eBoss Chat Wrap

Miles, Costner and more in this chat recap.

Eric Bossi: Alright folks as we start filling up feel free to start firing away questions.

lysocline: Alright, enough formalities..........EBoss whattya got?

PittsburgJayhawk: There's really only one main question.

Eric Bossi: Before anybody asks, I have left a message for CJ

Eric Bossi: Hopefully I'll hear back from him tonight. He and his family drove to Lawrence and just got home a little bit earlier this evening so I don't know if he's going to be returning calls or not

muffnudge: what is your assessment of Costner's interest in KU?

stormchaserhawk: what are the relative strengths/weaknesses of Costner/Rogers?

kirbonzi: What's with the CDR situation?

Eric Bossi: Muff, I think that Costner really likes KU at this point. I think that it may come down to Kansas and N.C. State for Brandon, he really likes Sendek and they love fours who step out and shoot it

Eric Bossi: I'll start with Costner

QueenSnyder: Boss - Costner v Rogers... whaddya think?

muffnudge: I find it interesting that Costner is visiting the same time as Rogers...so basically it's first come first served?

deckbd: Do you expect a quick commitment from Rogers or Costner after their visit?

stormchaserhawk: some hardball by  Self on that scheduling

muffnudge: I say the first one commits DURING the visit

Eric Bossi: Strengths- Shooting, fundamentals, basketball IQ and he takes the weaknesses in his game and works to improve them. He really needed to attack the basket more and rebound and he has started doing that. Bottom line, he's skilled. Weaknesses, sometimess drifts too much to the perimeter and can drift in and out of games

Eric Bossi: Now on to Rogers

muffnudge: What if Rogers decides to commit BEFORE the visit?

Eric Bossi: What I like about Rogers is he is extremely quick for a 6-8 kid and he has nice bounce around the basket and a body that can easily add some more strength without losing quickness.  If he is rebounding, he is tough on the offensive end because he gets confidence from scoring around the hoop first and then he can step out and make 15 footers.

muffnudge: will HCBS allow that?

PittsburgJayhawk: All hell breaks loose.

Eric Bossi: Weakness is that he fades too much and has to learn to play hard every game.

PittsburgJayhawk: We have Rogers and Costner fight, Gladiator style, for the scholarship.

DGoods: Did I hear right that Costner is coming one day before Rogers?

QueenSnyder: I'll take costner in a rumble.

Eric Bossi: As far as I know, first to commit gets the scholarship. It really is interesting that they are bringing in both guys on the same weekend and saying alright folks, here it is and who wants it

KeithHarris: EricB, when you think of Costner  does TravonB come to mind?

stormchaserhawk: do either of these guys bring something to the table that our current bigs don't really have?

Brock: Eric - Are you saying that Costner improved his inside game as the summer progressed?  He was not very tough inside at the beginning of the summer.

Eric Bossi: I think that Travon and Costner are a good comparison. Now, Costner doesn't have Travon's apparent attitude issues and is a hard worker. But, Travon was a skilled player and dangerous when he actually played hard

jayhawkerbas: hey all

Giffhawk: Will distance away from home be an issue for Costner?

enfuego: If we land Costner or Rogers what does that mean for our 2006 class?

loanhawk: If Miles commits, are we more beholden to take Rogers?

Eric Bossi: Brock, you are correct. Costner wasn't tough AT ALL in the early spring and he took a lot of heat for it. To his credit he worked on playing tough inside and the results were impressive.

AlohaHawk: EB, any chance HCBS signs both Costner AND Rogers, as well as another (Miles?) with the uncertainty w/ JR & J-Hawk?

Brock: I thought that I read that in one late game he got on the line 19 times.

Eric Bossi: I don't think that Rogers really makes a difference with Miles. I've always felt that he was more interested in playing with CJ than vice versa. CJ certainly wouldn't mind having his buddy along, but no way is Rogers a deal breaker from what I know.

Bryantnash: Eboss. Anything surprise you from yesterday's scrimmage?

spike8000: Bossi, give us a percentage guess on where Miles ends up.  My guess KU 40%,  Texas 40%, Arizona 15%, Other 5%

QueenSnyder: not in the prediction business.... we've tried that.

