The Phog Descends on Alex Galindo

Sure, he's 6-7 and can drain a shot better than Roto Rooter, but just like 7,000 other new KU students, Alex Galindo is still learning how it all works.

“In college, there’s too much free time, and you’ve got to learn how to deal with it,” he said. 

So much to learn, so many new people.  Ever since Clyde Lovellette laced up his red canvas Chuck Taylors for the Jayhawks, some of these transitions and adjustments have proven too much for some new players.  However, Galindo knows about those pitfalls.  And he’s sounds ready for them.

“There are so many people.  Meeting the right people is tough,” the New Jersey product said.  “Too many people out there that want a piece of you because you’re a Kansas basketball player.

However, the transitions on the court are far easier to identify and remedy.  “For me, the biggest transition so far is defense,” he said, “and in practice, all the new guys don’t know everything.  We’ve still got to learn the plays, learn the defense.  But the older guys have been great at showing us what we need to know to help the team win.”

Rest assured, however, that like most college freshmen, the really important decisions were made within his first two weeks of arriving in Lawrence.  His favorite place to eat?  Galindo grinned: “On the Border.  First place I ate when I got here.”

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