit to our offense this year," said Coker last Wednesday. "If every unit comes together and plays the way they should, I think that this offense could be ten times better than it was last year."

"Our backfield is unbelievable and it is really fun to block for them. We probably have three of the best running backs in Gary Green coming in now too," said Coker.

Coker also commented on the attitude at practices.

"The energy between the offense and defense is almost like a rivalry, but we are trying to make each other better," explained Coker.

Those efforts will continue -- but without Coker for the time being. Top Stories