Eric Bossi: I think that the staff would certainly consider both, but no way Rogers and Costner go to the same school.

lysocline: EBoss, Kaun this year vs. DPad last year.....

enfuego: Rogers/Kaun/Giles/Jackson...can we get a post in 2006?

Eric Bossi: In 2006, if Kansas adds Rogers or Costner I'd look for them to go after another PG, a wing and then the best available athlete.......You can always count on Self trying to load up with as many post guys as possible

muffnudge: EBoss...so basically it's 3 players for 2 slots...any others we should be looking out for?

Eric Bossi: I do think that Kansas has a slight lead, and from the people I've spoken with CJ Miles visit to Kansas is going to be VERY tough to top.

PittsburgJayhawk: I don't like that we landed so early in CJ's visit schedule.

Eric Bossi: Right now, I'd focus on what happens with Costner, Rogers, MIles..........................at least one of them will commit I just can't see all three saying no.

PittsburgJayhawk: If he makes it to Austin, those facilities, recent success, and proximity to home seem like they're going to be so hard to beat.

muffnudge: Pitt...a scrimmage with 1,300 fans...cheerleaders and band = lasting impression

Giffhawk: With the 1st visit from Miles, is it a scenario where someone has to top his visit to Lawrence?

Eric Bossi: I think that the timing of CJ’s visit to KU couldn't have been any better. That scrimmage and everything else through the weekend went extremely well. Kansas was doing well with CJ to begin with, and they just set the bar at a new level for the other schools to reach.

stormchaserhawk: I'm curious about what the CDR situation is......does Self see him as someone to focus on if Miles falls through?


Eric Bossi: As for the scrimmage, like everybody else I was impressed with the freshman. I also noticed that Wayne was in the best condition that I have EVER seen him in and I've been watching the kid since he was 14. Nice to see him healthy again and with some quickness back.

QueenSnyder: I know its a first to commit deal... but if the staff had a choice between Rogers and Costner off the record, who do you think it would be?

PittsburgJayhawk: Well, that's why I'm not an analyst.  I just worry about UT's closing power, with an in-state kid.

PittsburgJayhawk: I hope he commits before he has a chance to visit there.

muffnudge: I think I would rather have Costner

Eric Bossi: I'm not sure about CDR. He has told me himself, more than once, that there isn't any way he goes to Kansas because of Chalmers. However, he fell on his face this summer and I really think he is looking at things differently. He's got a lot of good schools on his list, but he really isn't a priority for a lot of them.

Bryantnash: Can Jackson play the 5 along side Wayne?

Giffhawk: My guess would be Costner as Rodgers=Grimes?

PittsburgJayhawk: The shooting woes over the last few years make me gunshy.  If Costner can hit the 3 AND play inside, he seems like the more attractive get.

Eric Bossi: As for percentages on Miles I think Kansas 30%, Arizona, 25%, G Tech 25%, Texas 20%..........still very close

muffnudge: what about the JUCO center at BCCC?

QueenSnyder: do we really need a JUCO stopgap type?

Eric Bossi: Well, that is assuming that Jarret Jack goes to the pros. However, G'Tech has a lot of perimeter time available next year. Their first two targets are CJ and Lewis Clinch though.

muffnudge: I don't know...do we?

Eric Bossi: Who at Barton?

kirbonzi: Davis?

QueenSnyder: guess that summarizes it well.

muffnudge: maybe it's another school...the 7 footer?

Eric Bossi: I'd be surprised to see Kansas go Juco, not before the spring at least. Self isn't afraid to plug in a juco guy though.

stormchaserhawk: any inside dope on who is going to redshirt?

Eric Bossi: James Davis is at Garden City. I think Minnesota would lead, but there could be questions about the coaching situation there.

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muffnudge: that's him

Eric Bossi: Self isn't saying on the redshirt. I know this, I'll have a pretty good idea when I see who doesn't play on Saturday in Vancouver

loanhawk: Speaking of Clinch, is Dook starting to get an edge on him and is Kansas still that interested/

kirbonzi: a real monson

StanKan: joined late, do we know who hosted Miles?

muffnudge: Langford

QueenSnyder: Bossi, heard anything about Gerald Green (OSU or league?)

enfuego: monson came from gonzaga, no?

