eBoss' Post-Summer 2005 Rankings

Another long summer of Grassroots Basketball has come and gone and it is time for me to take another stab at ranking the class of 2005.

In reality, there are probably five or six kids who could make a legitimate claim to the number one spot, but Brandon Rush entered the July period as my #1 guy and did enough with outstanding showings at ABCD and the Las Vegas Big Time to hold onto his spot. Keeping that spot won’t be easy though as guys like Josh McRoberts, Louis Williams and Julian Wright are all making hard charges.

Adding to the fun, I have taken an early stab at a top fifty from the class of 2006 and I have also thrown together a list -- but haven’t ranked -- of 25 precocious talents from the class of 2007 who have a chance at becoming household names in the recruiting world. Surely, these two classes in particular will see lots of names come and go but I think these lists are pretty decent start for all of the recruitniks out there.

Keep in mind, that as always this is just one person’s take on how things shake out and I won’t list somebody that I haven’t seen play. These are done for fun and to generate a little discussion so feel free to take any questions to the message boards.


  1. Brandon Rush, 6-6 WF, Durham (NC) Mt. Zion
  2. Josh McRoberts, 6-10 BF, Carmel (IN) High- DUKE
  3. Julian Wright, 6-7 WF, Homewood (IL) Flossmoor
  4. Louis Williams, 6-1 WG/PG, Snellville (GA) South Gwinnett- GEORGIA
  5. Tyler Hansbrough, 6-9 BF, Poplar Bluff (MO) High- NORTH CAROLINA
  6. Monta Ellis, 6-2 WG/PG, Jackson (MS) Lanier- MISSISSIPPI STATE
  7. Richard Hendrix, 6-8 BF, Athens (AL) High
  8. Shawne Williams, 6-8 WF, Laurinburg (NC) Prep- MEMPHIS
  9. Andray Blatche, 6-10 BF, South Kent (CT) Prep
  10. Martell Webster, 6-6 WF/WG, Seattle (WA) Prep
  11. Mario Chalmers, 6-2 PG, Anchorage (AK) Bartlett- KANSAS
  12. Gerald Green, 6-6 WF, Houston (TX) Gulf Shores- OKLAHOMA STATE
  13. Micah Downs, 6-7 WG/WF, Juanita (WA) High- KANSAS
  14. C.J. Miles, 6-5 WG, Dallas (TX) Skyline
  15. Keith Brumbaugh, 6-8 WF, Deland (FL) High
  16. Tasmin Mitchell, 6-7 BF, Denham Springs (LA) High
  17. Amir Johnson, 6-9 BF, Los Angeles (CA) Westchester- LOUISVILLE
  18. Jon Brockman, 6-7 BF, Snohomish (WA) High
  19. Andrew Bynum, 6-11 C, Metuchen (NJ) St. Joseph’s
  20. Eric Devendorf, 6-2 WG/PG, Mouth of Wilson (VA) Oak Hill- SYRACUSE
  21. Eric Boateng, 6-10 C, Middletown (DE) St. Andrew’s- DUKE
  22. Byron Eaton, 5-10 PG, Dallas (TX) Lincoln
  23. Chris Douglas-Roberts, 6-5 PG/WG, Detroit (MI) Cass Tech
  24. Marcus Ginyard, 6-5 WG/WF, Arlington (VA) Bishop O’Connell- UNC
  25. Marcus Williams, 6-6 WF/WG, Seattle (WA) Roosevelt
  26. Korvotney Barber, 6-7 BF, Manchester (GA) High
  27. Bobby Frasor, 6-2 WG, Chicago (IL) Brother Rice- UNC
  28. Greg Paulus, 6-1 PG, Syracuse (NY) Christian Brothers- DUKE
  29. Davon Jefferson, 6-6 WF, Lynwood (CA) High
  30. Lewis Clinch, 6-3 WG/PG, Cordale (GA) Crisp County
  31. Fendi Onobun, 6-7 BF, Alief (TX) Taylor- ARIZONA
  32. Luke Zeller, 6-10 BF, Washington (IN) High- NOTRE DAME
  33. Theo Davis, 6-9 BF, Bayside (NY) Cardozo- TEXAS
  34. Terrence Williams, 6-5 WG, Seattle (WA) Rainier Beach- LOUISVILLE
  35. Leo Criswell, 6-9 BF, Winchendon (MA) Prep
  36. Vernon Goodridge, 6-9 BF, Philadelphia (PA) Lutheran
  37. Tiki Mayben, 6-2 PG, Troy (NY) High- Syracuse
  38. J.P. Prince, 6-6 PG, Memphis (TN) White Station
  39. Terrel Harris, 6-4 WG/PG, Garland (TX) South- OKLAHOMA STATE
  40. Brandon Costner, 6-8 BF, West Orange (NJ) Seton Hall Prep
