Simien Off to Big Start

Last spring, Wayne Simien toyed with the idea of making himself eligible for the NBA draft and giving up his senior year to try and play on the next level. However, the six-foot-eight native of Leavenworth, KS decided to come back and try and win a national championship. Saturday he started taking steps towards that goal.

Against British Columbia, Wayne Simien was a bit surprised by the physical approach that his opponents took to playing against him.

“Yeah, it was a physical game. They were a little undersized and they came out and they played hard, real physical,” said Simien. “You know I wouldn’t expect anything less for guys not to come out and play hard so it got nice.”

Midway through the second half the game almost got beyond physical as a defender hacked Simien and ended up getting thrown to the floor in the process and words were exchanged between teams.

“Yeah it was a little chippy,” said Simien. “It is the competition and you expect that with two teams going hard at each other. Not too many cheap shots though, just competing.”

Despite not knowing anything about his opponents, Simien was glad that he was able to get on the court and finally mix it up with some different faces.

“It’s a little awkward, no scouting report and not knowing who we are playing. We walk in the gym and that is the first look we really had at them. We really didn’t know what to expect so we just wanted to go out there and play hard so that’s what we did,” said Simien. “We turned the ball over a lot, but they came out and played hard and played well. They are a good team and I wish them success for the year.” Top Stories