Eric Bossi: Kansas would love to get Clinch in (especially if Miles didn't come to Kansas) but they are out of it right now.

muffnudge: yes

enfuego: why would he leave the zags for minnesota

QueenSnyder: $$

Eric Bossi: Green, I know some around him want to look at the league because they think he is as good as Dorrell Wright. First order of business is to qualify though and I do think he goes to school.........right now at least.

kirbonzi: its the land of a bunch of water

muffnudge: bigger conference and he thought he could do more at a Big 11 school

kirbonzi: or something like that

Eric Bossi: $$$$$

stormchaserhawk: so, now the Self has had some time to really recruit for KU, how would you compare his approach/accomplishments to Roy?  Any thoughts?

Eric Bossi: I think both Self and Williams are fantastic recruiters. I think Roy's strength was identifying talent at a very young age and getting in early. Self is a new age guy who kids relate to and he has a laid back cool approach.

kirbonzi: Boss, is there any 06' kids that are high on Kansas that we should take note?

Eric Bossi: Back to Clinch, I still think G'Tech has the upper hand. However, they could have gotten him done a lot earlier but are fighting now because they wanted to see him more this summer to be sure, they’d really like to get him done this weekend.

muffnudge: Clinch should go to Wake

Eric Bossi: 2006- Lance Thomas is one I'd really keep an eye on. His transfer to St. Benedict's is huge for Kansas. I'm not sure Kansas fans know, but Joe Dooley graduated from St. Benedict's

muffnudge: I did not know that

muffnudge: ok...who is Lance Thomas?

Eric Bossi: Obviousley Darrell Arthur has some interest, and I know Kansas would also like to get in on Damion James (6-8 wing from Nacogdoches).

loanhawk: G-Tech is in on so many people and I know this is way to speculative, but who do see their class shaping up to be

Giffhawk: Eboss will distance from home play into Costners decision if it comes down to NCSU and KU?

Eric Bossi: 6-7 combo forward from 2006. Plays like a beast and is developing perimeter skills.

Eric Bossi: I don't think distance is too huge of a factor for Costner. What is a factor is that he loves Marcus Melvin and how he has been used at NCSU, and Costner is a very similar player.

muffnudge: what's your take on his ranking...although ranks don't mean much?

TomLight: Meet Lance Thomas:

TomLight: http://scout.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=172&p=8&cfg=bb&c=1&yr=2006&nid=1113084

stormchaserhawk: given the lackluster reputation of the 2005 class, how should KU fans view this class if we do end up with Miles/Costner or Rogers to finish it off?

Eric Bossi: I'm working on a better list of legit 2006 prospects.

Eric Bossi: Kansas fans should be ECSTATIC if they finish out their class with any two of the main three left right now.

muffnudge: Thanks Tom

stormchaserhawk: good to hear that.

TomLight: You're welcome

Eric Bossi: I think Costner is a legit top 40 type kid who improved as much as any player in the country over the summer. His work ethic is tremendous.

loanhawk: Wow that's a hot link, cool Tom

PittsburgJayhawk: eboss- You seem to know Tyler better than most, and have seen him play quite a bit.  Out of curiosity, how many years do you see him spending in college?

Eric Bossi: 2005 isn't great, but it is a little better than its been given credit for. At one time I would have graded the class overall as a D, but I've upgraded it to a C.......the problem is that there isn't much depth. There are lots of mid major guys going to high majors.

TomLight: Here are links to bookmark.  For 2005: 

TomLight: http://scout.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=172&p=9&cfg=bb&c=4

TomLight: ...and 2006:

TomLight: http://scout.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=172&p=9&cfg=bb&c=4&yr=2006

ku83ou79: i am assuming that Chalmers and Downs are in pretty good shape to be McDonald All americans.  How do Rogers, Costner, and Miles stack up in that regard?

PittsburgJayhawk: I was jsut going to ask that question.

PittsburgJayhawk: Good call.

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Giffhawk: Chances of JR going league after this year considering he hasn't played that much this summer?