  41. Kevin Rogers, 6-8 BF, Dallas (TX) South Oak Cliff
  42. Mike Mercer, 6-3 WG/PG, Snellville (GA) South Gwinnett- GEORGIA
  43. Jamont Gordon, 6-3 WG, Mouth of Wilson (VA) Oak Hill
  44. Jordan Wilkes, 6-11 BF, Los Angeles (CA) Loyola- CALIFORNIA
  45. Dominic James, 5-11 PG, Richmond (IN) High- MARQUETTE
  46. Terry Martin, 6-5 WG, Monroe (LA) Richwood- TEXAS TECH
  47. Jamal Boykin, 6-6 BF/WF, Los Angeles (CA) Fairfax- DUKE
  48. Jeff Adrien, 6-6 BF, Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster- UCONN
  49. Ryan Wright, 6-8 BF, Ontario (CAN) Mississauga
  50. Devan Downey, 5-10 PG, Chester (SC) High
  51. Tyrell Biggs, 6-7 BF, Ramsey (NJ) Don Bosco
  52. Tyler Smith, 6-6 WF, Pulaski (TN) Giles County
  53. Wes Matthews, 6-3 WG, Madison (WI) Memorial- MARQUETTE
  54. Courtney Fells, 6-6 WF/WG, Shannon (MS) High- N.C. STATE
  55. Cyrus McGowan, 6-9 C, Meridian (MS) High
  56. Joey Shaw, 6-6 WG/WF, Chandler (AZ) High
  57. Uche Echefu, 6-8 BF, Rockville (MD) Montrose Christian
  58. Tommie Liddell, 6-5 WF/WG, Chatham (VA) Hargrave- ST. LOUIS
  59. Roderick Flemings, 6-5 WF/WG, DeSoto (TX) High- OKLAHOMA STATE
  60. Brett Hoerner, 6-10 BF, Fullerton (CA) High
  61. Marcus Johnson, 6-5 WF, Los Angeles (CA) Westchester
  62. Antonio Anderson, 6-4 WG, Pittsfield (ME) MCI- MEMPHIS
  63. Shawn Taggert, 6-10 BF/C, Durham (NC) Mt. Zion
  64. Kiwan Smith, 6-6 WF, Laurinburg (NC) Prep
  65. John Garcia, 6-9 BF/C, Brentwood (NY) High
  66. Adrian Thomas, 6-7 WF/BF, Pembroke Pines (FL) Flanagan
  67. Abdul Herrera, 6-10 C, Miami (FL) South
  68. Marcus Walker, 6-0 PG, Kansas City (MO) O’Hara
  69. Justin Dentmon, 6-0 PG, Winchendon (MA) Prep
  70. Joey Cameron, 6-9 BF, Leeds (AL) High- TENNESSEE
  71. Chad Millard, 6-8 WF, Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster
  72. Jerel McNeal, 6-2 WG, Country Club Hills (IL) Hillcrest- MARQUETTE
  73. Shane Clark, 6-6 BF/WF, Chatham (VA) Hargrave (?)- VILLANOVA
  74. Marcus Landry, 6-7 BF, Milwaukee (WI) Vincent- WISCONSIN
  75. Marquez Haynes, 6-3 PG/WG, Irving (TX) High
  76. Jeremy Pargo, 6-2 PG/WG, Chicago (IL) Robeson
  77. Gary Flowers, 6-7 BF, Dallas (TX) Lincoln
  78. Brandon Smith, 6-5 WF, Minneapolis (MN) Patrick Henry- MINNESOTA
  79. Danny Green, 6-5 WG, Manhasset (NY) St. Mary’s
  80. Lawrence Hill, 6-7 BF, Glendale (AZ) Deer Valley- STANFORD
  81. Ryan Ayers, 6-5 WF/WG, Fort Washington (PA) Germantown- NOTRE DAME
  82. Keaton Grant, 6-4 WG, Kissimmee (FL) Gateway
  83. Rashad Woods, 6-5 WG/WF, Cleveland (TX) Heritage Christian
  84. Jovan Adams, 6-0 PG/WG, Houston (TX) Gulf Shores
  85. Steffon Jackson, 6-3 WG, Philadelphia (PA) Lutheran
  86. Jonathan Kale, 6-8 BF, Barrington (RI) St. Andrew’s- PROVIDENCE
  87. Dior Lowhorn, 6-6 BF, Berkeley (CA) High
  88. Lamar Roberson, 6-7 WF/BF, Bradenton (FL) IMG- LOUISVILLE
  89. Kendrick Johnson, 6-8 BF, Morton (TX) High
  90. Andre McGee, 5-10 PG, Moreno Valley (CA) Canyon Springs- LOUISVILLE
  91. Jeremy Mayfield, 6-9 BF, Irving (TX) McArthur
  92. Yamene Coleman, 6-9 BF, Camden (AL) Wilcox Central- ALABAMA
  93. Wilson Chandler, 6-7 WF/BF, Benton Harbor (MI) High
  94. Harvey Hale, 6-3 WG, Albuquerque (NM) Rio Grande
  95. Ray Brown, 6-5 WG, Richfield (MN) High
  96. DeAndre Bell, 6-5 WG/WF, Pacific Palisades (CA) Palisades
  97. Henry Dugat, 6-0 PG/WG, Dayton (TX) High- BAYLOR
  98. Curtis Jerrells, 6-1 WG/PG, Del Valle (TX) High- BAYLOR
  99. Jessie Sapp, 6-2 WG/PG, Ft. Washington (MD) National Christian
  100. Phillip “Mickey” Perry, 6-2 WG/PG, Maywood (IL) Proviso East- WISCONSIN


  1. Greg Oden, 7-0 C, Indianapolis (IN) Lawrence North
  2. Brandan Wright, 6-9 BF, Brentwood (TN) Academy
  3. Derrick Carracter, 6-8 BF, Elizabeth (NJ) St. Patrick’s
  4. Thaddeus Young, 6-8 WF, Memphis (TN) Mitchell
  5. Darrell Arthur, 6-9 BF, Dallas (TX) South Oak Cliff
  6. Vernon Macklin, 6-9 BF, Portsmouth (VA) Norcom
  7. Kevin Durant, 6-9 BF/WF, Mouth of Wilson (VA) Oak Hill
  8. Daequan Cook, 6-4 WG, Dayton (OH) Dunbar
  9. Brook Lopez, 6-10 BF/C, Fresno (CA) San Joaquin Memorial
  10. Curtis Kelly, 6-9 BF, Manhattan (NY) Rice
  11. Robin Lopez, 6-10 C/BF, Fresno (CA) San Joaquin Memorial
  12. Gerald Henderson, 6-5 WG, Merion (PA) Episcopal
  13. James Keefe, 6-9 BF, Rancho Santa Margarita (CA) Santa Margarita
  14. Mike Conley Jr., 6-0 PG, Indianapolis (IN) Lawrence North
  15. Wayne Ellington, 6-4 WG, Merion (PA) Episcopal
  16. Lance Thomas, 6-7 BF/WF, Newark (NJ) St. Benedict’s
  17. Spencer Hawes, 6-10 BF/C, Seattle (WA) Prep
  18. D.J. Augustine, 5-11 PG, New Orleans (LA) Brother Martin
  19. Damion James, 6-8 WF, Nacogdoches (TX) High
  20. Ramar Smith, 6-1 WG/PG, Detroit (MI) King
  21. Chase Budinger,  6-6 WF, Carlsbad (CA) La Costa Canyon
  22. Alex Stepheson, 6-8 BF, North Hollywood (CA) Harvard-Westlake
  23. Keith Clark, 6-7 BF/WF, Putnam City (OK) High
  24. Marques Johnson, 6-5 WG, Ft. Wayne (IN) Snider
  25. Tywon Lawson, 6-0 PG, Mouth of Wilson (VA) Oak Hill
  26. Jon Scheyer, 6-4 WG, Northbrook (IL) Glenbrook North
  27. Isaiah Dahlman, 6-6 WG/WF, Braham (MN) High
  28. Earl Clark, 6-6 WF, Rahway (NJ) High
  29. Bryan Davis, 6-9 BF, Grand Prairie (TX) High
  30. Eugene Harvey, 5-11 PG, Newark (NJ) St. Benedict’s
  31. Perry Stevenson, 6-8 BF, Lafayette (LA) Northside
  32. David Lighty, 6-5 WG, Cleveland (OH) St. Joseph
  33. Pierre Niles, 6-7 BF, Memphis (TN) Ridgeway
  34. Bryce Webster, 6-9 BF, St. Paul (MN) St. Thomas
  35. Richard Semrau, 6-8 BF, Cleveland (OH) Lutheran
  36. Alex Tyus, 6-8 WF/BF, Florissant (MO) Hazelwood Central
  37. Derrick Jaspers, 6-5 WG, Paso Robles (CA) High
  38. Trevon Willis, 6-3 WG, Fresno (CA) Washington Union
  39. Christian Polk, 6-2 WG, Glendale (AZ) Deer Valley
  40. Rob Thomas, 6-6 WF, Oakdale (CT) St. Thomas More
  41. Raymar Morgan, 6-6 WF, Canton (OH) McKinley
  42. Jeremiah Rivers, 6-4 PG/WG, Winter Park (FL) High
  43. Jon Mitchell, 6-7 BF, Mount Vernon (NY) High
  44. Jawan Carter, 5-11 PG, Wilmington (DE) Tatnall
  45. Mike Jones, 6-7 WF, Hopkins (SC) Lower Richland
  46. Brian Zoubek, 7-0 C, Cherry Hill (NJ) Haddonfield Memorial
  47. Paul Harris, 6-4 WG, Niagara Falls (NY) High
  48. Jerry Smith, 6-2 WG, Wauwatosa (WI) East
  49. Josh Guillory, 6-5 WF, Lynwood (CA) High
  50. Tracy Smith, 6-7 BF, Durham (NC) Mt. Zion