Eric Bossi: Tyler, at least three. I just don't see him as a threat to go early because he isn't what the NBA is looking for right now and he really needs to develop and expand his game. Must face the basket more. Tyler is a great kid though, I've known him since he was a freshman and of kids I've really gotten to know, he's the only person I've seen who works as hard as Wayne Simien did.

Eric Bossi: I think Miles, Downs and Chalmers are no brainer Mickey D's guys, I don't see Costner or Rogers making it

PittsburgJayhawk: Damn.  Well, it'll be interesting if we meet up with UNC at some point during Tyler's run at UNC.  I'd like to see how he matches up with Darnell.

enfuego: Who then on our roster, assuming we land one of Costner or Rogers, becomes the stud in the mold of a Wayne or

Eric Bossi: Speaking of Chalmers. Kansas fans will get a chance to see him pretty close by in January. Bartlett was just added to the list of teams at the 2005 Bass Pro Tourney of Champs in January down at SMS.

TQ82: I don't think I would like that matchup

enfuego: etc.

QueenSnyder: that's quite a trip from Alaska.

ImaJJJJJHawk: is there a date on that tourney yet Eboss?

Eric Bossi: Kaun is the stud. Outside of JR he is the only early entry guy I see on KU's roster right now.

ku83ou79: KU basically got Jackson, and then they quit recruiting a kid, and i'm sorry i can't remember his name, that ended up going to MU.  Are they similar players?

Eric Bossi: Mid January, the weekend of Martin Luther King day, I don't have a calendar in front of me. They'll be there friday, saturday, Sunday.......this year's field is LOADED.

muffnudge: Grimes

muffnudge: Kalen

stormchaserhawk: interesting given that Kaun didn't get much love from the folks who attended the scrimmage on the phog...

PittsburgJayhawk: You know, I used to think that if we landed two more guys between Costern, Miles, and Rogers we'd have the best class, no brainer.  But if Duke manages to land Brockman, that's a HUGE trio of top 25 big men they've landed.  It'd be tough to take our class over there.

Eric Bossi: Grimes, I think Grimes is a little ahead of Darnell> Slightly more diverse on offense (not saying a lot), a little quicker, a little stronger and a little more athletic. Doesn't play as hard as consistently as Jackson does though. I saw Grimes play a few pickup games this summer and he looked very impressive. He could start as a freshman.

topsyturvy6234: bossi, would grimes start anywhere but MU, though?

Eric Bossi: I think Brockman goes to UCLA or U-dub................Duke is going to be a tough sell with Boateng, McRoberts and Boykin already committed

Eric Bossi: Sure he would, maybe not as a freshman, but Grimes can play anywhere in the country when his head is on right.

kirbonzi: boss, what can you tell us about hawes?

muffnudge: Eboss...where do you see Brockman attending...since his name was just brought up?

enfuego: washington or ucla

Eric Bossi: Hawes has to be looked at as an early lean to Washington. His dad was a big time player there and I believe he had an uncle star there too. He's a very skilled, but skinny, big man who can shoot out to 17 feet and scores with either hand around the basket. Definite 2006 prospect for Kansas.

PittsburgJayhawk: The video on Hoopvision of Brockman is so impressive.

PittsburgJayhawk: That dude just plays tough.

loanhawk: I think you can only have one open at a time.  If you opened another one you have to close it.

muffnudge: I thought UDub until Johnson committed to Stanford

PittsburgJayhawk: What about your boy Criswell, Eric?  Where do you see him headed?

Eric Bossi: You should see him after a game, Brockman always has cuts and bruises all over his body. I wrote one time that in a perfect world he'd get to play hoops in a flannel shirt and steel toed boots because plays like a lumberjack.

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Eric Bossi: Right now, I think Leo goes to OU. I could also see him reclassifying and ending up a 2006 kid before it is all said and done. His transcript is going to be a real pain to read with classes from Washington, Wyandotte, Piper, Mount Zion and now Winchendon. He actually left for Winchendon tonight. This is a VERY GOOD change for Leo.

QueenSnyder: How does Hapoel Jerusalem look for next year?

stormchaserhawk: so eboss, having seen the scrimmage, what do you think we KU fans are going to be surprised by this year?  please tell me these new kids can shoot.....

PittsburgJayhawk: storm:  You should see Galindo...