  • Cole Aldrich, 6-10 BF/C, Bloomington (MN) Jefferson
  • Jerryd Bayless, 6-1 PG/WG, Phoenix (AZ) St. Mary’s
  • Shelton Brown, 5-10 PG, Bowman (SC) High
  • Keenan Ellis, 6-9 BF/C, Indianapolis (IN) Cathedral
  • Cory Fisher, 6-0 PG, Elizabeth (NJ) St. Patrick’s
  • Eric Gordon, 6-2 WG, Indianapolis (IN) North Central
  • Daniel Hackett, 6-5 WF/WG, Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco
  • Senario Hillman, 6-1 WG, Irwinton (GA) Wilkinson County
  • Gary Johnson, 6-8 BF, Houston (TX) Aldine
  • Taylor King, 6-7 WF, Santa Ana (CA) Mater Dei- UCLA
  • Alex Legion, 6-4 WG, Birmingham (MI) Detroit Country Day
  • Kevin Love, 6-8 BF, Lake Oswego (OR) High
  • O.J. Mayo, 6-4 PG, Cincinnati (OH) North College Hill
  • Marshall Moses, 6-6 WF/BF, Aiken (SC) High
  • Edwin Rios, 6-0 WG/PG, Miami (FL) Senior
  • Derrick Rose, 6-2 PG, Chicago (IL) Simeon
  • Isaiah Rusher, 6-8 BF/C, Houston (TX) Bellaire
  • Tyrone Shelley, 6-6 WF, El Cajon (CA) Christian
  • Kyle Singler, 6-7 WF, Medford (OR) South
  • Nolan Smith, 6-2 WG, Washington (DC) St. John’s
  • Corey Stokes, 6-6 WF, Newark (NJ) St. Benedict’s
  • William Walker, 6-5 WF, Cincinnati (OH) North College Hill
  • Eric Wallace, 6-6 WF, Kennersville (NC) Glenn
  • Leonard Washington, 6-4 WG, Lake Charles (LA) Marion
  • Jesse Woodard, 5-11 PG, Compton (CA) Centennial

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