Eric Bossi: I love comparing players to things outside of basketball. For instance, if I could describe Louis Williams game it would be squirrel on crack.

QueenSnyder: how would you describe Jeff Hawkins?

stormchaserhawk: I am looking forward to that Pitt........heard good things about his shot

Eric Bossi: Team shot 18-36 on three's yesterday..............of course the d was bad. Galindo is a very good open look shooter, however he has somewhat slow feet and is going to have to learn to use screens and his ball handling ability to free himself.

topsyturvy6234: Boss, I haven't heard much about Case from the board's reports...what did you think of him yesterday...a good redshirt candidate?

Eric Bossi: Hawkins is kind of like a mime, he just doesn't make any sense.

Eric Bossi: Case was MUCH improved and looked like he might be able to contribute. He'd be an ideal redshirt candidate though. He could end up helping out before he is done.

QueenSnyder: seriously, will Hawkins be back?

topsyturvy6234: If you were the coach, would he be the guy to get the redshirt given that someone has to get one, eric?

enfuego: this rings with what self said at the end of last season

muffnudge: Does Niang redshirt after what happened this summer or do we want him to graduate on time?

enfuego: self said he saw case being a solid contributor by his third year

Bryantnash: What about Kaun makes him the most likely early entry candidate besides Giddens?

Eric Bossi: I was struck by something Langford told me after the scrimmage yesterday about the freshman "They're good, but I'm not getting too excited because there is such thing as a comfort zone that these guys are in. The fear and intimidation doesn't come into play as much when you are playing guys you go against every day".

muffnudge: but confidence can overcome fear

Eric Bossi: Size first of all. He has NBA size and strength right now. He is a block on the low post and does an awesome job establishing position and has pretty good footwork.

muffnudge: that is interesting though

jnpella: If that's the case then the early schedule should get them ready.

Eric Bossi: Was it any surprise that langford isn't sold yet? That is just the way he is.

Eric Bossi: I kind of see why he was a bit cautious, all anybody was asking those guys about yesterday was the freshman.

muffnudge: Langford's a poor man Melo...(a little bit)

Eric Bossi: I'm not sure on Hawkins, he told me he was planning to be back. I didn't ask him what the situation was though.

kuphotos: That's a big part of what yesterday was about

jnpella: I seem to recall a freshmen class four years ago that contributed come tournament time

Eric Bossi: The biggest thing yesterday was about was showcasing Kansas for CJ Miles.

kirbonzi: is he going to keep the fro boss?

kuphotos: Yes, but fans want to see the new guys.

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topsyturvy6234: now there's the question that everyone wants answered

Eric Bossi: Didn't ask him, it had obviously just come out of braids

Eric Bossi: True, kuphotos

Fromen: So Eric how does Chalmers compare to RR?

muffnudge: EBoss...what can you say about Langford playing for Self?...do you think he likes it better, even, or worse than Williams?

kuphotos: Along the same lines any word on how our new assistant is fitting in

Eric Bossi: Chalmers and RR are completely different players. Chalmers is more of a scoring lead guard and is a shifty ball handler who changes directions in a way I can't really describe. He actually plays a lot like Louis Williams, just has more PG skills and isn't quite as out of control.

jnpella: Is anyone surprised that it only took 18 months for Self to essentially fill the roster with his style of players?

TomLight: Can you compare him to a current (or past) college player, Eric?

kirbonzi: what would you compare chalmers to?

Eric Bossi: I don't think so. I think Langford really likes Self. Self loves lunch pail guys who don't take anything for granted, and that is Langford.

loanhawk: Queen, why so down on KLM

QueenSnyder: because she broke my heart years ago.

muffnudge: Townsend is the guy who's been contacting CDR

Eric Bossi: Chalmers, good question. I'm thinking about that right now. He's like Jay Z on a basketball court, cool, cocky and has some definite flair.

kirbonzi: and downs?

enfuego: has keith been working on pulling up on his drives to the basket when a defender shifts into the lane, so as not to cause a charge?

Fromen: So Chalmers starts at the point and RR/Miles at the SG?

stormchaserhawk: here is a question, how has Townsend impacted the recruiting this year?

Eric Bossi: A college player, I'm working on for Chalmers.

Eric Bossi: DOn't know, Townsend is going to help down the road with west coast kids. He was out watching a lot of west coast teams and being seen in Vegas.

PittsburgJayhawk: MC/RR at point, RR/Miles/Downs/Galindo sharing time at 2/3?

PittsburgJayhawk: Doesn't that seem about right?

kuphotos: Boss is it common for schools to have two players that play the same position come in for a visit at the same time? (Costner/Rogers)

enfuego: Derrick Jasper...read he wants to be a point?

QueenSnyder: Robinson/Price

Fromen: PITT who starts at point?

Eric Bossi: I think so. I could see Chalmers playing a lot at the two. I think that he has a growth spurt left in him too. His dad is at least 6-5 and Mario has big feet, a young face and very long arms and legs.

Eric Bossi: I think Jaspers is a two, but I love him. Shoots, handles, passes well and is pretty fundamentally sound. Shot is a little funky, but effective.

Eric Bossi: Also, I am going to go against what I usually do and I will try Miles one more time tonight.

kirbonzi: what about this PG Bayless

kirbonzi: in 07 i think>?

enfuego: Arizona point guard

kirbonzi: yea

enfuego: St. Mary's?

Eric Bossi: He's awfully young, but man is he impressive. Gets into the lane at will and hangs in the air forever. I think he is more of a two than a real point and it will be interesting to see how he develops. He's very strong and athletic for his age and it will be interesting to see what happens as other guys catch up with him

muffnudge: when does Wright and Miles visit UA?

Eric Bossi: I don't have  the dates in front of me, right now. I need to check on that.

lysocline: Boss, whaddya think of Thaddeus Young?  I'm from Memphis and he's the latest local phenom.

abm11: I believe early september for miles to ua

kuphotos: Are Rogers and Miles close with Arthur? Could we see a team Texas at KU in two years

enfuego: It would have to be early September, August is over.

Eric Bossi: Thaddeus Young is incredible. A legit 6-8 wing with handles and range...........and he's a lefty to boot. Real interesting kid too, very academic minded and skipped some of the summer circuit to take college courses

kirbonzi: anything new or of intrest on mitchell carter or jerry smith?

loanhawk: Boss, what time did he get home and what is accepted ettiquette in that regard

abm11: think self has in-home on the 13th, right after miles comes back from ua

enfuego: oh

Eric Bossi: Not really with Jerry and Mitchell. I know Wiscy is sitting very well Jerry right now.

Eric Bossi: I know CJ and his family drove home today. I called earlier this evening and left a message. I'm not sure when they got home. I think I may have called before they were back because I didn't know they were driving.

TomLight: Any other questions for Eric?  If not, we can let him go try and get in touch with C.J.

Brock: Eric - what do you think of Darrell Arthur as a prospect?

TomLight: eBoss = $$$

muffnudge: Thanks EBoss

QueenSnyder: Hey eric, did DT bigtime us? 

Fromen: Thanks Eric you are awesome

kuphotos: Rogers, Arthur, Miles Finally Kansas takes something from Texas

abm11: eric, you think cj is plan c for ua?

loanhawk: Thanks eboss, get the SCOOP

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Eric Bossi: I think the sky is t he limit for Shady. HE is making mid range jumpers, putting the ball on the floor some and is ridiculously quick around the bucket. If he wants to be, he's a pro. I don't know how much drive he has though.

muffnudge: Langford...Nash...O?

Eric Bossi: Arizona would like to get CJ and Julian Wright. Of course, no way that happens.

enfuego: Lute loves the wings

Eric Bossi: Yeah, Criswell is at Winchendon. I think OU is the leader right now. There is a possibility he ends up reclassifying to try and get his grades in a little better shape.

Eric Bossi: Wow, there you go. I had heard from a very good source that CJ is maybe going to eliminate some visits. Shows you how quick things change, there was a time where he was a heavy G'Tech lean just a few months ago.

TomLight: Nice

kirbonzi: BOOYAH

Eric Bossi: Sorry guys gotta run. Take care. Hopefully you'll enjoy the coverage from Vancouver this weekend.

kuphotos: rogers wants to know how cj's visit went

TomLight: Later, Eric.  Thanksx

Eric Bossi: Goodnight.

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